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With 148,000 speakers, the Navajo language is the most commonly spoken Native American language in the United States of America. Unfortunately, the number of Internet resources available on the Navajo language remain poor. The languages of Blackfoot and Cherokee, for example, with only 5,000 and 22,500 speakers respectively, have considerably more Internet resources at their disposal.

This web site is therefore committed to providing the most comprehensive resource guide available for anyone with an interest in studying or learning this beautiful and complex language.

For those interested in where the Navajo language is situated amongst other Native American languages, in terms of the number of speakers, take a look at this extremely comprehensive guide to all the languages spoken in the United States today.

This is one of the most comprehensive links concerning Native American language resources currently available on the Net. It includes dictionaries, journal articles, fonts and many other resources for a wide range of Native American languages. This highly recommended site can be found at:-