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Lacking substance, value, or basis.
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Friday, October 27, 2000
NYU info

I was just surfing around and found NYU enrollment stats. You can also find crime statistics for your university there. peace out, stay safe.

Oh, I can't wait for Halloween!

- - - - -
two words...

i cried.

- - - - -
Wednesday, October 25, 2000
Let me speak a moment about contrast.

Contrast is:

1) A guy on a bike and me on foot almost colliding and both of us apologizing (in NYC!) vs. the black teen sitting on the steps near radio shack yelling out to the two girls walking down the sidewalk in front of me "I F*CK WHITE GIRLS!!!"

2) Sheryl Crow singing the National Anthem before Game 3 at Shea vs. N*SYNC singing the National Anthem before Game 4 of the World Series at Shea. (NOTE: Anyone out there think that Billy Joel's performance of the National Anthem in Game 1 at Yankee Stadium was less than stellar?)

3) Mets and Yankee fans "feuding" vs. Mets and Yankee fans coming together to boo N*SYNC as they were annouced to sing the National Anthem.

4) Mike Piazza vs. Roger "The Rocket... meaning he will rocket throw a jagged piece of bat at you" Clemens.

5) Real, non-idiot baseball fans vs. the guys in the truck that stopped to yell "Mets suck!" as I walked down the street in my Mets jacket.

6) Mets vs. Yankees (aka - team that deserves to be in the World Series vs. team that got there cause the other teams in the American League sucked this year.)

That is all... until the Mets win Game 4.

- - - - -
Mets in 7.
I forgot to post this yesterday, among all the celebrating...

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! METS WIN GAME 3! That's the team I know and love. That's how the Mets have been playing all year. I knew they wouldn't let me down. Screw the Yankees... Mets in 7!!!

Let's Go Mets!!! Its the Mets Millennium!!!

- - - - -
Tuesday, October 24, 2000
what a "scary loser"...
It all started when I woke up and then rode my scooter to class. It was a Monday!!! :::shudder:::

Mondays on average are bad, but some can be good -- this, however wasn't exactly one of those "good ones." Allow me to explain in one very long, run-on sentence:

It STARTED WITH Psychology, when my professor got a kick out of showing us optical illusions on the overhead instead of pretending to be a rat in a puzlebox.... FOLLOWED BY three hours of studying Spanish during my one office hour in the SAB office... IMMEDIATELY CONTINUING WITH getting as close to aceing my Spanish test as possible without actually aceing it, but doing really well on it nonetheless... SKIPPING TO our PB Monday night movie "Scary Movie" which was switched by the distributor with "Loser"... INTERRUPTED BY Cantor, the film center going on FIRE!!!... PASSING INTO a calm state of outlining another Psych chapter... INTERRUPTED BY deciding to go down to the dining hall for a missed meal... THEN almost being ASSAULTED BY the irate and overworked/underpaid grill worker, who yelled at me because I asked for the "grill special" and then yelled at me "Do you want the burger or not?!?!?!?"... IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWED BY me complaining to the manager... BRINGING the, now, irater grill worker to arguing with me about being rude... FOLLOWED BY an apology from the manager AND a DEATH STARE as the worker walked away, cursing under his breath.


Maybe sometime I will be able to see "Loser" which co-stars Mena Suvari (American Beauty) with Jason Biggs (liked the pie in American Pie). THIS is not Mena Suvari. Also, the grill worker (irate) was named Anthony (weird, since Anthony is my name) -- but not as weird as THAT which is almost as crazy as THESE.

Enough of Monday... I'm going to sleep.

- - - - -
Monday, October 23, 2000
alright, Mets in 7.
mets lose again... they almost pulled it off, too.

Mets in 6.

- - - - -



Anthony who?
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