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Lacking substance, value, or basis.
See Synonyms: baseless and vain.

IDLE, not IDOL! Its a parody and social commentary, all rolled into one.  (Copyrights are �© FOX and MSN.)

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Saturday, May 04, 2002
Ozzy bleeps out the Tonight Show. OH F%*@#!!! JAY RUNS OUT OF BLEEPS FOR OZZY: "THE foul-mouthed Osbournes were at it again Thursday night - as a forbidden expletive starting with "f" eluded NBC censors and made it onto the air on "The Tonight Show."

The Osbourne clan - heavy-metal rocker Ozzy, his wife/manager Sharon and their children - have become famous for their salty vocabulary, which results in frequent bleeping and vigilant editing on the part of the producers of the family's hit series on MTV, "The Osbournes."

On Thursday's "Tonight Show," the bleeps were just as numerous (as many as 14 bleeps, according to some counts) as Ozzy and Sharon conducted an uninhibited chat with host Jay Leno about topics ranging from their marriage to the future of their series, which winds up its first season on Tuesday."

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Friday, May 03, 2002
TV Newscast Wrap Party. that was fun -- What do two blood orange margaritas, three glasses of sangria, a shot of irish yager, and a vodka tonic have in common? If you guessed TV Newscast and Journalism students then you are right! We went out to Calle Nueve (thanks Miyuki!) and Professor Ludlum gave us a speech about his eleventh dream in a series of "I dreamed what will happen in the future dreams" about our class.

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Thursday, May 02, 2002
Webby Award Voting! The Webby Awards: 2002 Nominees: Vote for your favorite nominees in the People's Voice Awards.

[via adnan]

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Fries and bread can cause cancer? French Fries, Bread May Cause Cancer, Study Says: "Potato crisps, french fries, biscuits and bread, eaten daily by millions of people round the world, contain alarmingly high amounts of a substance believed to cause cancer, Swedish scientists said on Wednesday.

Research carried out at Stockholm University in cooperation with the government food safety agency showed that acrylamide, well known as a probable cancer-causing agent, is formed in very high concentrations when carbohydrate-rich foods such as rice, potatoes and cereals are fried or baked -- but is not present when they are boiled.

The results of the research were deemed so important, and so surprising, that the scientists took the rare step of going public with their findings before publishing them in an academic journal and having them reviewed by other scientists."

Gee, another thing to worry about. How depressing.

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Gay... with baby. BEAMING ROSIE: MY GIRLFRIEND'S PREGNANT': "Rosie O'Donnell's gal pal, Kelli Carpenter, is pregnant - and the expectant couple is overjoyed at the news, it was reported today. US magazine said O'Donnell, 40, and Carpenter, 34, recently visited a New York gynecologist's office - where O'Donnell excitedly explained to women in the waiting room, "My girlfriend is here - she's pregnant."

A few minutes later, Carpenter emerged from the doctor's office holding "a small printout of a sonogram, and Rosie was all excited about it," according to the magazine's "Hot Stuff" column. There's no word on who the father might be, or how far along Carpenter's pregnancy is."

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Tuesday, April 30, 2002
Photographing suicide. Woman leaps to death: "Police closed northbound I-95 during Myers' 90-minute standoff with the trooper, creating a 10-mile backup that paralyzed traffic through the region...

Some frustrated drivers--stuck in traffic in the southbound lanes of I-95 as Dunham negotiated with Myers--yelled as they passed over the bridge. Dunham told other police officers that he was sickened to hear at least a dozen people shout for her to jump as they passed over the bridge."

How horrible of those impatient and uncaring drivers to do such a thing. More chilling are the photographs the newspaper printed showing the woman just before she jumped. You can even click on the photo and buy yourself a print! That's not right. Here's the editor's explanation:
"The decision to publish the pictures today of Deborah Myers' last moments came only after a series of discussions in our newsroom. From the time we heard about this incident, we debated the best way to report the story accurately and sensitively. As we did two years ago, when a man jumped from another I-95 bridge and survived, we strived for balance in our coverage. Our goal was to tell the story with pictures that offer insight into a very public tragedy without being needlessly graphic.

Perhaps those images will stir a renewed dialogue in our community about suicide, the toll it exacts on families and how we can help those who are in pain."

- - - - -
Monday, April 29, 2002
An insult to democracy. Pakistan's referendum: "General Pervez Musharraf is asking Pakistanis to endorse his presidency for another five years in a referendum which he is sure to win. This is not a step towards democracy in a fragile and volatile nation, as he contends, but a bogus and dangerous stunt."

- - - - -
Saddam gets time. Action on Iraq: "Although he has reached 65, Saddam Hussein shows no sign of retiring to tend his roses. The US decision to draw up plans for toppling him next year rather than in the autumn gives the Iraqi leader a breathing space. However, negotiations this week over United Nations sanctions should make clear that it is only time that Mr Saddam has been given. Pressure on the regime to end its policy of making weapons of mass destruction must be maintained and strengthened.

The UN Security Council will vote within the next few days on renewing the current oil-for-food programme that allows Iraq to import humanitarian supplies of food and medicines. The US wants to couple this with the replacement of the blanket embargo with so-called "smart sanctions". These would allow imports unless they were on a list of goods that require UN scrutiny because they could be used for military purposes."

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Sunday, April 28, 2002
I never heard about this. NYU Student Raped in January: "In the heart of Chinatown in lower Manhattan, on January 29, 2001 shortly after midnight, an Asian American woman was raped, beaten and robbed at the Canal Street Station of the #6/N/R trains. In order to transfer from the number 6 train platform to the N/R train platform, the victim had to walk through a long, deserted and isolated passageway, where she was assaulted...

The victim of the January 29 sexual assault is a student at New York University. As a result, faculty, staff and students are mobilizing to bring about community awareness, and to target New York City officials, the MTA and the NYPD Transit Bureau to take more responsibility in securing the subway system. According to Ermena Vinluan, a member of FilCRA (Filipino Civil Rights Advocates) who is also a Co-coordinator of Campaign for Safer Subway Stations: "Our goals will be accomplished because our coalition has rallied not only the NYU community, but activists from various Asian, Filipino, feminist, and rape advocacy groups. These organizations are listed below."

- - - - -
A Capella Brawl, Thai outside, and Movie at Sue's. I convinced Evan to go to the world-famous NYU A Capella Brawl, which I was personally invited to by none other than the beautiful Lisa Villalobos, a fellow Journalism student. All five a cappella groups at NYU performed to a thrilled and enthusiastic crowd. Here's the story as reported in the WSN: Perfect pitches replace punches at NYU Brawl.

Lisa was really excited that I showed up so see her sing. How could I resist though? She's only been talking about APC Rhythm almost every week of TV Newscast, even getting her group featured on the show a couple of times. I was happy I did, as she was great and her group (with Prince Chikay) were great as well. Lisa was so nice that she evwen invited me out to with them to a bar afterwards. I got some great photos and short video clips, too.

Before the show, Evan and I ate at the Siam Lemon Thai Restaurant again, this time outside after catching Julie and Brette there without inviting us. Afterwards, we finally hung out in 1807, when we watched "Enemy of the State" with Sue. Delicious banana cake was involved there.

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