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The Class of 1980 is having its 30th year reunion. The event will take place on Saturday, April 24, 2010, from 7-11pm at The Best Western Fairfield Executive Inn, 216 Rt. 46E, Fairfield, NJ. The cost will be $94.50 per person. For more information, please visit the following online links:

Alumni Website:
Register for Reunion:
Hotel Info:
Benefit Concert Friday, 4/23:

Abdala, Kami (added 11/18/01)
Lambertville, NJ
Hi guys, can 20 years have really passed? Where have I been? Well, I never really left New Jersey, although I've traveled the world. I'm a researcher/grant writer for University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey. I've never married, having chosen serial monogamy (or did it choose me?). Anyhow, I'm the proud mother of a yellow Labrador and Jack Russell Terrier. I'd love to hear from fellow classmates; it makes me feel 'young' again. 

Agosta,Michael (updated 5/7/08)
Herndon, VA
Living the dream in northern VA. Just wondering if there was going to be a 30th reunion.

Antler, Amy (married name Graham) (added 4/13/00)
Carlsbad, CA
Hi everyone. I can't make the reunion this year, but I'd love to hear from my old classmates. I left NJ in 1987 and headed south to Florida for some sunshine and Jimmy Buffett music. I lived there for 10 years, got married, and had two daughters who are now 7 & 4. After that, we lived in the beautiful Sonoran Desert in Tucson, AZ, and we've finally settled in Southern California - Carlsbad (Home of Legoland!!). Drop me a line!

Bernhardt, Jeff (added 2/7/00)
Los Angeles, CA
I am out here in LA and looking for other alumni of the class of '80 (or any class between '78-'82). I'm doing work in education and social work and hope to see many of you at reunion.

Bojko, Janet (Married name: Bojko-Blackmon) (added 5/5/00)
Jacksonville, FL
Hi to all 1980 graduates. After spending 12 years in the Navy, (discharge due to medical reasons, back injuries from an auto accident), I live in Jacksonville Florida home of the Jaguars. I have a wonderful husband. I would enjoy hearing from any of you who may still remember me even though I haven't made it to any of the reunions. 

De Stefano, Domenic  (updated 10/20/98)
Gaithersburg, MD
Howdy fellow classmates! I have recently relocated to Washington, DC metro area. I work for the Department of Veterans Affairs, Central Office in Washington DC (Training Operations). Our office is two blocks from the White House, and I'm currently seeking an intern! Just kidding! I have been married since 1988 to my lovely wife, Ewa and have a beautiful three year old daughter Samantha. I am interested in hearing from fellow classmates, especially from fellow veterans who may need assistance in filing a claim for veteran's benefits. 

De Yonker, Karol (Married Name: Holley) (updated 3/21/05)
Palm Harbor, FL
Had a great time at the 20th reunion! It was so good to see so many friends from the past. I just wish I could have reunited with more. Hope everyone is happy and well! Feel free to drop me a line.

Feinman, David (added 4/23/06)
Northbrook, IL
It has been a long time since I have seen any of you. Looking for anyone that might remember me from the old days. Looking for a reconnect with my past. I still live in Illinois. I have 2 boys 12 and 9. Had a 14 yr marriage. Hope all the Alumni are well. When is the next Reunion?

Friedman, Judy (Married Name: Weingarten) (added 2/26/00)
Coral Springs, FL
I want to say hi to the class of 80 wishing all the best and hope to see everyone at the reunion. I am married with two children my son is 13yrs old and my daughter is 8yrs old. We live in South Florida with other classmates. Would love to hear from other classmates.

Gavrielli, Judith (Married Name: Migliaccio) (updated 5/10/05)
Paramus, NJ
I never left Bergen County, I started my family late in life, but it's by far the best thing that has ever happened. I am married to John Migliaccio, he works as an instructor at the Police Academy for the Department of Corrections. I am the Assistant Health Officer for the Borough of Paramus. I took off 1 year for maternity leave in 2002 and 2003, for my son Michael 2-1/2 and Sophia 1, and have recently returned back to work. Hope there will be a 25th year reunion, would like to hear from anyone

Goldstein, Barbara (Married Name: Sherman) (added 7/21/05)
Basking Ridge, NJ
Hi to all my fellow graduates. I have been living in Basking Ridge for over 19 years! My husband Gary and I have two daughters. Staci is 16 and Jodi is almost 12. The girls keep us on our toes and we love it!!!

Goldstein, Mitchell (added 12/26/05)
Montclair, NJ
Had a passion for music & entered the "biz" after college. Eventually went to work for Paul Simon on his concert tours from 90-95. Thru PS began working with great South African singing group Ladysmith Black Mambazo (listen to PS's "Graceland" CD for reference) & have been their Manager sinc
e. Get to travel the world & experience places & people I never could have imagined. If u see us coming to a city near u let me know & I'll hook u up for tix ( Am happily married to my wonderful Tex-Mex wife Lulis & we have a wonderful hairless cat named Lucy!

Graziano, Mike (GRAZ) (updated 5/23/01)
Downers Grove, IL
Sorry I couldn't make the 20 year reunion last year as my wedding was the same day. Our first son was born this past April 10th (and was immediately handed a Lacrosse stick--no pressure!). My wife and I are both making the adjustment to parenthood and enjoying it immensely. I hope this message finds all of you well.

Haft, Steve (updated 4/23/06)
Clayton, CA
Moved out to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2004 as the company I work for made me an offer I couldn't refuse, and no it didn't have anything to do with Tony Soprano. I work for a software company, CA, as Director of Business Development for North America Education. I am happily married to Julie and we have 2 sons, Teigan (12) and Cole (8). I was bummed I couldn't make the 20 year renunion, but only 4 more years until a 30th, wow. Drop me a line so I can hear what you have been up to!

Harelick, Steve (Steve Max - professional name) (added 3/25/03)
White Plains, NY

Hi, everyone. It's been 23 years since we graduated... sounds a little scary right? How about we just wait two more years and say "quarter of a century"? Yikes! Well, life is good. I've taken my high school hobby of entertaining and turned it into a career. I am known as Steve Max and I'm a professional Simon Sez leader. I do about 350 shows a year for corporate sales meetings, colleges, sporting events and more. In fact, I've bumped into some of you at gigs and it's always a blast! Highlights include a halftime show at the Meadowlands for a Jets game and an appearance on ESPN during Super Bowl 2002 ( My greatest accomplishments are my 14 year relationship with my wife/girlfriend and our two boys, presently 8 and 4 years old. I hope this message finds you well and in good spirits!

Harris, Steven J. (added 8/9/03)
Boston, MA
Wishing the FLHS Alumni all the best. I grew-up in Radburn on Arlington Pl. Went to Rutgers, Texas A&M and finally New Jersey Med School. In Boston since '96. Married to Elisa Choi from Randolph, NJ. Happiness to all!

Hartmann, Barry (added 3/27/01)
Succasunna, NJ
It was good to see everyone at the reunion. I'm working for a large tri-state electrical contractor as chief estimator in our NJ office. I've been married to Deirdre since May of 1988. We have 3 children, Brittany 10, Brian 4 and Jack 3. We tragically lost our son Kevin 6 years ago to SIDS at 5 1/2 months old, so we stay active in SIDS related fund raisers, etc. It's getting tougher to enjoy my own activities with the kids getting more involved in their own, but it's a good swap. I would be great to hear from anyone out there.

Hechler, Jill (married name Fowler) (added 1/4/2000)
Orlando, FL
After wandering down the yellow brick road for many years, I landed in Orlando, FL, where I've been practicing criminal law since 1995. I married the most wonderful man November 21, 1998. We share our home with 3 adorable pugs, while we work on having a child. My husband recently became a police officer. (a cop and a criminal lawyer, a dangerous combo). My sister Jodi (class of '76) lives in south 
Fla. with her husband Bob and three beautiful girls, ages 10, 7 and 3. I'm planning to attend the 20th reunion in April and would love to get in touch with old friends!!!

Hemmerich, Theresa K.  (married name: McAndrew) (added 2/7/00)
Brick, NJ
Living in Brick, NJ for the past 17 years. Divorced with two children; my daughter Lindsay, (14 going on 40!) and my son, Ian, (17). My son will be graduating in June of this year and heading right into the Marines! I met the love of my life here online and we plan on getting married in the future, (after being divorced - I'm in no hurry! chuckle!). I work for a Sport's Company and am enjoying my life! I would love to hear from old classmates, especially ones that attended Memorial Junior High in Fair Lawn, (had a lot of fun in those days!).

Kestin, Lynn (Married Name: Sessler) (added 4/26/00)
Edison, NJ

Klein, Leslie (Married Name: Moser) (added 3/21/00)
Hillsdale, NJ
Hi class! I got married in 1986 and have since had 3 kids, 11, 8, and 4. I am currently working part time at Blinds-To-Go on Rt 17 in Paramus. Come visit!

Kronemer, Barry J. (updated 9/27/07) 
Glen Rock, NJ 

Landi, James J. (added 2/23/09)
Maplewood, NJ 07040
Hello to anyone who may remember me? Hope all is well with everyone from my hometown.

Levy, Bruce J. (updated 10/18/04)
Fredericksburg, VA
I finally moved to Virginia (half way between DC and Richmond) in 2001. I am teaching Middle School Special Ed and I am local "semi-professional actor at area dinner theaters.

Marcus, Sharon (Married Name: Osowsky) (added 5/21/99)
East Brunswick, NJ
I would like to say "Hi" to my friends and fellow graduates of FLHS. For those of you I have not seen in years, I am still teaching and loving it. I am now a single parent to a beautiful and vibrant 7 year old girl. My siblings; Deborah (Debbie) (69), also a teacher, is a wonderful mother of 3 girls, one of which is getting married next year. My brother Richard (73), in the process of gaining his freedom, is a successful pediatrician and father of 2 teenage girls. My brother Harold (Hal) (75) runs and develops programs on chemical dependency. He is a devoted father of 3, 1 girl and 2 boys. I would love to hear from all. Just be sure to mention FLHS Alumni in your subject. 

