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Why Minivans Suck

Why they suck

I have found thru my years of driving that minivans are a very very bad thing. Generally I have found that the idiots that try to pilot these contraptions shouldn't be on rollerskates let alone one of those monsterious tin things.

They generally think they are driving a full sized tank with no regard to us the normal driving and walking public. The next time you see some kind of traffic flow problem..there is NO doubt that it is because of a minivan!! The next time someone blows thru a red lite or doesn't right turn on a red..check what they are driving. There is only one good point about them is that generally as a rule old people do not drive them...see reason 3 above.

So unless you who are reading this has a bunch of screaming kids or deliver furniture or something...Think car, murdercycle, truck, mountain bike, or even scooter. Never never minivan. Please spare us the greif and terror that you can cause with those things.
1 BILLION webviewrs cannot be wrong!! Just a final note..Its kinda of topic but here goes..
People over 70 should have to drive thier age. I bet not alot of 80 year old drivers would still be on the road.