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Kites I have made + A Tetrahedrial.. All named HAPPY

I decided to build a kite page, beings that I have started building kites. They are all named Happy (hence the face), and the correponding #. It all Started when Hez said, "flying a kite in a field with horses gets them running". And so Happy I was born.

I seem to have been bitten by the kite bug so I made fancy kites. Tetrahedrial Kites have taken up my time. They are pretty cool but time consuming. I built the first prototype outta straws and tissue paper but have progressed to motherboard bags and straws with shishkabob stix for reinforcement. Its pretty impressive abd only weighs about 2 lbs. The next pix are of the evolution of the kite thingy in my little warped mind.

This is The Original Happy

First one i built, He is not a big horse scarer (they come over and sniffed him. lol He is resting comfortably about Heather's chair, What an easy retirement. Happy IV was the same kind but I used dowels and he broke after 30 seconds of flight. : (

....and me

Happy III (sled kite)

Happy III. He flys really good. I was quite impressed. Only takes about 1/2 hour to make one. Happy II was a too heavy version. You cannot fly lumber very well. lol

Tetrahedrial aka Happy VI

This was the prototype for the big one. Happy VI. Built out of drinking straws and tissue paper.Good looking, it flew. it crashed. its now a liteshade... just not that durable. : )
A learning experiance

Tetrahedrial aka Happy VI


SIDE VIEW the BIG one!!!font>

This is what happens when you stick 4 of the tetras together. Its big...I wonder if it will fly. It only has to fly once then i dunno what will happen to it... too big for the living room lol

Another view of it. I hope this thing flys!!!


I figured that beings Happy VI, VII,VIII and IX make this big one I SHALL CHRISTEN IT



Well I finally got the HAPPY IX in the field for a testflight. This is Happy just before liftoff!!! He's a looker indeed.

ME and Happy

Here I am proudly standing behind Happy wishing him luck on his endevour


This is what Happy looks like from the ground. If ya didn't know what it was you might wonder....

This is what it looks like when looking at it from the bottom

Its weird..when you get this angle on it its is hardly noticable.

WOOHOO. Here is a small home movie of Happy FLYING. hehehe My plan worked and here is the proof. Click on the link to get the movie!!


I would like to thank Terry and the guys, Mathieu Blanchette and David Jones from our supplier DIAWA for the motherboard bags used in the construction. Thanx guys, couldn't have done it without you. And thanx Mike from the store for setting me up with them.
funny what some puter geeks can do hehehe