Nagrod, Arlene 'Arnie' (married name: Kennedy) (added 6/9/01)
Chandler, AZ
After living in NJ for 35 years I decided to pursue my dream and go westward. I moved to Arizona 4 years ago and two weeks later (via AOL) met my wonderful husband Mike. Both on our second marriages, both with two children, we recently tied the knot on March 14, 2001. I work at Honeywell as a licensing administrator. Hope life has turned out well for all of you. Would love to hear from you!

Rothenberg, Debra L. (updated 6/18/01)
New York, NY
After living down the Shore in NJ for 17 years, I packed up and moved to Manhattan in March,1999. I am working as a freelance photographer for a variety of clients, including the NY Daily News as their concert photographer, and several Public Relation companies. As the youngest of 4 Rothenberg's (older brothers are Randy-class of '74, Craig, class of '76 and Stu, class of '78) I am an aunt 6 times. In October, I will marry the most wonderful man in the world, Philip Carvalho, a fellow photographer and pilot. It's true that all good things come to those who wait! 

Russak, Steve
Fort Lee, NJ
Looks like a pretty lame showing for the class of '80. I'm an industrial designer working at Smart Design where I'm a partner in NYC. Live with my wife and dog in Fort Lee. It's great bumping into people you knew years ago so give me a shout.

Scheer, Mark (added 1/4/04)
Fair Lawn, NJ
Living in Fair Lawn, own an aquarium installation and maintenance business, married with two girls. Would like to hear from anyone that I hung out with.

Sherak, Mona (married name: Binda) (updated 7/27/98)
Nashville, TN
My husband, Mark Binda, is the program director and research director of the CBS station here in Nashville (WTVF - newschannel 5). He is also the liaison to the CBS television network in New York. I teach 6th grade. We have lived here for 10 years. My brother, Ira (1987) draws the Nickelodeon cartoon, Rugrats. My sister, Robin, (1984) is a lawyer in NYC. 

Simon, Fran Irene (Married name Bayer) (added 9/11/00)
Minneapolis, MN
After moving to California and graduating from UCLA, I worked in Denver for Procter and Gamble. I moved back to northern California where I met my husband Dave Bayer. We moved to Minnesota in '92 and have 3 children ages 11, 8, and 4. I'm now a full time mom and I love it. I'm so glad I made it back to the 20 year reunion! It brought back such wonderful memories for me. Feel free to drop me a line. 

Reunions Unlimited is currently organizing a class reunion for the class of 1981. For more information you can contact them at: PO Box 150, Englishtown, NJ 07726. 732-617-1000 or FAX 732-617-8930. Their web site is: and e-mail:

The FLHS 1981 reunion committee of Joel Scheinzeit, Chris Finn, Cathy D’amico (Naugle), Maria Marone-Zotto and Mike Grisaffe is working to get contact information for all 1981 FLHS graduates. Please contact Chris Finn by e-mail: With any questions or contact information you may have. Also please pass this info onto any other FLHS ’81 grads you may still be in contact with.

The info regarding our FLHS reunion for the Class of 1981 is as follows:
Date: August 19, 2006
Location: Fair Lawn Athletic Club, 14-19 Parmelee Avenue, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410. The event is to be catered by Caputo’s Catering.
Please save the date!!

Brizek, Gerard (Gerry) (updated 5/16/01)
Pine Brook, NJ 
"What a long strange trip it has been". After trying to "find myself" I finally decided to attend computer school and I became a computer programmer and rose to the level of Senior Programmer/Analyst. Married in 1989 then annulled in 1991, married again in 1995 or should I say truly married. In 1995 I semi-switched careers and became an instructor at CHUBB Computer Services for three years. I then switched back to consulting in 1998 due to the "Y2K" crisis. At this point, my wife Lillian and I decided to adopt a little girl and went to Colombia, S.A., Rebecca just turned two. During these years (nine to be exact) I attended several colleges at night, the last of which was Montclair State, to earn my degree in business. In 2000, I switched back to what I enjoyed most and became a corporate instructor teaching computer programming. But the future looks grim for education in the I.S. world due to the "Recession" so consulting here I come, again.

Buff, Lori (added 11/16/05)
Atlanta, GA

It's hard to believe that it's been about 25 years since graduation. Where does the time go? Mine was spent going to Alfred University in Upstate NY. I later moved to Northern VA where I started my own business. I moved the business to GA where, after 5 years, I decided that 1 boss was better than many, so I closed the biz & started a career in Law Enforcement (if you can't beat 'em, join 'em). A physical disability forced me to switch to a computer related field, but it never stopped me from riding my motorcycle. I started the Atlanta Chapter of Dykes on Bikes over 10 years ago and the club is still going strong. I currently live with my partner, Alex, and our dog. When I'm not studying or rebuilding the house, I'm normally asleep in front of the TV. I'd love to hear from any old friends.

Busch, Linda (Married Name: Busch-Somach) (updated 3/16/06)
Staten Island, NY 
Hi everyone! I just heard about the reunion this coming August. Can it really be 25 years? How did we get this old? Since our last reunion I got married and recently became the proud adoptive mother to an absolutely gorgeous amazing 8 year old girl from Russia. We never in our wildest dreams thought our route to parenthood would take us to Russia two times but miracles do happen and there can be no doubt our family was made in heaven. When I am not busy in my private practice as a psychologist I am busy relearning 3rd grade math and running back and forth to ice skating lessons, gymnastics and all kinds of things I was never very good at myself. I look forward to hearing from old friends. 

Chinitz, Ruth Ann  (married name:  Kaiser) (updated 2/12/00)
Washington, DC
Living and working in Washington, DC, for the better part of the last 19 years! I spent some time in England in the mid-90s, came back to the States, and worked for a while on my own. Now I'm directing government relations for a national trade association. It's always fun to hear from other FLHS friends from the late 70s/early 80s.

Cingale, Stephen
Mahwah, NJ
Looking for anyone from the class of 1981. Where are you? What are you doing? Family? 

Doliton, Elaine (Married Name: Nosaka) (added 12/3/00)
Chantilly, VA
Hi Classmates! With our 20 year reunion coming up, I thought it would be a good idea to get  re-connected. I live in Northern Virgina, Washigton, D.C. region with my husband Keola (He is from Hawaii) and my beautiful daughter Arden Iwalani (she'll be 3 in January 2001). I'm an advertising account executive by day and mom and wife etc. etc. by night. I lived in Texas (yes Texas!) and Maryland before settling down in Northern Virginia in 1992. I have has various academic pursuits in all of the above! I would love to hear from anyone out there!

Eelman, Dave (updated 1/26/00)
Ft. Gordon (Augusta), GA
After almost 14 years and 3 overseas tours, I'm here in Augusta, GA (home of the Master's Golf Tournament) and serving Uncle Sam in the U.S. Army Signal Corps Band ( I'm looking forward to completing my 20-years and then possibly heading out to Texas and begin work on my Masters Degree at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and entering vocational ministry as a Minister of Music. No wife or kids yet, but not for a lack of trying; Maybe one day. Regards to all from the class of '81 and others I know. I'd love to hear from "y'all". Let me know if you ever pass through Augusta-we'll do lunch!

Etzel, Eric (added 9/2/00) 
5413 Burton Church Cove, Bartlett Tn 38134
I have been in the Navy for the past 14 years and am currently stationed in Elvis's hometown of Memphis TN. I have two beautiful daughters, Ashley who is 11 and Marianne who is 8. I am looking forward to seeing y'all at the re-union on May 19th. You will be seeing more info on that. God bless.

Fekete, Sharon (Maried Name: Aresta) (added 4/10/00)
Old Bridge, NJ
Married to Joe Aresta 18 yrs. Living the good life in Old Bridge N.J. very happily. Have 3 kids, Erika 16, John 13, Joe jr. 3. Playing Taxi-Mom, Daughter Dances (3 rd. in the Nation and very proud). Son a Travel Hockey Player. My other son goes with the flow. I hope everyone is fine and is as happy as I am.

Finn, Chris (added 7/27/98)
Woodland Drive, Lincroft, NJ 07738
Just wanted to say hello to FLHS alumni. Was wondering if there would be a 25th reunion for the class of '81??
See my home page at

Gitkin, Lisa (married name: Cirenza) (updated 7/24/00)
1-29-2 Hanegi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 156-0042 
Hi Everyone, It's great to read how well life's been treating the class of '81--at least those who have posted here... My life in a few lines since HS have been: college in Cal., worked as investment banker in NYC, Masters degree in Cal., married my beloved Peter (another banker), worked as Management Consultant in NYC, moved to NJ to have 4 children and teach assorted stuff and things, moved again in NJ (bigger house for all those kids), moved to London UK, moved again to a house we bought in London to "settle down," started graphics design business in time to pack up and move to Tokyo Japan. If you're in the neighborhood (i.e. Tokyo) please look me up (that is if I haven't moved!!!) Good luck and happiness to all........ 

Isaacs, Mitch (updated 3/3/2000)
Fair Lawn, NJ
Still in Fair Lawn with my lovely wife Jean and 2 beautiful daughters. Working for a living and surfing the Net. 

