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The Main Characters

OZ Winged Centaur

Fighting: EX (20)
Agility: RM (30)
Strength: MN (75)
Endurance: IN (40)
Reason: RM (30)
Intuition: AM (50)
Psyche: RM (30)
Health: 165
Karma: 110
Resources: PR (4)
Popularity: 5

Abilities- Animal/Human Transformation- OZ can transform into a male human or horse. He spends most of his time as a human to keep from drawing attention. Not all of his powers are usable in these forms.

These are the abilities that Oz can use in any of his forms- Resist Magic: EX (20) Regeneration: RM (30) Self-Sustenance: FB (2) Magic Detection: AM (50) Danger Sense: AM (50)

The following abilities are only usable when Oz is in his natural (centaur) form- True Flight: EX (20) Light Emmission: UN (100)- from wings, limited to lighting area, dispelling shadows, and blinding others Armor Skin: EX (20)

Talents-Sharp Weapons

Contacts- Baron Winters Clea

Notes- Oz stays in his human guise most of the time and will only fly at night unless there is an emergency.

History- Fothcoming.....


Fighting: TY (6)
Agility: GD (10)
Strength: TY (6)
Endurance: GD (10)
Reason: GD (10)
Intuition: TY (6)
Psyche: GD (10)
Health: 32
Karma: 26
Resources: GD (10)
Popularity: 10

Talents- Artist Chronicler of Magic OccultTumbling

Equipment-Obsidian Stone Necklace (Shadowcasting: IN (40), Note: The Stone's full power has not not been reached. The above power is the only one that has been revealed)

NAMOR The Sub-Mariner

Fighting: IN (40)
Agility: RM (30)
Strength: MN (75)
Endurance: IN (40)
Reason: TY (6)
Intuition: RM (30)
Psyche: IN (40)
Health: 185
Karma: 76
Resources: GD (10)
Popularity: 6

Abilities-Body Armor: GD (10)Resist-Cold: EX (20)Swimming: GD (10)water speed Flight: PR (4) air speed Water Breathing: Namor can breathe water as well as air.

Talents- Underwater Combat Edged Weapons Marine-Biology

Limitations- Dehydration: If Namor is not immersed in water, in a damp environment, or partially wet, he suffers a -1CS penalty per hour on each physical ability and power. His Health is unaffected. If totally deprived of moisture (by artificial means -even a desert has some ambient moisture)Namor loses 1 Health point per hour, and may perish of dehydration. Immersion in water restores the lost Health and eliminates the penalty.

Contacts-Atlantis Avengers Fantastic Four


Fighting: AM (50)
Agility: MN (75)
Strength: UN (100)
Endurance: UN (100)
Reason: EX (20)
Intuition: MN (75)
Psyche: IN (40)
Health: 325
Karma: 135
Resources: PR (4)
Popularity: 20

Abilities-Power Cosmic: The Silver Surfer has the ability to channel and manipulate huge quantities of cosmic Power with Unearthly ability and effect, in Line-of-sight range. This Power is both great and far-reaching, in that a number of Power stunts may be developed using this power.* Power Blasts of Unearthly Force or Energy.* Raising any single ability score (his own or another's) to Unearthly for 1-10 rounds. * Healing up to Unearthly damage (though he has no effect on Endurance Rank losses).* Reconstruct existing matter in his own fashion (he cannot transmute elements). * Perceive any energy source of more than Unearthly levels, anywhere on the planet.The Surfer has no need to eat or breathe. Other Power stunts may be developed. All Karma losses to the Surfer are trippled.Flight: The Silver Surfer can fly at up to Class 5000 speeds in space. In atmospheric conditions, he flies at SH Z sppeds maximum. He normally uses a surfboard made of Unearthly material to fly, which he may control mentally.Body Armor: The Surfer has Monstrous protection from energy and physical attacks, which he may boost to Unearthly for 1-10 rounds. He is Invulnerable to Heat and Cold (Class 1000 Resistance) and may survive in space for long periods of time.

Talents- Pilot-Space Martial Arts D

Contacts-Zenn-La Galactus Fantastic Four

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