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'Nuther World


My name is Kossori and here you will find material for the Original Marvel Super Heroes Role Playing Game.

MSH is no longer printed, and neither Marvel nor TSR continue to support it- but surprisingly it lives on. There are numerous sites that focus on it as well as PBEMs using the system.

I will be adding stuff I find useful in my own campaign: new characters, classic Marvel characters, and conversions of other popular characters.

Feel free to roam around...

Those marked with a " * " have been updated recently

This site is currently under reconstruction....

The Doctor Strange Sourcebook
The Main Characters in My Campaign
The Supporting Cast in My Campaign
The Opposition in My Campaign
Pulp Marvel Sourcebook
Biorhythms and Mana Flow
The Morlocks
Point Based Generation System
Other Pages of Interest
Stuff for GURPS
Elektra for Shadowrun
Doom Patrol Sourcebook
Link to some cool conversions to Mutants and Masterminds