Karcher, Marcy (Married Name: Karcher-Ghirardi) (added 2/7/00)
Gloucester, Ma
Greetings to all of you from the class of 1981! I hope that you are well and happy! Since leaving FLHS, I went to college in Michigan and then the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia to obtain an AAS in Animal Science. I then went into the Military-Army for 8 years where I started out as an Animal Technician (enlisted) and then became an Officer (through OCS-Ft. Benning, GA) in the Transportation Corps. During my tenure in the Military I had the opportunity to live in Spain, Maryland and Virginia and to travel to Korea, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Portugal and Italy (gosh, was that hard work!). I met my West Point Graduate husband, John, during my last 2 years in the Army at Fort Eustis, Virginia. We left the military together, shortly after Desert Storm, and each went to our respective home states (he, MA; me, NJ-Rutgers) to get our Masters Degrees, and then regrouped in Massachusetts to start our lives together, get married, rent apartments, then buy a house in the beautiful coastal village of Lanesville in Gloucester, MA! We love our 1850 home and have 2 kitties, Cleo and Caesar....they would be our children at this point in time though plans for 'real' children (or at least a real child) are now in our horizon. We love to travel, ski, kayak, mountain bike, run and work out together. My individual pleasures including making and selling jewelry (For my ArtBlooms Web Site-created by John, see, reading, gardening and playing with my 'children.' I have been working in health care administration since leaving the Army. My current position is with the Division of Medical Assistance of MA as the Quality Director of the Managed Care Organization Program. Best Wishes to All of You! It's wonderful to know that you are out there and that Life has been good to you.

Kaye, Heidi (added 9/2/00)
Bath, England
Hi! I’ve been living in England since I graduated from Georgetown. I studied at Oxford during my Junior Year Abroad and fell in love with the country and my partner, Paul. I returned to do my master’s and doctorate in English at Oxford, then for seven years was a professor of English and Women’s studies at De Montfort University in Leicester, doing research on everything from Jane Austen to the X-Files. I wanted a change from academia, so last year I started working for a  software company in Bath, writing and delivering training materials, traveling all around Britain and Ireland. Paul is a physics professor at Bath University, and we’ve lived together now for 15 years. We have two beautiful cats, and are starting to think about kids now. This website is a great idea – I’ve enjoyed virtually catching up with so many of you. I’m looking forward to next year’s reunion!

Kissane, Ellen M. (Married Name: Rosenberg) (updated 3/8/01)
Fair Lawn, NJ
Still living in Fair Lawn. I'm married to Mike Rosenberg also from Fair Lawn. We have two boys Anthony 15 and Danny 13 who keep us very busy. I'm an RN at Barnert Hospital. Drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you.

Klein, Steve (updated 1/11/01)
Portland, OR
In December 2000 we gave up trying to find a decent-sized house for under $1 million and moved from Berkeley, California to Portland, Oregon. My wife, two boys, dog, and I now live in the outskirts of the city in a wonderful, wooded community only minutes from the downtown. I'm now telecommuting and loving the flexibility and relaxed work atmosphere. For the last 7 years I've been working as a senior analyst for an educational policy research group based in Berkeley; I spend much of my time managing contracts, writing policy papers, crunching statistics, and working with federal and state policymakers to improve secondary education.

Kolodney, Larry (updated 7/27/06)
Cambridge, MA
After 5 years at MIT, I decided there was more to life than being a computer geek. So I went to Harvard Law School (just in time to miss the internet boom) so I could save the world instead. The world did not cooperate. I ended up practicing union-side labor law in NYC. Hated it. Moved back to Cambridge, MA in 1994 to clerk for a federal judge. I am now practicing intellectual property law in Boston at Fish & Richardson, P.C. (see my picture at Married Heather Nelson in 1998. Our son Nathan Daniel was born on October 10, 2000, and daugher Sophia Louise on February 1, 2003. They are a delight. Pix at

Kossak, Paula (married name Argenio) (Added 7/8/99)
Cornwall on Hudson, NY
Currently living in Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York with husband and soulmate Andrew, and Lucy-the-Wonderdog (a half-beagle, half-basset hound who can howl with the best of 'em!) No babies yet, but we're hopeful that will change soon. Currently working as Director of Web Operations for Dun & Bradstreet, after about 10 years writing propaganda - brochures, direct mail, advertising and the like - for a couple of different companies. Now I lead a team of folks who design, create and publish Web content; we engage in strategy, design, promotion, writing and editing for Web-based sales and marketing projects. Like everything it's sometimes fun, sometimes tedious. The personal front continues to be busy. I still enjoy pottery and creative writing (12 pages of a novel are sitting on my PC just waiting to blossom), plus we like to camp, canoe, mountain bike, hike and even scuba dive when we have the time. We're currently working with an architect to renovate and expand a house originally built in 1850 that sits on a pretty acre in the heart of the village. My folks still live in Fair Lawn half the year, so I get back home several times a year. It has changed, but it's still oh so familiar. Looking forward to our 20th reunion! Classmates, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

Lawlor, Terri (Married Name: Kolodziej)
Dumont, NJ
Married with three daughters, Katie age 10, Kelly age 8, and Karli age 3. I'm now a Domestic Engineer and loving it!! I do the Harper Valley PTA thing, coach cheerleading and I'm also a Girl Scout Leader (this is funny because I got thrown out of Brownies when I was a kid!). Would love to hear from old classmates.

Liss, Kenneth (added 4/6/01)
Red Bank, NJ
After highschool I lived in Encinitas, CA, basically a surfing bum for 6yrs before returning to NJ. I attended Hunter College in NYC where I met my lovely wife Stacy, married now 10 years, we have a beautiful daughter Ruby, 4yrs old. I finally found a "career" in the computer field, I currently work as a helpdesk analyst for Siemens Medical Systems in Iselin, NJ. I have been living in Red Bank for the past 4 years, its a happening town plus its only 20minutes from the beach...I still have the surf bug and go surfing any chance I get even in the winter. I am in Fair Lawn often as my father and brother still reside there. I hope everyone from the class of 81 is doing well.

Lutins, Allen (added 7/14/06)
Johnson City, NY
After graduating high school I obtained degrees from Rutgers University and Binghamton University, and became a professional archaeologist for 14 years. In 2000, I settled down to marry, and obtained work as a computer hardware technician. Seven years later I changed professions again, to EMI (electromagnetic interference) technician. By night, I'm a professional musician; playing mostly klezmer (with The Mitzfits), Medieval (with Musica Universalis) and folk music (Celtic, Bluegrass, Old Time, Scandinavian, etc.). My primary instruments are guitar, clarinet and Irish whistles. More about my life can be gleaned from my web page at

Martin, Phil (added 11/7/00) 
183 Barracuda Rd - Manahawkin, NJ 
Hello Class of 81'. Hope to see you at the reunion whenever that is. Married now for 10 years to Denise from Lodi and we have 4 beautiful daughters - Jessica 6, Nicole 5, Shannon 2, Michelle 7 months. We just left Fair Lawn in June of this year. We had a house built in Manahawkin which is near LBI. Guy Graziano lives down here too. I work as a System Analyst for a construction company. If you're ever in the area stop in. Would love to hear from the street hockey boys and fellow classmates. Hope all is well and see you soon.

Mendes, George (updated 10/24/00) or
Okinawa, Japan 
31st MEU, Unit 35621
FPO, AP 96606
After a four year fun-filled enlistment in the U.S. Navy (stationed in Bermuda, no less), I left to pursue my education. I graduated from the Moody Bible Institute (B.A.) in 1988 and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div) in 1992. Yes, I am an ordained Southern Baptist minister from NJ (great conversation piece) and on active duty again as a Navy chaplain. I just transferred to Okinawa, Japan as the chaplain for the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit. Oooh Rah! I love my job and can't believe they pay me for doing this! Most likely, I will not be able to attend our 20th class reunion due to my unit's operational schedule. But keep me posted anyway. I would enjoy hearing from y'all. God bless! 

Morone, Maria (Married Name: Morone-Zotto) (updated 3/27/05)
Fair Lawn, NJ  
Hello class of 81. After attending our 20 year class reunion reunited my future husband, Dominic Zotto. We got married May 21, 2004 and recently bought a house in Fair Lawn. I am working as a hairstylist and hair colorist in Ridgewood, NJ. I am also a part time exercise instructor. I am recently a five year survivor of colon cancer. I spend a lot of my spare time riding my motorcycle and I ride with a women's motorcycle group called the Riding Divas. I hope my fellow classmates find themselves happy and healthy. I am looking forward to our next reunion.

Moses, Steven (added 2/25/01)
Beachwood, OH
After living nearly everywhere including Norwalk CT and sunny Huntington Beach CA, I think I've finally "settled down" in suburban Cleveland with Stacy, my wife of 10 years and our two wonderful kids, Beth (6) and Adam (3 1/2). Haven't bought that minivan yet.  Life is great but I lost my battle with male pattern baldness. I work for Oracle, travel alot, and regularly visit NJ. Even though I've lost touch with many, would love to hear from FLHS alums.  

Nyman, Steve (added 5/20/00)
Denville, NJ
Married 9 years 3 Kids Justine 8, Jared 4, Jordan 2. Last ten years working for myself as a Caricaturist for parties and events.

Rogers, Andrew "Drew"
Houston, TX
I moved away about a week after graduation and moved to Houston Texas and have been here since. My wifes name is Carla, working on 8 years. A son Jordan (5), and a daughter Taylor (4). My wife works in radio and has ro 17 years. I on the other hand own my own Direct Mail business. Catalyst Direct Marketing. We mail to targeted consumers and business, if I could help anybody feel free to call 281-955-9053. As you can see I have been very busy since 1981. I sure do miss Fair Lawn But iI am planted here for now , hope this finds every one in Fair Lawn happy and healthy. GOD BLESS TO ALL.

Rubenstein, MD, Sidney C.  (updated 1/2/06)
Lexington, MA
Wow: It's been nearly 25 years since we graduated high school - - and since I left New Jersey for good and moved to a tiny conservative corner of The People's Republic of Massachusetts. Don't the years just fly by? 8 years in our home in the Historic District; 10 years since Simon was born; 11½ years since Shayna was born, 12½ years since Susan and I were married and 16½ years as a surgeon. I am a urologist - - a doctor version, in equal parts, of cutter; seamstress; plumber; teacher; writer; artist, shrink and businessman. It is exhausting, but always interesting. If you want to know what my adolescence was like, pick up a copy of The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green, by Joshua Braff. Sad, ... but true. Please come up and visit us in Lexington on Patriot's Day - the third Monday in April. It's quite a show!

