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Other Pages of Interest

These are pages that I have found helpful and informative for various reasons.

Note: All these pages are on other sites. You will need to use your browser's back button to return here.

But do roam the rest of their sites, too. They're some of the best.

Point Based Generation System
Doctor Strange
DC Mages
The Limbo Sourcebook
Path of the Winding Way
More Magic Stuff
A Variant Magic System
Magical Items
Magical Weapons
Realms of Magic - more magic rules
The Dream Dimension
The Midnight Sons
The Watchmen
Normal Human Generation System
A Marvel Galactic Sourcebook
Drug and Alcohol Abuse
The X-Files
Cyborg Creation
The Ultimate Talents List
Ressurection Chart
The New JSA
Alternate Hero Creation
Alternate Marvel Sorcery Rules