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Lacking substance, value, or basis.
See Synonyms: baseless and vain.

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Thursday, January 25, 2001
Wow, what a nice morning!
That is something I hardly ever say, not being much of a morning person at all. However, today is a big exception... it is really sunny out and its not too cold, rather mild. Its a great thing to live in New York City. There's always something going on -- whether it be the woman who urgently needs to cross the street when she has a DON'T WALK sign AND a large city bus is seconds away and narrowly escapes a splattering death, who then walks into the McDonalds across the street to the random guy who comes out of soem building, sees me and my very timely NY Giants jacket and shouts right in my ear "LET'S GO GIANTS!," which scared me a little, but was nice to hear. I turned and yelled back "YEAH MAN!" or something, but it was all good. Things are going really well for me -- relatively a lot better than last semester. And why not?

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A Nice Thing
I just got off the phone with Marie, this girl I went to school with back in the day. The day, being, of course, grades 2-8. It is a really nice feeling to be in touch with her after all these (12) years -- three or four that have gone by without either of us reallly noticing. I had occasionally thought about just calling her to say hi, just as I had with the large majority of my "misplaced friends," but it took until this past winter recess for me to actually have time to call and actually call. We spoke briefly then, but it was still nice to hear a voice that I had known intimately (or daily, if you prefer) for so many years.

So I asked her to call me tonight (late!) and she did, which was really great, since we had quite a bit to catch up on ("Your youngest sister goes to St. Isidore now?!?!?"). It made me stop and realize just how many years have passed by, relatively unnoticed. Just as Marie told me -- "Same hit, different day" -- about what was new with her also seemed to apply to me in the sense that I often find myself very busy with tasks at hand. This, in turn, gives the illusion that while all of my actions are being performed, seconds and minutes and hours and days and weeks and months and years are going by right under my nose. I guess time just works like that (Time flies when you're having fun.).

Fortunately, this has also enabled me to take a step back from myself and my often busy/harrowing/lotsa-stuff-to-do daily goings-on in order to rethink and reevaluate where my life is headed and what I am supposed to be / want to be doing (aka- how to be a celebrity / president / well paid worker!). Of course, since I just found the need to re-examine my life, I can't post any of that yet. Don't worry though, if its something good, it'll show up on my weblog soon. And why not?

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Bush is Missing Something!
Gee, what a great practical joke, breaking off the "W" keys from White House keyboards! Take that, GWB!

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Wednesday, January 24, 2001

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hi, i'm still alive... don't worry... more posts forthcoming! then i'll tell you about the new fishes i got recently! yummy!

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Sunday, January 21, 2001
George W. Bush...
...somehow our president... anyway, check out his funny Presidential Palm Helper!

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in case you were wondering...
From the daily grind...

Here's how you disable AIM Advertisements:

Make sure AIM isn't running (not even the icon in the tray). Use notepad to open aim.odl. Scroll down to where there are two sections that have "advert" followed by "required". Remove the word required in both cases, and save the file. Now delete or rename your advert.ocm file (I renamed mine advert.bak). Now start AIM. When you sign on, no more annoying advertisements at the top of your buddy list.

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matriarchy has its benefits
Man, Aged 20, Marries 77-Year-Old Virgin Weddings between aged grooms and youthful brides are relatively common in Iran, but seldom the other way round.

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Gee, I never thought to blog about Hillary's ass... and I am also not sure if I agree that "Hill's a semi-intelligent, amoral piece of pure soulless thirst for power, which may be appealing for young German men looking for a good Fem-Dom," but yayy for the First Amendment, right?

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