Salomon, David A. (added 1/19/06)
Troy, New York
Hello all. I am currently living in Troy, NY, with my wife and 2 1/2 year old daughter. After earning my PhD in English at the Univeristy of Connecticut, I taught for five years at Black HIlls State University in Spearfish, SD. In the summer of 2004 we moved to Troy where I am the Chair of the Department of English and Modern Languages at Russell Sage College, a four year women's college in Troy, NY. I'd love to e-mail with folks from our class, and I'm wondering if we're having a 25 year reunion.

Scelzo, Arnold (Arnie) (updated 2/9/04)
Maywood, NJ
Hi everyone! Still in Maywood N.J. with my wife Julie and kids Samantha (9) and Steven (8). Went back to work after being stay-at-home-dad for 7 years. Working as a senior architectural draftsman for a firm in Saddle Brook N.J. and taking my licensing exam this year. Hope to hear from you soon! Arnie

Schall, Mark (updated 9/29/05)
New York, NY
I currently live in NYC, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. I came back to this area after spending a few years in Western PA, near Pittsburgh, for graduate school, and then moving to the Baltimore/DC area with my career. I enjoy my life as Training Consultant and a Personal Counselor (couples, career, individual). I'm currently single and barring any stupid and discriminatory right-wing motivated desecrating amendments to our nation's constitution, I'll be married someday!. My extra curricular activities include performing several concerts a year at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center with the New York City Gay Men's Chorus, as well as performing stand-up comedy (you may have seen me at "the Comic Strip"!) I volunteer as a Crisis Counselor at an LGBT Crisis center here in NY and as a Hotline Counselor at the Gay and Lesbian National Hotline. If you happen upon this listing, and you're someone I know (or we used to know each other) please e-mail me. I'd love to hear from you! Hope all is well with my fellow FLHS Alumni.

Schatzberg, Alan (added 8/10/00)
Edgewater, NJ
I've been following my entrepreneurial spirit and continue to play the drums in the spare time I usually don't have. Married in 1989...divorced in 1994...about to do it again Sept. 10, 2000. I'm still in contact with a number of high school friends. Looking forward to seeing some familiar faces at our 20th reunion...if we have one.

Schwartz, Donna (Married Name: Zysman) (added 10/6/00)
Fair Lawn, NJ
Still living in Fair Lawn with husband Warren also of the class of '81. We have 2 beautiful children, Michael, 8 and Alexa,2. I own my own Pampered Chef business and Warren owns a family construction business with his brothers. We run around all the time with Michael's sports and Alexa just kind of tags along for the ride. Hope everyone is well!

Schwartzberg, Lee (aded 8/17/99)
Warwick, NY
What a great resource to have stumbled upon. Here's my life in a nutshell. Attended U. of Vermont, moved to Miami in 1985, moved back home in 1987 (parents had moved to Mahwah, so home was no longer FL - boohoo). Since 1987, I've worked for the outdoor retailer Campmor, Inc. I head up the catalog production, advertising and internet development departments. The job keeps me busy. My husband, Barry, and I are in the process of purchasing a larger house, on 42 very private acres, in the beautiful town of Warwick, NY. We have no human children, but we do have 2 dogs and 4 cats. Hopefully, within the next few years, we'll be able to add a few horses to that list. Always was, and continue to be an outdoor enthusiast - so the acreage is something we're really looking forward to. Keep me posted on reunions, and the like.

Seid, David (added 6/21/00)
Bethesda, MD
After high school went off to Drew University and then law school in Washington, D.C. at Catholic University. Since then have worked as an attorney at the national labor relations board. Married and have 1daughter.

Talty, Thaddeus W. (updated 8/28/03)
Ringwood, NJ
Living in Cupsaw Lake area on top of the Ramapo Mountains since 2000, still on my first marriage (Sharon Bogush '81 PCHS), still on my first career (marketing research), 3 of the best children (Colleen, Kevin & Connor), dog, bird, fish, lizard. It's all good.

Weiss, Laura  (added 6/20/99)
Portland, OR
After living and working in D.C. for 5 years post college, I headed west for graduate school. Got my Master of Public Health from UC-Berkeley and then worked for the State Department of Ecology in Olympia, WA for 6 years. Early last year I went back to public interest work, taking a job as the Pesticide Program Director for the Oregon Environmental Council, where I get to work with a lot of cool people committed to protecting the environment here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. And I am happily single and child-less.

Weisz, Jon (added 11/18/03)
Corpus Christi, TX
Hey everyone!! Long time no hear. For the past 18 years now I have lived in South Texas (North Mexico). I have been married for the past 4 years to a wonderful lady. Her name is Lynelle. I am an elementary Special Education Teacher and love every minute of it. Although we have no children at this point, I do have three from a previous marriage. Lynelle and I, besides both teaching, are foster parents to four boys, ages 3,4,15, and 16. In about two weeks, we will be adopting the 4 year old, then the 3 year old in about 6 months. Time is flying by. Keep in touch!!!!!!

Wolfe, Laureen  (married name: Vinicombe) (added 11/24/98)
Lawrenceville, NJ
I have been living in the Lawrenceville/Ewing NJ area for over 10 years! Married to a wonderful husband for 5 years. Let's see, I presently have my own business and loving it. I would so much like to attend a class reunion. Any rumor of one coming up? Would love to hear from some of you out there. Wishing you well. 

Yudman, Alan (added 3/7/00)
North Hollywood, CA
After graduation I moved to California with my family. I graduated from California State University Northridge with a BA in Journalism. Since 1987 I've lived and worked in Montana, Colorado, Idaho and Washington pursuing a career as a TV News Producer. I am now at the Fox TV station here in L.A., where I produce our morning show, Good Day L.A. I am not married (yet), though not for a lack of trying. It's great to see how happy and successful we all are! Hope to see you at a reunion.

Zitman, Harold  (updated 3/28/06)
Lyndhurst, NJ
Well since my last After graduation, I am back to being an educator. I have been a Special needs teacher at a High School in Hudson County. I teach English and Writing skills. I am also married to a wonderful woman, Karen. We got married on December 26, 2004. We went on our Honeymoon to Hawaii, and it was fantastic! We live in Lyndhurst, and we are very happy. I hope the class of 1981 is doing well, and hope to see you all soon.

Reunions Unlimited is currently organizing a class reunion for the class of 1982. For more information you can contact them at: PO Box 150, Englishtown, NJ 07726. 732-617-1000 or FAX 732-617-8930. Their web site is: and e-mail:

Artale, Regina (Married Name: Francke) (updated 5/23/2002)

Plymouth, MA
Hi everyone! Wow, where did twenty years go?? I've been living in Massachusetts for twelve years now, but my heart will always be in Fair Lawn! I have been married for almost fifteen years and have seven beautiful children, ages 13, 12, 10, 8, 5, 3 and 5 months. Looking forward to seeing everyone at our reunion!

Bachrach, Joshua (updated 11/5/05)
Sewell, NJ
It has been a while since I visited this site. I am still married to Michelle (ten years) and now have two sons, Brad (born 12/98) and Mathew (3/04). I am a partner at Rawle & Henderson, the nation's oldest law firm, located in Philadelphia, PA. I specialize in ERISA/employee benefits litigation.  

Buxbaum, Melissa (Married Name: Feldmesser) (added 2/28/01) 
Fair Lawn, N.J. 
I am currently living in good ol' Fair Lawn via N.Y.C., and Chicago. I moved out to Chicago as a Senior Manager for Bloomingdale's after working as a Coordinator for Bloomingdale's and Jones NY in N.Y.C. I have been married to my wonderful husband, Larry for  nine years and we have two very cute daughters, Emily, 7, and Jane, 4. I am a stay-at-home mom, Brownie Leader and P.T.A. V.P. I have recenlty joined the crusade against Breast Cancer by doing the Avon Three Day Walk and rolling out a Breast Cancer awareness program to the Jr's at the High School. Reading all the bio's has peaked my interest and would love to hear from everyone. I hope life has been good to the class of '82.

Campbell, Joseph (added 6/12/01)
Waldwick, NJ
Since graduating from Denver Automotive and Diesel College in March of '84, I have been working as a Class A mechanic for APA Truck Leasing - The New York Times. When I'm not working, I like to spend time motocross riding, bicycling, and beaching on Martha's Vineyard. I also enjoy researching the history of steam locomotives used throughout the US. I'd like to hear from some fellow classmates, so feel free to drop me a note to say hi.

Caramanna, Susan (married name Devine) (added 3/2/01)
Ridgewood, NJ
Hope everyone is doing well. I just learned about this site from Melissa B, and think it is great. I am married to James, a union carpenter, and I have been selling real estate now for 10 years. I work at Weichert Realtors. If anyone would like to inquire about purchasing a home or a rental, please call me. 201-794-7722. I have one daughter, Julia Rose, 4 years old. Hope to hear from you. 

Carroll, Christian (added 8/9/03)
Haddam CT
After High school I played music and worked the odd job for a number of years. When I got bored with that I decided to go back to school and now I'm a rocket scientist. I have a BS in Aerospace and Aeronautical Engineering and an MS in Applied Aerodynamics. While in grad school I helped design airfoils for Formula 1 and CART series race cars as well as various aircraft from Aerovironment and Scaled Composites. I'm currently working for Pratt and Whitney designing jet engines. I live in Haddam, Connecticut. After a little over 10 years in the mid west it is nice to be back on the East Coast.

Cuneo, Patricia  (updated 3/21/05)
Lanoka Harbor, NJ
Hello to everyone! Since graduating from Villanova University grad school (I got my MSN in Anesthesia), I've been doing anesthesia for open heart surgeries in southern Jersey. My whole family transplanted down to Ocean County years ago! In fact, it turns out that they leveled the house that I grew up in on River Road to build yet another strip mall. (Doesn't the world have enough of them already???) I married my husband 3 years ago (he's from the shore), and just over one year ago, we had our first baby (little boy named Ian). (I guess 40 is NOT too old to start a family!) I can honestly say that I've finally found what makes life worth living. I hope you all have been able to do the same. Godspeed.

