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My Ramblings

Here is a poem
I am making up
If you don't like it
then schroll up
But..too funny
your at the top
try a riddle....
ya may never stop
DEAD LINK INGNORE I am too lazy to take it out

This is just a page for me to spout out my wisdoms, thoughts, and whatever comes to mind hope you enjoy.

Summer 2004 NEW RAMLINGS!!!! Horses are fine I planted a garden yada bla bla Happy the dog kix ass.. I built a trebuchet, cause I always wanted one and could never find one at Zellers or even Walmart or even Home Hardware, and I figgered they may even have them there i some kind of a kit or something, but who woulda figgered that they didn't have them, so I built my own out of wood that I bought at a lumber yard down the road from me for next to a song as buddy seems to like my smiling face and lets me take a whole carload home for $20 a pop no matter how much wood i can stuff into my car! <-run on sentance (see below) thats enuff for now


My page I can put the new stuff up here!! My rambling this time is in referance to something said to me by a freind of mine. Rose said "people are weird", In response to that-- You are correct. There are some real wingnuts out there and the generally live in Pictou and surrounding areas. Thanx Rose for that comment and giving me a chance to clarify that Pictou People rae space cadets, weirdos, not a full deck, few knives short of the whole set.

Well lemme see how to start the ramblings??????? I could ramble on about fish..and how big fish eat little fish and stuff like that but that would be kinda boring so i don't think that i will bother with such nonsence, but i think that i will try and see how long of a run on sentance I can make for the simple reason that all thru high school and university my sentance structure was always really bad as well as my spelling which you will conitinue to see as I ramble on about overly long sentances and stuff. Don't forget to notice the mis punctuation and stuff because as i have stated earlier my English is terrible pretty well in every form that it can be bad in.

Now I am wondering wether or not to include pictures of myself on the next page so i think i will. I will also include pix of heather and tilda (both tilda's i suppose, the real one that lives i the States and rat tilda. Rat tilda also goes by the name Pumatilda because she is feisty. Just like a certain underrated Superhero that I like.
That would be Pumaman. I am gonna build a webpage dedicated to Pumaman complete with sounds and of course pictures. Maybe even an AVI of when Donald Pleasance (the evil Dr. Kobras) takes control of Pumaman's mind and orders him..and I quote "Pumaman...... Pumamaaaan............. I order you to kill yourself................KILL YOURSELF" Man o Man what an intense scene in a extremey bad movie. But i will go into this later in a seperate page...

As for more rantings i shall ponder what shall be driviled I am open to suggestions from anyone

Now I was thinking... That was pretty sarcastic of me so I will redeem myself. (I hate getting cybersmited)....So Hello to all my freinds out there in Cyberland. Myrlyn, Bonnie, Julie, Elle, Jodes, Lori, and Andrea...and to whoever wants to be helloed too. Fancy meeting you folks at a place like this. And to anyone that may hit My Pumaman page.. Cause if ya watched the whole movie you deserve a hello.

And as Stated before drop off any questions, conserns, complaints or comments to my addy..or ICQ me at 7433174




Minivans..Yuck!! My Trebuchet