Who is Anthony?


 (last updated 07/31/02)

Anthony Info:

 -"Afflicting the comfortableand comforting the afflicted, daily."  -i'm 21!
 -i live in NY.
 -i go to NYU.
 -i am majoring in journalism.
 -i am minoring in sociology and metropolitan studies.
 -i am a devoted new york mets fan.
 -i like monkeys and donuts... but not at the same time.
 -i have a pair of orange sneakers and two pairs of red sneakers.
 -i really enjoy the choir at Sunday mass. (its like a Broadway show!)
 -i still have a wonderful view from the 18th floor of my dorm. (and I will again this year!)
 -my name says things about me, at least on this website.
 -I appreciate breadcrumb navigation.


What Others Say:

...about me:
 jennifer: "you crack me up!"
 michelle: "you're right. you usually are."
 lana: "he seems far from a perv....although i am convinced he will be a flake."
 lana: "it's so fun to talk to him for hours at a time."
 jessica: "dude, you're cool! you're like the only one of my guy friends that wants to listen to me ramble on and on about stuff!"
 jennifer: "you rock, too!"
 evan: "yeah, like you're normal!"
 brian: "anthony- my freshman year roommate at NYU who enjoys sleeping in fountains at city parks."
 mom: "make sure you call me!"

...about my weblog:
 chet: "reading your site helped me get thru a pretty boring summer semester... I read it during class."
 erica: "since i don't read the newspaper, anthony is actually my primary news source."
 skittish.org: "it's a good blog and well worth the trip over to check it out."
 theweblogreview.com: "a pretty good site that gives you both information about current news and also a little insight into the world of Anthony ... it's worth a browse. 4 out of 5."


Fun Facts:

 Birthday: July 2
 Fav Color: Red
 Fav Number: 13

Fav Comedians:

conan o'brien
david letterman
ray romano
kevin james
pablo francisco
ralphie may