Del Favero, Lisa (married name Elwood) (added 7/22/00)
South Brunswick, NJ
Married with kids . . . as the saying goes. I have been married for 11years and have been blessed with two wonderful boys, 6 and 3. I'm a full-time mom and part-time freelance copy editor. Running a business from home is great; I highly recommend it. I keep busy with my boys and work and am involved with adoption advocacy (my youngest was adopted) and a postpartum depression support group. I keep in touch with a small group of high school friends and visit Fair Lawn often, because my mom still lives there. Life is good. I hope it's getting around.

Dennis, Rita (Married Name: Riehl) (added 2/25/06)
Oakland, NJ
Hi y’all, hope everyone reading this is doing well and ready for my new life story. Four years has gone by since I entered my information and thought it was time for an update. OK, so these days, I am living with the father of my youngest child, who is a great guy and sells used furniture at a store in Clifton, NJ. I am working part-time as a counter person at a busy bagel shop in Rochelle Park, NJ. But seriously folks, not much has changed, other than now being forty-something, my children are now 8 and 6, our home has been knocked down and rebuilt and best of all, I am planning my husband’s 50th birthday surprise which somehow has to include Bruce Springsteen coming to our house and performing an acoustic set in the backyard…wish me luck!

Engel, Jill (Married Name: Kittredge) (added 3/27/01)  
2887 SW 22nd Circle #49A, Delray Beach, FL 33445
I'm a 3rd grade teacher here in sunny South Florida. I've been here for 12 years and have been happily married for 3 years. 

Ferreira, Virginia (Married Name: Goerg) (added 1/1/03)
Fair Lawn, NJ
I have been married to my husband Larry for 14 years. We have 3 terrific children Trevor 13, Timothy 7 and Haley 4. We lived in Ramsey for 6 years and then moved back to Fair Lawn and decided to stay. Bought a cute Cape Cod on the same block that I grew up on! Can't believe it, but at least I knew it was a good neighborhood. It is just weird to have my kids have the same teachers that I did!! I have had many careers, Exectutive Secretary, Director of Preschool and after my second child I became a full-time Mom. Now that the kids are getting older, I have decided to become a Pampered Chef Consultant and will be starting to write and illustrate children's books. (Interested in purchasing any Pampered Chef products? Please e-mail me.) It was great to see everyone at the 20th reunion. Please more people try to go to the 30th. It was so much fun!

Fig, Bill (added 2/19/07)
West Caldwell, NJ
Sorry I missed the last reunions, but am happy to say I'm finally getting out of jail this year in June so will be able to make the reunion in July...(just kidding...of course). I'm married and have 3 lovely children now, Sydney (2), and twins Brooke and Owen were just born 11/14/06. We're all doing well. I was living back in Fair Lawn for a while (by Brookdale Park area), but sold our house in Fair Lawn 2 years ago and bought a new construction in West Caldwell. I still play pick up ice hockey once a week and in a summer league in Hackensack. I work in computer field in Time Square NYC. Hope all 1982's are well out there.

Fitzgibbon, Karyn (Married Name: Borkowski) (added 5/27/04)
Highland Lakes, NJ
Wow can you believe we're 40 this year?!!! Well you can tell by my last name that I married Fred Borkowski, we've been married for 15 years and have three wonderful boys, 12 year old twin boys, Eric and John and Wayne is 9. I worked at Toys 'R' Us since H.S. as an executive secretary and left when I had the twins. I work PT now at a collections agency so I can still be home with the boys. Fred is an elevator mechanic. We've lived in Highland Lakes for 9 years and love it up here!! We're kinda near Mountain Creek. Send us an e-mail to say HI!

Goodman, David (updated 1/31/07)
Paramus, NJ
It is hard to believe that 25 years have passed so quickly. Life takes many twists and turns. Along the way, some things never change. Since my 2001 update, there have been some changes and some things have stayed the same. I am still in the same house in Paramus with my wonderful wife, Hope, who has been a rock of stability through the good and bad.
We now have 4 amazing daughters, Miri and Rivke are 6 year old twins, Laili is 3 1/2 and Sari is 8 months. I am still the managing partner of the Fair Lawn CPA firm my Dad started and am proud to include some of our fellow classmates as clients or contacts. My areas of expertise are closely held businesses and dental practices. I am still involved in many local and national charities. I have led a group of volunteers to New Orleans to help clean up after Katrina and will be heading down again at the end of April 2007.

Gordon, Stefanie (Married name: Bertelsen) (updated 6/19/07) (home computer)
Rancho Cordova, CA
Wow, it's has now been 25 years and I am now looking forward to our July reunion. I have been living in California since May of 1984 due my Dad's job relocation. I live near the Sacramento area. I got married to Eric in 1993 and my Shirley Temple look alike daughter Alyssa will be 6 in August. We also have a mixed terrier who is like our son who is almost 10. I received a Bachelor's degree in Health and Safety from California State University, Sacramento in 1996 and have been working for the State of California for 21-1/2 years. I have been working as an analyst since 2000. I have gone back to NJ a few times and enjoyed our 10 and 20 year reunions. We all had some wonderful times then! I am really hoping to move back home someday. Hopefully by our 30th! Let's all be healthy and safe & take good care of yourselves and your families!

Graziano, Robert (added 3/27/01) 
Lincoln Park, NJ 
Hi everybody, glad I came across this site. After graduating from Roger Williams Univ. in R.I., I moved back home to good old Fair Lawn.  Started working in the construction industry as an architectural aluminum sales rep. Moved to Wayne and was married. Spent a few years in Pompton Plains and now I live in Lincoln Park, NJ. The marriage hasn't worked out, but I have a wonderful and beautiful daughter, Courtney . She's ten years old now. I now work in West Orange in the construction products industry as an area sales manager. I keep in touch with a few of my friends  from FLHS, but there is a lot more I would love to here from. I travel a lot and my work takes me around the country from time to time, I'd love to see some of my old friends. I hope everyone is doing well, lets talk! 

Hochkeppel, Todd M. (added 10/20/03)
Ellicott City, MD.
I work in the video and television industry. I write, direct and produce programs for museums, educational institutions, corporations and television. I am currently working on a children's television program about the importance of exercise, health and nutrition. As a member of AFTRA/SAG, I still do a bit of acting. I live in Ellicott City, MD which is inbetween Baltimore and Washington, D.C. I married my wife Debi in 1988. We have two daughters, ages 7 and 5, and one son age 2.

Isbitts, Robert (added 8/28/00) 
3999 Pinewood Lane Weston, FL 33331
Would never have believed it would be so easy to catch up with old friends! Completed undergrad at SUNY Albany and MBA at Rutgers. Married Dana Rosen of Oceanside NY in 1992. Worked on Wall Street from 1986-97 (most recently at  Morgan Stanley and DLJ), developing an investment client base in Florida while working out of NYC. Decided to move closer to my clients, and did so 1997 (we're near Fort Lauderdale). Left DLJ in 1998 to open my own firm (Emerald Asset Advisors). Dana and I have two kids (daughter Jordann born 1996, son Tyler born 1998 -- both have my height, so they outgrow their clothes quickly). Parents now live about 45 minutes from us in Boynton Beach, FL and enjoy retirement. Life has never been better! As high school graduation now marks the exact midpoint of our lives to date, its enjoyable to hear what all of you are up to.

Julius, Marc L.  (added 2/17/2000)
Parsippany, NJ
After graduating from Rutgers College in 1987 with a degree in Computer Science, I moved to California, where I lived for six wonderful years. I spent most of my time working in the defense industry and found myself the victim of an industry down-turn in 1993 (a peace-dividend). I moved back to New Jersey and now work for ADP, Inc. in Roseland, as the head of a start-up support group for our development project. I live in Parsippany with my wife Patti and am the very proud Uncle of eight nieces and nephews! I would love to hear from all of you fellow FLHS graduates and I am looking forward to our 20th (ugh!) reunion in 2002.

Katter, Steve (SKAT) (added 8/13/07)
New Jersey

Komito, Ellyn (Married Name: Komito-Casey) (added 7/21/05)
Wayne, NJ

After graduating high school, I fell into the medical field, mostly hospitals, doing inpatient and outpatient registrations and then learning medical transcription. I did that for a number of years at different hospitals and radiology facilities. I finally settled on office management where I worked for a pulmonary doctor for 13 years. I've been married since 1996 and have lived in Wayne since 1997. In May 1999, we had our twins Kyle and McKenzy. I stopped working and became a stay-at-home mom. I was going to start working again this past September 2004, since the twins were now in full day Kindergarten. But to our surprise, that wouldn't be happening again for another few years. My son Trey was born on 1/20/05. Would love to hear from anyone from Fair Lawn that still remembers me.

Kuper, Ron (updated 7/13/01)
Arlington, MA
Living happily in Arlington, MA with my wife Maureen and 2 daughters, Emma and Louisa. I've been working at Cakewalk (music software) for the last 7 years.

Lewis, Deborah (Married Name: Kerby) (added 2/7/02)
Brodheadsville, PA (near Stroudsburg)
I am happily married 13 years and living in the country with my husband and two children: Jeff born 1985 and Jacqueline born 1992. After many years of working with computers in the business world I am teaching at a school for troubled and learning disabled kids, aged 5 to 21.

Lipscher, Gene D. (updated 9/27/04)
Jupiter, Florida
In 2003, I started my own law firm specializing in commercial and civil litigation. I’m happily married and have three kids that all look like their mother (which is a good thing).

