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In this section you will find other links concerning the Navajo people and their culture which may be of interest.

The Flag of the Navajo Nation – This link has a picture and the history of the Navajo Nation's flag. Designed by a Navajo Indian named Jay R. DeGroat the flag is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary. Also located here are the flags of other Native American tribes. – This link provides an excellent source of information on Navajo culture, art, the people and many other resources.

The Official Navajo Nation Website – This link is an excellent resource for those wanting to know more about the Navajo people and their land. There are interesting links to Navajo culture, history and religion as well as the Miss Navajo quest and general tourist information.

The Dineh Alliance – An interesting site, still currently under construction, from the Sovereign Dineh Nation – Dineh Alliance based on Black Mesa, Arizona.