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Fair Lawn High School
Alumni Center

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Burton, Don (added 7/14/00)
English Teacher 1992-1994
I've moved to sunny San Diego. Got tired of the snow and trying to run with tights on in the winter. Now I just work on my tan. Love to hear from any former students.

Friedman, Howard (added 10/24/06)
Chemistry and Physics Teacher 1983-2005
Hi, I'm living in South Florida and teaching Physics part-time in a fancy prep school. I miss FLHS, but not the winters. e-mail me if you want to catch up.

Heitmann, Jon (added 2/27/04)
Special Education 1994-present.
I am also the Offensive and Defensive Line Coach in Football and the Head Softball Coach.

Janosz, Dave (updated 1/2/06)
Technology Education 1996-2004
I would love to hear from former students!

Schleicher, Max (added 5/2/00)
University of California - Office of the President
Information Resources & Communications
Memorial 1960-63, High School 1963-65.

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