Miele, Michele (Married Name: Timlin) (added 9/19/02)
Manahawkin, NJ

Wow, 20 years. Well, I certainly don't feel that old. Heard about the page from Carolyn D. and she's not even on here. Lived in Fair Lawn until 1996. Moved and bought a home near the beautiful beaches of Long Beach Island. Married Mark Timlin (Fairl Lawn class '79) have two daughters, Amanda, 12 and Nicole 10. Two boys, bichon frises, Newman and Cosmo. I've been working part-time as an aid in the school system here and at a pediatrician's office. Start nursing classes in October at an elder care center. I figure seniors are like children at the other end of the life cycle. I am looking forward to this rewarding work. Go back to Fair Lawn occasionally to visit and get a decent bagel, cannot get over the congestion and those condos on Rt 208! Peace to all.

Nalick, Debbie (Married Name: Shaw)
Fair Lawn, NJ

Nelson, Vicki (Married Name: Victoria L. Gonzalez) (added 7/8/00)
Fair Lawn, NJ
Married, three beautiful boys, Rafael age 7, Paul age 4 and Alexander age 18 months. Spent 15 super years a Nabisco in product development and when my third son came along, became a full time Domestic Engineer. Just went live with my personalized children's books web site: Love it!

Nerenberg, Jonathan (added 5/12/01)
La Costa, CA
Have been in San Diego since completing Grad School at the Univ of Arizona in 1990 and presently live on the coast about 35 miles from downtown. Married to Cathy (9/94) and have two children; Max (4/96) and Rachel (2/98). I work in the computer industry and am looking forward to the 2002 reunion. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading fellow alumni submissions....thanks!

Nunn, Christine E. (added 3/13/01)
New Jersey
Hi everybody! Sue Devine (Caramanna) told me about this. Interesting to see what everybody is doing. Me? After college, and a stint as a newspaper editor, I would up getting involved in the non-profit sector. Currently, I am the development director at a domestic violence shelter in Manhattan. Bought a log cabin near High Point, and get the heck out of the city every weekend I can. I've spent as much time as I could traveling. Later this month, it is off to South Africa for a few weeks.

Plavier, Cindy (married name Truitt) (added 3/12/01)
Baltimore, MD
Hi everyone! Heard about the site from Melissa Buxbaum and was excited to hear what everyone was doing! I have been living in Baltimore MD since I graduated high school. Received a BA and an MA degree from Goucher and a post masters degree from Hopkins. Working as a director of a behavioral healthcare and rehabilitation company. Married for 7 years. Still dancing and having a blast! Would love to hear from others.

Rubin, Jill (married name: Siegel) (updated 3/11/08)
Tuxedo Park, NY
It was great to see what everyone is up to! Hope you are all doing well. Summary since HS: attended NYU and went on to get my MFA at Columbia University in Directing/Theatre. Worked in the Theatre and TV/Film industry. During grad school I met my husband Andy. We have a wonderful daughter - Sophie - who turns 10 this year. I have been teaching Acting, Directing and misc. Theatre classes. My best wishes to you all!

Schochet, Peter (updated 3/24/99)
Plano, TX
I am currently a Pediatric Pulmonologist living in Plano, Texas (a suburb of Dallas) with my wife Barbara and my three children Jordan age 6, Morissa age 2 and Noah age 6 months. Life in Texas is good. Plenty of cowboys both real such as Troy Aikman, et al, and the kind that ride horses.

Siegel, Roy (added 4/9/02)
Portland, OR
Just found this site, hope it lives. Went from UMass to SF bay area, got MS at Berkeley (where they play street hockey on tennis courts), then on to Portland, Oregon, a really great place. Married Heidi in '90, first wonderful child Ian is turning 1. He is a riot. Engineer and then manager in hi-tech, currently taking a relaxing break. Still a Flyers fan, haven't touched the trombone in two decades.

Stenzler, Robin (Married Name: Post) (added 2/26/01)
Pinellas Park, FL
From Fair Lawn, went to U of Florida, then to Atlanta, then to Philadelphia, then back to Florida. I've been married 9 years. We live in Tampa Bay with 2 beautiful girls, Elana 5 1/2 and Traci 4 1/2. (They are 14 months apart.) I used to work in corporate training (on computer systems), but I am now a full-time mom. My husband, Jimmy is a cardiologist and keeps very busy in Florida. I have fond memories of Fair Lawn, but don't get back there since my parents moved to Florida 2 years ago.

Washeleski, Suzanne (Married Name: Lucibello) (updated 12/10/03)
Fair Lawn, NJ

I have been married to my husband John for 13 years. We have two beautiful kids, Catherine 5 yrs. and Jack 3 yrs. We moved back to Fair Lawn 11 years ago. Since having my daughter, I've been a stay at home mom. Before that I was an education manager at a computer software company. The 20th reunion was a lot of fun; and I hope to see more of you at the 30th.

Reunions Unlimited is currently organizing a class reunion for the class of 1983. For more information you can contact them at: PO Box 150, Englishtown, NJ 07726. 732-617-1000 or FAX 732-617-8930. Their web site is: and e-mail:

Bryan, Bart (added 1/24/02)
Reedsport Or.
Its been a long time. I have seen some of you doun in California when I was in the Coast Guard since then I moved up to Oregon and work at the local hospital dietary department. I am married with one son almost 12. I am hoping to make it to the reunion but will see what the future brings. I wish everyone well.

Cramer, Michael (updated 7/16/00)
Sparta, NJ
After 16 years away from Jersey I moved back and now living In Sparta, which is a lot different then Fair Lawn. I got married in 86, have an 12 year old boy, and spent the last 7 years down in Florida. But we wanted a change and have given Jersey another chance. So far its been a great choice. Looking forward in hearing from friends soon.

Deegan, Mark Jeffrey (updated 6/30/00)
Paterson, NJ 
Would Love To hear From anybody that I knew at F.L.H.S....

Harelick, Matthew
Kearny, NJ
Hello fellow Alumni! Check out my home page at

Harknett, Michele (Married Name: Roberts) (updated 11/6/08)
Ventura County, CA
Hello Fellow Graduates! It will be fun to find some classmates here... though after 17 years my recognition of names is not very good! I need to find my yearbook!

Herman, Rachel (Married Name: Scheff) (added 12/3/00)
Wyckoff, NJ
Hi! This is awesome. After graduating from Tufts, I worked in my family's business in New York. I was married in 1988 and my husband and I have two children, Matthew (9) and Lauren (6 1/2). I LOVE being a stay home mom and I am very involved with my children's school. During the summer I work as a camp counselor. I am still disappointed that I had to miss our 10th reunion and I can't wait until our 20th. Please e-mail to say hi! 

Isbitts, Mark (added 2/28/00)
Marietta, GA 
I've been in Atlanta since 1991 after graduating from the University of Michigan and 3.5 years in NYC. I have worked in the healthcare marketing and consulting business for the past five years. I married in Nov. '97 and we have a beautiful 4 month old daughter. My parents and brother (Rob, class of '82) all live in South Florida so I do not get back to FL much but would love to hear from classmates and friends. Having a baby makes one reflect on their childhood I guess. If anyone is down South for business, let me know (and bring some Pastrami from Petak's!). 

Kestin, Deborah (Married Name: Schildkraut) (added 4/26/00)
Edison, NJ

Kolk, Wendy (Married Name: Feola) (Added 2/4/02)
Fair Lawn, NJ 
Hey Class of 83!! This is pretty cool seeing all these names from the past!! Too bad the whole class isn't on. Been married since April 1990 to a gorgeous man named Sal. We have 4 children ages 2-10 and we still remain in good ole Fair Lawn. I enjoy being home with the kids. Keeping real busy with all their schedules. Working outside the home is a piece of cake next to parenting but not nearly as rewarding. We all have a lot of fun! A lot of us Fair Lawnites stayed local which is pretty cool cause you always run into someone with all the sports and activities. Hope everyone from 83 is well. My best to all!! 

Lottermann, Ron (updated 7/13/03)
Oakland, NJ
Married to my wife, Lisa, since November 1997. We have one daughter, Emily, who was born in May 1999. I work for the Borough of Fair Lawn as the Recycling Coordinator and am the web master of the Official Borough of Fair Lawn web site. I spent 14 years volunteering on the Fair Lawn Volunteer Ambulance Corps and currently volunteer for Fair Lawn TV (public access TV station) learning how to create television programming from the ground up. I graduated Montclair State University in May 2003 (better late than never). My wife and I bought our home in Oakland - New Jersey, not California - in 2001. Would love to hear from others in our class!

Lutins, Gary (added 7/24/99)
Miami, FL
I'm Living in Miami since High School. Trading in my career in the restaurant business to be a middle school teacher. Would love to hear from whoever.

Molenaar, Jack E. (updated 10/24/00)
Fanwood, NJ
Been living in Fanwood (Union County) since 1993. I work as a city/transportation planner for a private consultant firm in Morristown. I recently worked on a pedestrian study for Fair Lawn Avenue. Been married since 1992 with no kids. If you are ever in Morristown drop me a line and we can get a beer at the Dublin Pub.

Perrier, Susan (Married Name: Palmer) (added 9/24/00)
San Diego, CA.
Hi everyone. After graduation I obtained my BS in Nursing from WPC. I spent a few years doing traveling nursing in Savannah, St. Petersburg, and Wilmington. I married my husband Jay in 92 and we have since adopted 2 beautiful children: Regina age 5 and Justin (J.J.) age 4. We are presently living in San Diego  County and enjoying the Southern California lifestyle. Love to hear from you. 

Rosenberg, Michael L. (Updated 1/3/08)
Fair Lawn, NJ 
Hi everyone. I'm still living in Fair Lawn. I am married to my wife Ellen (maiden name-Kissane) since March 26, 2000. We have two sons, Anthony and Dan both graduates of Fair Lawn High. I am currently teaching in Hillsdale. I am still a member of the Fair Lawn Rescue Squad. I was elected to the Board of Education last year. I am a member of the Democratic County Committee and a member of the Knights of Pythias. I am also a Scout leader. I would love to hear from old friends.

