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here you will find the fics that wouldn't fit anywhere else...
I'm sure you've noticed by now that I tend to favor Dragonball and Voltron when I write long, all-consuming fics, but once and a while, I am inspired to write outside of those realms.  You'll find a range of stories here; from The Legend of Zelda to Space: Above and Beyond. 
bring on the fics...
star wars
After the End
Padme and Obi-Wan protect the Jedi twins from the Sith.
The sequel to 'After the End'.
legend of zelda: the ocarina of time
A New Beginning
I was not especially excited about the ending to the game that Nintendo gave me, so here's what I thought should have happened instead.
Forging a Friendship
Link and Zelda have a little heart-to-heart
the x-files
The Past Present (Voltron crossover)
I couldn't help it, I couldn't let go of Voltron.  In this manifestation of the Voltron universe, Lance gets into some mischief and discovers an old Arusian spell.
Iced Tea
An alternate scene from "Tooms".  Contains spoilers.
Without You
It's Christmas and Scully gets a special visitor.
space: above and beyond
The Right Time
Ten years has passed since Operation: Roundhammer and Nathan meets an old friend who shows him just what he has been missing.
Playing a Wildcard
Vansen and West crash land on a planet.  You fill in the blanks.
gundam wing
After a decade of living apart, Heero and Relena meet again with surprising consequences.