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The Morlocks

How to create a Morlock... (This is taken from the MSH X-Men: Children of the Atom book by Kim Eastland)

Most of the Morlocks have passive mutations, harmful mutations, or mutations that only affect certain abilities or powers.

Typical statistics for Morlocks are presented below for use in crowded battles or as guidelines for the creation of new Morlocks. These statistics can be modified by rolling percentile dice and referring to the three columns after the ability to see if the result falls anywhere in them. There are three columns after the normal statistic: below, above, and way above. Below average means that the statistic should be one or two ranks below what is listed as average (there is a 50% of either). Above average indicates that the ability is one rank higher than the average listed. Way above average indicates that the ability is at least two ranks above average and possibly more (not to exceed Monstrous rank). Variable (V) indicates that variable abilities (Health and Karma) depend on the randomly rolled abilities above them.

Fighting GD(10) (1-5) (92-98) (99-00)
Agility TY(6) (1-3) (96-99) (00)
Strength PR(4) (1-3) (90-97) (98-00)
Endurance EX(20) (1-5) (92-98) (99-00)
Reason PR(4) (1-5) (92-98) (99-00)
Intuition GD(10) (1-3) (90-97) (98-00)
Psyche PR(4) (1-5) (92-98) (99-00)
Health 40 (V)
Karma 18 (V)
Resources FB(2)
Popularity 0

Special Powers: 10% chance, roll for type and effectiveness.