Rossip, Donald J (updated 4/21/01)
Olathe, Kansas
I am now working for a Semi Conductor manufacturer in Missouri. My wife Tanya and I just had our first child. His name is Kevin Michael Rossip. He was born on March 7, 2001.

Schneider, Steven (Partnered) (added 8/28/03)
Rickmansworth, England,
Greetings from the UK! I have been living here for over 5 years with my partner. I am a Senior Project Manager for one of the UK's largest contract catering companies. Would love to hear from anyone who wishes to get in touch... Cheers!

Schoenberger, Michelle (Married Name: Mathias) (added 5/5/00)
Chestnut Ridge, NY
Hi Everyone!! It was great to find out about this web site (through a co-worker!) although it doesn't seem many people are aware of it yet.Hopefully, it'll catch on. I got married in 1991 to a great guy, David. We have 2 wonderful kids, Alec (3 1/2) and Carli (8 months). Along with our cat, Junior, we all reside in Chestnut Ridge, NY - a beautiful quiet neighborhood just 2 miles over the NJ border in Rockland County.
I work as a Product Marketing Manager for Fuji Hunt Photographic Chemicals, Inc. in Paramus, so I bump into old classmates here and there - usually while out to lunch locally!! It's always great to see a familiar face and catch up! Hope everyone is healthy and happy! Would love to hear from you.

Stern, Beth (Married Name: Sparozic) (added 3/13/01)
Wyckoff, NJ
Wow, this is a great site! I will be celebrating my 13 anniversary in May. We have two chilren Felicia who is just about 7 and Macie who is 1 1/2. I am a stay at home mom. I am always running somewhere with the kids. I am a Creative Memories Consultant which means I teach and sell scrapbooks. Would love to hear from my old friends. 


Bragin, Evan (added 4/4/00)
Washington Township, NJ
hello class of 1984. i am still living in new jersey(ugh!) i was married for a brief spell and working in the television and radio industry. now i am back in school for yet another adventure; this time nursing. hope to do some travel nursing in the near future. also fell in love with skydiving...literally..if anyone is ever interested in a 12,000 foot drop, then email me. we can catch up on the way down! 

Carlen, Rich (added 8/2/04)
North Haledon, NJ

Married and divorced have twins boy and girl 4 years old the best thing in my life. Lived in FL for a while back now still like to have fun see ya.

Daly, Mary (married name: Saglimbeni) (added 10/30/99)
Ridgewood, NJ
Hello class of '84. I am living in Ridgewood with my husband, Domenick. We have two beautiful children, a 2 year old son, Nicolas and a 7 month old daughter, Tara. Before my children were born, I taught 4th grade in Glen Rock for 8 years. Would love to hear from some of my fellow graduates. 

Hoffman, Sharon (married name: Davids) (added 3/26/99)
Arlington, VA
I have been living in Washington DC area since 1984 attending and graduating from George Washington University and Catholic University Library School. Last December 6th I married a wonderful man named Scott Davids in Virginia. I have lost touch with most of my fellow classmates and would love to catch up with anyone who like to email me.

Lambruschini, Lori  (married name: Sahanas) (updated 4/29/04)
Wanaque, NJ

Married 7 years to a great guy. I have 2 beautiful little girls and one rotten dog. I hope everyone is doing well!! I'd love to hear from anyone.

Lutins, Steven (changed name: Steven Stern) (added 7/24/99)
Middlesex, NJ
I am married and have two beautiful daughters. I am currently working as an administrator at Greystone Park State Psychiatric Hospital (yes, working there, not residing).

Prince, Elisabeth Ann (married name: Cornwell)
Fair Lawn, NJ
Hello to the class of 1984! I'm living in Fair Lawn with my husband, David and my two beautiful sons, Nicholas (5 1/2) and Stephen (3 mos). I also work at Columbia University in NYC.

Pawlowski, Steven S. (added 3/15/01) 
Bedminster, NJ 
Hello all. Can't believe it's almost 20 years since graduation. Well, I've been having fun ever since. I've sold advertising for a start-up NJ based news and information website; sold cell phones to corporate clients; and now I work for a publisher in Northern NJ. Currently I am working on a film project that is going to be big. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can hear, but without trying one never knows.... Well, it feels good and decided the arts would allow freedom of expression and the vision all of us desire. Would like to hear from any and all. 

Reckson, Jackie (married name: Kaminer) (updated 12/16/02)
Roswell, GA
I haven't updated this since 1998! I've added one more child since then so now I have a 7 year old boy, 5 year old girl, and 18 month old boy and just celebrated my 10 year wedding anniversary. I'm living in Roswell, Georgia and stay at home keeping very busy with 3 kids. Would love to hear from some old friends and can't wait till our next reunion!

Restrepo, Juan Fernando (added 11/10/02)
Christiansburg, Va.
Hi everyone, this is a nice site to see what everyone is up to. After graduating and raising a family of 3 boys with my wonderful wife Dawn in Wanaque for a few years, I am currently residing in Virginia and working for Sara Lee Intimates as an Outside knitter quality control manager. I love it down here but do miss my friends and have very fond memories of high school and all the people that have crossed my life. Good luck to ya'll.

Scillieri, Barbara (added 2/14/02)
Morristown, NJ
Hi Everyone! I live with my Fiancé (August 02) and my dog in Morristown and I am completing my MBA in finance this May. After all these years, will finally be done with school. I am a partner in a technology company based in NYC, but get to work from home. Would love to hear from any of you.

Tabbachino, Dominick James (added 9/19/02)
Emerson, NJ
Greetings to the Class of 1984! I cannot believe we are approaching our 20 year reunion. I am living in Emerson with my terrific wife Gina. We have been married for eight years and have a precious 3 year old daughter named Giavanna. My wife and I are expecting our second child this coming Christmas. We have a hyperactive 10 year old cocker spaniel who thinks he is still a puppy, but we love him anyway. I am currently working as an engineer for a material handling equipment company in northern New Jersey. My life is just great, I wouldn't change a thing. I do stay in touch with a handful of 84' classmates, However, I would be thrilled to hear from some more. Please send an e-mail. I would love to hear from you. Best of health and happiness to you all!

Weinsteen, Larry (added 5/19/01)
Las Vegas, NV
Hello, Fair Lawn! I accidentally came across this website and thought it was cool to see what some of my classmates were up to. As for me, after Rutgers I graduated from Law School in California in 1991 (Pepperdine) and moved to Las Vegas to practice law. In May, 1999 I was appointed by the Las Vegas City Council to a Judgeship, so I'm now a Judge Pro Tem on Las Vegas Municipal Court. (Yes, I know it is hard to I'm only on the bench part-time, however, and the rest of my time is spent as Corporate Counsel for National Audit Defense Network, Inc., the nation's largest tax audit defense company (You may hear our ads on radio quite a bit during tax time...)


Banta, Carolyn
Montrose, CA
Currently working as a computer analyst.

Batalias, Christine (Married Name: Opalka) (added 4/29/02)
Wayne, NJ
For the past fifteen years I have moved around a lot, worked as a secretary, and went back to school to learn computer programming. I'm happily married and working in Roseland, NJ as a Software Programming Specialist. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.

Brooks, Maria (Married Name: McKenna) (updated 5/12/03)
Bushkill, PA
Re-married Nov 2002. Husband:Dan. Children: Kyle-14, Kelly-12, Cathianne born Feb, 2003. Home with kids right now, but looking to return to work soon. Paramedic and Licensed Real Estate Agent.

Campbell, Bonnie (Married Name: LePage) (added 10/26/01)
Elmwood Park, NJ
It's nice to see so many people doing well. I have been married since 1997 and have 1 daughter named Katrina. She is 2 yrs old. I have a house in Elmwood Park and I'm pretty much a stay at home mom except for some part-time bartending on the weekends. Hope to hear from some of you soon.

Campbell, Kerri (Married Name: Hartzell) (updated 6/12/00)
Fleetwood, PA
Hi Gang! Hope you are all doing well! I know, your next question is where is Fleetwood, PA, right? It's in the southeastern portion of PA, near Reading, about 2 hours 15 minutes away from Fair Lawn. It's definitely country out here. In other words, there aren't delis, Chinese restaurants, or bakeries on every other corner. Sad, isn't it? Bob and I finally tied the knot in September 2000 after 7 years together. We met while working as athletic trainers in what used to be Marc Physical Therapy in Woodcliff Lake, NJ. Currently, I work at an out-patient physical therapy facility in Pottstown, PA as an athletic trainer and a massage therapist. I still keep in touch with Julie Halper, Lori Beach (Sauter), Cathy Zane (Oakley), and Janie Tunnard (Scullion). Life is busy, but good! I'd love to hear from some old pals! Let's chat! Peace! :) 

Casimiro, Rachelle  (Married Name: Amato) (added 5/6/99)
Nutley, NJ
Hi everyone!!! It's been awhile!! About 14 years to be exact! I'm doing good. I've been married for the last 10 years and have 3 sons!! I'm living in Nutley now for the past 5 years, and just enjoying being a mom. I still keep in touch with Lori Stodolak. If you want to say hello, just e-mail me . Stay well, happy and healthy!!!! 

De Groot, Robert (added 11/18/98)
Avenel, NJ
Hello to the Class of 1985! Moved to Middlesex County seven long years ago. Working as a Real Estate Title Searcher now for the last nine years to let's buy some houses people! The rest of my family abandoned the East Coast for the Midwest-Nebraska and North Dakota of all places -- so would like to hear from any of the people I went to school with. Go Cutters bowling!

DelFavero, Don (added 10/5/00)
Catasauqua, Pa.
Hello to all. Spent 1986-1994 serving in the U.S. Air Force stationed in Riverside, Ca. Returned to Fair Lawn in 1994 with my with Kenita and son  Dillon. Stayed in N.J. for a year until moving to Pa. Catasauqua  is just north of Allentown. Dillon is currently 8 yrs old and keeping us all busy with his activities. I currently manage a  lumber yard in Bethlehem. Kenita, Dillon and I enjoy camping, boating , vacationing and of course the Sony Playstation. Please drop an email.

