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World a lá Grasshopper

Hello All,
I have finally updated this page after a couple years so the old stuff is at the bottom =)

I am now living in Scotch Hill BF Nowhere Nova Scotia..and loving it. The critters are happy (2 horses, 2 cats, 2 dogs, and a closet fulla canaries here at the ranch that we call Happy Acres here in BFville NS..(we even have a dog named Happy and the kites were all named Happy ...See appropiate pages, and if you think this is a run on sentance with way too many grammical errors and spelin and stuff..i this I have my RAMBLINGS page beat...and i wrote that years ago. <--finaly a PERIOD...whew!

Well anywhos... that was tiring. =)
Anyways things are great here and you can read the old news if you like. Will leave it here for postairity


I am a 30 something year old guy in Nova Scotia, I am not Joe...But I am Canadian. Living happily with my wench Hez aka Heather. There are all kindza stuff here that I add. So feel free to roam. Drop an email if ya want. I will answer if its not too stupid. And if it is. I will prob email a stupid thing back lol.
I have 2 horses names Amy and Sonic. There is a link to pictures of them at the bottom of the page. They are cool...PLUS!!!.. a pasture is a good place to fly kites. here is a pic of me and Amy Me and Amy


!!! KITES!!!!! I have started building kites and they are getting fancy he he he. Check out the link below!!!! NEW NEWS!!! the 64 celled tetraherial kite is put togetehr...looks good but i am doubtful abut iy flying. (structural integrity thingy with straws ans stuff) NEW NEWS!!! The big bastard flew. He never flew well (I needed a STEADY wind) But he will fly again. Its pretty cool to see it fly. A big flying pyramid made outta smaller pyramids made outta smaller pyramids. Pretty cool...There are pix and a movie on the kite link I just deletes the old crap outta here and will fill it in with new stuff. Hez is still with me..we are living happyly and all that crap. She makes a tres good wench.

Well as this page (site) progresses I feel that i must update all. I have added a Pix page and a PUMAMAN page. Pumaman being the stupidest, most lame movie i figger was ever created. I own the movie and have watched it at least a dozen times. It is that bad that it is hilarious. The link to that is below as well. It is big in Europe as i have recieved emails from a few over the pond.
And thank you for looking and reading my rather stupid ramblings.. It is all DRIVIL but if it were not for drivil....what would be the point?






My Trebuchet