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The Supporting Cast

CALLISTO Mutant Renegade

Fighting: IN (40)
Agility: EX (20)
Strength: GD (10)
Endurance: EX (20)
Reason: GD (10)
Intuition: IN (40)
Psyche: GD (10)
Health: 90
Karma: 60
Resources: TY (6)
Popularity: -10

Abilities- Heightened Senses: IN (40)

Talents- Knives Slingshot Area Knowledge (underground tunnel system): MN (75)

Equipment- knife, slingshot

Contacts- Storm (uneasy) Professor Xavier

The Morlocks

The Monster Hunters

JONAH HEX Bounty Hunter (stats provided by Ty States)

Fighting: EX (20)
Agility: RM (30)
Strength: GD (10)
Endurance: RM (30)
Reason: EX (20)
Intuition: RM (30)
Psyche: RM (30)
Health: 90
Karma: 80
Resources: GD (10)
Popularity: 0

Talents-Guns Martial Arts B Tracking Horsemanship Military

Equipment- Smith & Wesson .38

Contacts- Paladin

PALADIN Mercenary/Private Investigator

Fighting: EX (20)
Agility: EX (20)
Strength: RM (30)
Endurance: RM (30)
Reason: GD (10)
Intuition: EX (20)
Psyche: TY (6)
Health: 100
Karma: 36
Resources: EX (20)
Popularity: 5

Talents- +2 CS with Stun Gun Detection Espionage Languages Martial Arts B and C

Equipment- Body Armor (EX protection from physical attacks, GD protection against fire) Helmet (EX protection from physical attacks, GD protection from fire, EX eye protection from blinding, GD night vision, one hour air supply) Stun Gun (Paralysys ray of IN intensity at a range of 7 areas, can only be used by Paladin)

Contacts- Daredevil Wasp The Avengers Jonah Hex

The SANDMAN Morpheus/Lord of the Dreaming

Fighting: TY (6)
Agility: EX (20)
Strength: TY (6)
Endurance: RM (30)
Reason: RM (30)
Intuition: UN (100)
Psyche: SH X (150)
Health: 62
Karma: 300
Resources: SH 0 (0)
Popularity: 100 (In Dream Dimension)

Abilities-Cosmic Awareness: AM (50) Dimensional Aperture: UN (100) Magic Power Simulation: CL 1000

Talents- Occult Area Knowledge (Dream Dimension)

Advantages-Endless Existence: As one of the Endless he is a mystical being. His physical body is merely a shell and is inconsequential to his existence. If he could sustain enough physical damage to kill him, his physical form would simply disperse and reform a new body if he wants the next round. He must be destroyed with mystical or mental damage.

Equipment- Pouch of Sleep Dust (MN material strength, Mesmerism: MN (75), Sense-Magic: AM (50), Magic Power Simulation: IN (40)) Helmet (UN material strength, Sandman's badge of office, with it he can visit other mystical realms with impunity as an official envoy)Ruby (AM material strength, wielder receives +1 CS Psyche) -destroyed

Contacts- The Endless (Sandman is one of the seven beings known as the Endless. The others are Destiny, Death, Desire, Despair, Destruction and Delirium. They are living embodiments of their names and incomprehensibly powerful.) Earth's Mystical Community Hell