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about the author -

My name is Murray Cranston. I am 27 years old and hold a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Political Science and a Master of Arts (by research) in Political Science from the University of Queensland, Australia. I have currently suspended a doctorate at the Australian Defence Force Academy. I have been learning Navajo since July of 1998 and work for a Senator in the Australian Parliament.


site acknowledgements -

Graphics used on this site have been gathered from existing Websites.

All attempts have been made by the author of these pages to obtain permission to use these graphics. Due to the lack of response from the creator/s of the graphics it has been assumed that copyright permission has been granted and no breach of copyright has occurred.

I would like to introduce the creator of the graphics used on this website: Sheldon Preston is a member of the Navajo Nation. He is a graduate of Arizona State University with a B.S.D degree in Architecture.

Currently he is an "Imagineer" at Walt Disney Imagineering and lives in Burbank, California.

Sheldon is also a professional freelance photographer, his work has been published in various books and magazines. He will have a photography show in France and Germany this summer.

You can see more of Sheldon's work on his website at

I would also like to thank National Geographic for the use of a portion of one of their graphics. This graphic can be found at

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