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This link provides a complete list of the texts and learning guides available to all those interested in learning or studying this language. For the beginner I recommend purchasing Alan Wilson's Breakthrough Navaho – An Introductory Guide. For those looking for something a little more advanced Wilson's Speak Navajo: Intermediate would also be of great use. Both are available through Audio-Forum. Also recommended is the New Oxford Navajo-English Dictionary and anything written by Robert Young and William Morgan Snr.

This site provides a list of contact details for some of those academic and educational institutions in the United States that offer courses in learning Navajo.

Dine College is the oldest tribally controlled community college in the United States and has provided this great resource at the following link for anyone interested in pursuing the Navajo language, from a beginners stage right through to an advanced level.

This link to Craig Spooner's Navajo Sentence Machine is for those interested in obtaining Navajo language software on CD-ROM. The software offers complete Navajo font with assistance in spelling, sentence construction and pronunciation. Currently it is only available for Macintosh users but a Windows version is due out next year.

This link to the Indigenous Languages Project provides information on ordering and obtaining Navajo font. It also has links to the Journal of Navajo Education as well as Navajo books and videos.

Native American Language Services – This organisation is aimed at arresting the decline of Native American languages, including Navajo. It provides a fee-based service to restore and revitalise Native American language. Considering that many such languages are rapidly becoming endangered, this is quite a useful resource.