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Natasha Duncan

A Fatal Case

Julian's Hard Day's Night

Niklas Jonsson
I Left my Kindred Heart in San Francisco


Moonlit Paths

Bennie Robbins
This Hopeless Desire: San Fransisco
This Hopeless Desire: Roswell
This Hopeless Desire: Sunnydale


Lianne Burwell
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Kadira Kerkhoff
World Without End
And Preserve Me From Temptation...

Not to be Great

Asa Meda
Tears in the Rain

The Beast and the Tame

Lady Serez
Blue Moon Effect
Dancing in the Dark
Family Reunion
Fox in a Henhouse

Lopaka Tanu
Love Song for a Vampire
Tell Me Why
Siren's Song

Va Wilcox
Due to personal request, this author no longer allows
her works to be posted on the web.

Sword Feast Fanfic
"Spirit Walk: The Wolves" Blair, Jim
"Move to the Music" Nicholas, Lacroix
"Man Without a Heart" Jim, Blair, Dr. Carr
"Keeping Spectres at Bay... or is that Wolves?" Jim, Blair
"The Visitor" - Anthony-Julian-Cash-Daedalus
"The Tremere" - Thorne, et. al.
"Tortured" - Thorne/Lacroix (story) - VIOLENCE
"On the Subject of Wolves" - Detectives -B.
"Encounters, Part 1" - Jim, Blair, Cash
"Encounters, Part 2" - Jim, Blair
"Need" - Thorne-D. (story) - VIOLENCE
"Encounters, Part 3" - Jim, Blair, Cash
"Processing" - Jim/Blair (story)
"Facing the Fear" - Frank, Julian, Sonny
"Insight" - Cash-Jim (story)
"Tremere: The Magus" -Thorne, Julian, et. al.
"The Dream" - Cash/Julian, Jim/Blair
"Howling of Wolves: The Immortals" - many
"Howling of Wolves: The Mortals" - Jim-Blair
"Control" - Cash/Julian (VIOLENCE)
"Rage" - Nick/Lacroix (VIOLENCE)
"Agonies"- Thorne, et. al. (story)
"Clan Inquiries" - Frank-Sonny
"Mutual Desires" - Thorne/Julian
"Family Discussions" - Cash-Julian-Morgaine
"Interrogations" - Detectives, Blair (story)
"In the Study of the Prince" - Frank-Julian
"In the Haven" - Cash-Frank
"In the Moonlight" - Cash/Frank
"A Conflagration of Brujah" - Thorne/Lillie
"Wolf Vision" - Julian/Jim
"Discussions" - Cash/Julian
"Golden Wolf" - Thorne-Jim (story)
"Facing Destiny" - Jim-Blair
"Taste of a Mortal" - Julian/Frank
"In the Woods" - Cash, Frank
"Conclave" - Julian, primogens, seconds
"Whirlwind" - Cameron
"Mutual Wants" - Thorne/Julian
"Taking the Edge Off" - Cash/Morgaine
"Blood Vision" - Jim, Blair, Frank
"To Sleep" - Frank/Cash
"Wolf Rituals" - Frank, Cash
"Raven Embraced" - Frank, Cash, Julian
"Wolf Awakening" - Frank/Cash
"Vampire Games" - Nick/Jim; Blair, Thorne
"Dancing in the Dark" - Thorne, Cameron
"The Dark Half" - Jim/Blair
"A Meeting of Minds" - Thorne, Blair, Dr. Carr
"An Introduction" - Cash, Frank, Morgaine
"The Scrying" - Thorne
?Shamans in the Spirit Realm" - Thorne/Blair
"The Stuff of (Wet) Dreams" - Jim, Blair
"Night at the Chantry" - Thorne, various Tremere
"A Confusion of Brujah" - Thorne/Cameron
"Rage Control" - Julian/Thorne
"The Talk of the Town" - Jim/Blair
"After the Talk, Comes Action" - Frank/Cash
"Finally" - Frank/Cash

Based off of the SwordFeast Series (Mostly on Cameron)
The Conclave
A Private Meeting
Blood Relatives
Healing Process