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i·dle   (dl) adj.
Lacking substance, value, or basis.
See Synonyms: baseless and vain.

IDLE, not IDOL! Its a parody and social commentary, all rolled into one.  (Copyrights are �© FOX and MSN.)

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Monday, November 18, 2002
You're missing out! All the fun is going on over at WWW.CITYCYNIC.COM ! Come join the fun!

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Tuesday, September 10, 2002
I'm over here now! I've been telling you that I'm going to relaunch the weblog, so be sure to continue reading it at CityCynic.com. Its still in preview mode, but I don't want you to miss anything on my mind this coming week, so please enjoy.

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Friday, September 06, 2002
American Idol wants to respect American tragedy. 'American Idol' Star Wants to Withdraw From Sept. 11 Event: 'Pop queen for one day, and already Kelly Clarkson is stepping into controversy.

Ms. Clarkson, 20, the former comedy-club waitress who triumphed on "American Idol" Wednesday night, has snagged a record contract, a deal with Creative Artists Agency, concert bookings and a single, which is due to arrive on Sept. 17. But today, in an interview with The New York Times, she said she wanted to withdraw from one obligation her new management company, 19 Management, has lined up for her: a performance of the national anthem at a Sept. 11 commemoration at Lincoln Memorial in Washington.

...The news spurred criticism that the producers of "American Idol," which attracted 23 million viewers for the show's finale, were turning a day of national mourning into a giant promotional opportunity. Today, Ms. Clarkson said, "I think maybe it's a bad idea."'

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Congress meets in New York. Congress Commemorates 9/11 in New York: "More than 250 lawmakers descended on Manhattan Friday for a special joint session of Congress that is meant to be a show of solidarity with New Yorkers.

Lawmakers said the trip was a necessary statement from Washington.

"I think it sends a message to the country and the world that we're unified in the fight against terrorism," said Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev. Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., said, "We're basically going to extend our condolences. This is still a year of mourning."

...Presided over by Vice President Dick Cheney in his constitutional role as President of the Senate, the congressional leaders have adopted an agenda that will include a one-hour joint session in Federal Hall -- just a block from Ground Zero -- featuring speeches by House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt, Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle, Senate Minority Leader Trent Lott and several others. Members will also pass a formal joint resolution supporting New York City and America."

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'September 11th changed the world. But not enough.' Remember: "IT IS a terrible memory. A memory of four plane-loads of people, setting off on a beautiful morning but then hijacked to their deaths. A memory of thousands of innocent, unsuspecting civilians, of many nationalities, slaughtered when three planes hit the twin towers of the World Trade Centre and one side of the Pentagon; and of many more, lucky to survive but living ever since with the nightmare of that day, one year ago. It is a memory, also, of how the world looked a moment before 8.48am on September 11th 2001, and of how, by the end of that day, the world was different.

A year later, much more has changed, and mostly for the better. An America that Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda terrorists wanted to frighten, proving that the world's greatest power was actually weak, vulnerable and cowardly, has shown a remarkable resolve. Its patient but determined use of military power in Afghanistan, and threat of it in Iraq, has created more fears of its strength than contempt for its weakness. Afghanistan was liberated from the Taliban, al-Qaeda's bases and forces there were destroyed or scattered, and that war-torn country managed to choose its own provisional government. An astonishingly broad alliance backed America in that war, and the two old superpower foesRussia and Chinawere respectively supportive and acquiescent."

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Wednesday, September 04, 2002
American Idol winner pick. So the finale of American Idol is long and drawn out, as expected. It was nice to see the ten singers reunited and singing and dancing again. And how about Simon clapping along and actually enjoying himself. Justin and Kelly were both in my top three choices, but I'm going to have to call Kelly as the winner. She has that powerful Aretha Franklin-depth and she's always on top of her song choices. Not to mention she's really attractive. So there you have it - Kelly.

And no, I'm not addicted to reality shows, really. I just like Paula Abdul and people who can actually sing - some of which made it onto American Idol. Oh, and I still think many of the aspects of the show are flawed - the flagrant commercial placement for one - and should be renamed "American Idle," but I still can't help watching...

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Baseball's 9/11 Plans. Baseball Games to Pause on Sept. 11: 'All major league night games on Sept. 11 will pause at 9:11 p.m. local time for a moment of silence in remembrance of last year's terrorist attacks.

Following the moment of silence, a videotape will be shown in memory of those who died. During afternoon games on Sept. 11, the moment of silence will be held during the seventh-inning stretch, and the video will follow.

"All of us in baseball were devastated by the horrific attack on our country last September 11, and it is with a great deal of sadness and grief that we will mark the first anniversary,'' commissioner Bud Selig said Wednesday. ``We take this opportunity to honor the memories of those lost and to pay tribute to the firefighters, police officers, rescue workers and all those who sacrificed their lives trying to save others.'''

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China bans Google. China Blocks Google Search Engine: "As China's government prepares for its annual Communist Party meeting in November and clamps down on various media sources, the country has been left without major Internet access: popular search engine Google.

Attempts to look at the site through Chinese Internet services Tuesday were rejected with a notice saying it couldn't be found. Users and technical consultants who monitor the Chinese Internet said the site has been blocked for several days.

"We were notified by our users that access to Google in China had been blocked. We are working with Chinese authorities to resolve the issue,'' said Google spokeswoman Cindy McCaffrey."

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Napster Liquidation. Napster Says It Is Likely to Be Liquidated: "The chief executive of Napster said today that the company was headed for liquidation and later resigned and laid off his staff. The move appears to be the final chapter in the story of an Internet business that allowed millions of people to exchange music free online but was undone by lawsuits by the recording industry.

The chief, Konrad Hilbers, made his comments after a bankruptcy judge ruled that Napster not be allowed to sell its assets to Bertelsmann, the German media giant. Napster, which had previously filed for bankruptcy protection, was looking to Bertelsmann as the probable, if not sole, candidate to revive it and restart it as a pay service that would reimburse recording companies when their songs were exchanged."

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Tuesday, September 03, 2002
Homer Simpson is running Japan's nuclear plant. D'oh! Japan's Nuclear Safety Is Simpsonesque: "Japan's nuclear safety record resembles that of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, where Homer is the head of safety. He once went on an eating binge to qualify for disability and work from home, was sent to college after causing a meltdown in a simulator, and was the only worker fired when Montgomery Burns sold to German owners.

Japan's 126 million people now have reason to wonder if Homer's dedication to slackness -- and Mr. Burns' famed penny-pinching -- are shared by nuclear industry workers and owners here. It's no laughing matter."

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