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The Mighty Have Fallen

Keith felt sweat bead his brow as he watched the sharp blade inch towards his head. He had been trained in self-defense methods, learned how to fly in combat situations, learned anti-torture techniques, and seen vids of injured pilots who had crashed their fighters while at the Academy…he even knew how to fix a busted water pipe. But none of that could prepare him for the fear that he felt at that moment. He could barely breathe.

Next to Keith, Lance watched his friend and leader face the blade with the most fear he had ever seen in the man. The stalwart and courageous Keith was afraid. That thought alone, that Keith would be scared of something, made him even more scared that he already was.

"Be strong, Keith," he whispered, his voice trembling.

"I'm trying," Keith replied. "I really am."

Allura bit her fingernails as she watched the blade make its way to her husband's head.

Oh please be careful. My children need a father.

Next to Lance, Hunk tried to focus on food. He watched as the blade winked and glistened in the light and flinched when he heard the sound it made when it slid against something. He told himself that sharp things usually have a good side, and he thought of paring knives that cut his apples, carving knives that sliced turkeys, and butcher knives that chopped up his meat. Yet, all the thought of food did nothing but make him wish he were in the kitchen instead of here.

Next to Hunk, Pidge bit down hard on his lower lip to keep from yelling bloody murder. He didn’t think this was fair at all. The force that was used to get them was a waste of power and he was against it every step of the way. In fact, he was nearly carried into the room, not by the other members of the Voltron Force who needed the same attention he did at that point, but by Allura. She pushed all four of them into the room, telling them that they needed to do this.

If it had been anyone else, they probably would have jumped the person and then run for the hills.

Allura paced behind the four of them, unsure of her decision. She had heard the orders and was duty-bound to enforce them, regardless of her own personal wishes. Her own husband, the Prince of Arus, had to go through it and she didn't try to stop it for he was a soldier above all. He wanted to show his friends that he hadn't changed despite his new and improved position. She had a feeling that he was regretting the decision. She looked at him, and tried to smile bravely. He managed a shaky imitation of a smile. She felt so proud of him, but she couldn't keep from slowing the race of her heart.

The blade crept closer.

The first cut made a sound like a clap of thunder. The silence in the room gave way to a sort of shock. Keith's mouth hung open in horror and he gazed at himself in the mirror. Next to him, the others were going through the same thing. If he wasn't getting teary-eyed himself, Lance could have sworn Pidge was going to bawl like a baby.

For the male members of the Voltron Force were seated in four chairs, facing their greatest fear…getting haircuts.

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