Ehrlich, Lori 
Rochelle Park, NJ

Gitkin, Matthew (Updated 4/6/00)
Coral Gables, FL
Since leaving NJ in 1994 for points West, much has happened; some chaotic and some erotic, but I shall leave out the lurid details. In California, I worked in the entertainment industry in the Los Angeles area and also taught for various Universities in the Los Angeles area. As well as acting in theatre, films, radio, tours and commercials, I am now teaching in the Theatre Conservatory at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. If any of you wish to drop a note and say a quick hello, please do. Also, if you'd like to take a glance and chance at the Old Blue Eyes Celebrity Death Watch, go to:
Fellow 1985 alum, Steve Vogl and I run this little Celebrity Death Watch. Join in the fun and morbidity! Buh-bye...

Klein, Alisa Beth
Fair Lawn, NJ
Hoping that all of my classmates are fine, and I miss you all.

Markel, Allen (added 2/23/04)
Ridegfield Park, NJ
I'm still making music full time in every conceivable way. I'm trying to explore and enjoy life and take some chances. I hope to see you all at our 20 year reunion.

Nalick, Randy Sue  (married name: Miller) (updated 4/11/00)
Orlando, FL
Hi to all and greetings from warm Orlando, FL. Most of my family has relocated to Florida (my sister Janet and I both live in the same development). I have been working as a cardiac care nurse for 2 years with Florida Hospital. My husband of almost 10 years and I have a 7 1/2 year old son, Justin Price, and we recently welcomed a new daughter on 2-28-00, Madison Rose. She is absolutely beautiful. Hope everyone is well and I would love to hear from old friends and acquaintances.

Nerenberg, David (updated 11/12/10)
No e-mail address provided
Attleboro, MA
Have been in Southeastern Massachusetts since 8/01, where my wife, Elyse, is Rabbi to a small congregation. I've been Budget Director at Wheaton College since 2007. Fun 25th reunion! Hope to see you all again at our 30th!!

Rubin, Shari (Married Name: Scharlat) (added 12/24/99)
Port Washington, NY
Living in Long Island with my husband Cary....working in Manhattan in the Corporate offices of Ann the Merchandise Manager-overseeing all of the buying for the Casual/Outerwear in our 320 stores. What are the rest of you up to???

Sauter, Lori C (Married Name - Beach) (added 6/23/01)
Charlotte, NC
Hey everyone!!! Great to read all your updates! I have been in the warm south for 9 years, I spent 7 years in Charleston and Columbia, SC, was married for a short time and now and am enjoying Charlotte.. The weather is great, come on down, y'all! I've worked for American Express since graduating college - things are good and would really like to hear from you or at least see you in a few years at our 20th.. scary, huh?

Shapiro, Debbie (updated 7/27/99)
Woodinville, WA
I am now working as a Data Analyst at a startup company,, based in downtown Seattle. I've been in Washington state since September '96 and everything is great here! Hope everyone is well!

Silver, Adelina (Married Name: Miller) (added 2/25/01)
Fair Lawn, NJ
I was so glad to stumble across this page and see what everyone has been up to these past years. My husband and I moved back to Fair Lawn 9 years ago and bought my parents home so that we could raise our two daughters in town. (Taylorann 9, and Nicolette 6). I work as a computer consultant for a telecommunications firm in Suffern NY and spend my free time traveling with my family throughout the country. I still keep in touch with many of my friends from high school and would love to hear from any of the alumni from our high school. 

Stodolak, Lori (Married Name: Stricker) (updated 8/20/00)
Tom's River, NJ
Hello to everyone I knew & still know from FLHS. I can't believe its been 15 years since we all graduated. (lets have a 15 year reunion) So much has happened throughout the years since moving out of FL & living at the shore. I have been married since Aug.1992 to my husband Kevin, we now have 2 children - our son Devin Austin (born 5/8/95) & our new addition our daughter Mackenzie Amber (born 2/15/2000). I am a Medical Billing/Insurance Supervisor for a local Ophthalmologist. I still love to go dancing whenever we can get a sitter for a few hours (or a NIGHT) : ) (rare but it happens.........LOL) or a Girls (Moms) NightOut at the Bamboo or Jenks - whenever possible. Its been great hearing from old friends from FL via E-mail & because of this alumni page. I wish everyone the best & hope to hear from you by E-mail or maybe even run into you on the boards in Seaside or Pt Pleasant. **** HAPPY MILLENNIUM ****

Titus, Kim Susan  (Married name: Hernandez) (updated 6/20/01)
Fremont, CA
I have been living in Sunny CA since 1990, and love it. My husband Joel and I have two great and funny kids Jacob (5) and Jessica (16 months) I am fortunate to get to be a stay at home mom. My bother Mike (mechanic) grad class 1984, lives in Australia with wife  Kellie and beautiful daughters Jazmin (7) and Sierra ( 17 months) and other brother Brian (computer stud) lives in Sunnyvale, CA with wife of 10 years Teresa and two sons Andrew (8) and Erik (4). Email anytime!  

Warnock, Frank Jr. (updated 1/26/10)
Newark, DE
Technical Specialist, Network Administrator with Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics. going on 10 years. Best of luck to everyone.

Weitz, Michele (added 12/24/08)
San Francisco, CA
Living in the Bay Area since 2000. Working in International Clinical Research for 20 years, most recently as Director of Quality Assurance for a small drug development company in San Francisco after many years with the Big Pharma juggernauts (Roche, J&J, Novartis). Took the summer off to finish a Master's Thesis for my MA in Liberal Studies, and am now trying my hand at consulting. Still spend a few weeks a year in Jersey, and regain a little of my accent every time!

Welsh, Jeff
Fair Lawn, NJ
So Happy with Fair Lawn, I never left! Face it, we're not getting any younger. 


Bard, Deborah (Married name: Downs) (added 6/24/02)
River Vale, NJ
After working in Finance and Human Resources for about 10 years, I took on my most challenging job yet as a stay-at-home mother for my 2 yr old son, Jackson. I love it, but the hours can be long and the client is demanding! I hope everyone is doing well and would like to hear from my former classmates.

Blackin, Rob (added 6/21/99)
East Brunswick, NJ
My wife Serena and I (Married 8/25/96) are moving from Basking Ridge NJ to East Brunswick in July 99. We have a daughter Rachel born 12/6/98. We have a web page for her that we update every month or so After 6 years at AT&T I have worked for the last 2 years for a telecommunications company called Destia Communications. I work as the Chief Information Officer of a subsidiary called VoiceNet. I play semi-pro beach volleyball on the Jersey Shore all summer. Lots of fun.

Brooks, David (updated 5/30/08)
Vernon, NJ Address
Currently teaching 8th grade math in Byram Township, NJ

Firstman, Brian (added 5/6/00)
Location not given

Fleischer, Michael S., MD, Ophthalmology (updated 8/23/02)
Manhattan, NY
Have entered private practice in Westwood, New Jersey. Come by and get your eyes checked Hope you are all well

Gajarsky, Bob
Hoboken, NJ 
Working in midtown NYC doing documentation/PC support for Bank of Tokyo/Mitsubishi. In spare time, I'm the editor of the oldest collaborative online music reviews publication, Consumable Online. Luckily, my fiancee' Shannon is understanding of it all. 

Gutenberg, Jeff (updated 5/19/06)
Elmwood Park, NJ
Wow - quite the nostalgic rush surfing through the names of so many former classmates on the FLHS Alumni web page. I am currently living with my fiancee Lori in a cozy apartment right on the border of Fair Lawn, cohabitating as we try to figure out just when and how we're actually going to get married after being together for the last 17 (!) years. My passion for poetry has continued, as everyone who went to the 10-year reunion knows after reading the poem I wrote specifically for the reunion, which was printed in the book we all got at that memorable event. I am also still writing fiction as well as concert and CD reviews, the latter of which have been published in progressive rock magazines and on the Web. I would love to hear from any and all who'd like to get in touch (especially Michelle Maltin, Jill Tencer, Gary Weissman, Chris Barker and Marc Rosenthal). Whether you knew it or not, I loved every single one of you, class of '86. If anyone has information on the 20-year reunion, PLEASE share it with me. Thanks!

Hardman, Dusty (added 8/15/00)
Driggs, ID
Wow! I can't believe it's been 14 years since graduation! I've kept busy. My son, Zane, is 6. My boyfriend and I own a restaurant, Tony's Pizza & Pasta in Driggs, ID. I also do some Downhill mountain bike racing. I've got a beautiful view of the Grand Tetons from my living room window. Stop into the restaurant if you ski Grand Targhee!

Hecht, Linda (married name Tomilson) (updated 2/23/02)
Arlington, MA
Hi, everybody! I missed the reunion, but am still interested in how folks are doing. I'm living up here in Mass. with my husband, Mark, and our 16 month old daughter, Sarah. I am an 8th grade math teacher. Perhaps some of you could have seen that coming...

Kamens, Donna (married name: Stansbury) (updated 1/9/2000)
Hello All! My husband Ronnie and I have a beautiful daughter, Kendra Alexis, born May 1998. We are now living in Georgia where Ronnie is a Systems Analyst. I have the more important job of being a stay at home mom for Kendra. :) We still have our retired greyhound "Hoss" who enjoys the huge backyard we have here. We are very glad to be off the Gulf and away from the hurricanes!

Karcher, Elke (married name McAteer) (added 2/8/00)
Fair Lawn, NJ
After graduating from Johnson&Wales in Rhode Island, I moved to Orlando, FL. Nice state, but it wasn't for me. So then I moved to San Diego, CA. Loved it, but was too far away from friends and family, so I moved back to Fair Lawn to go back to school. And wouldn't you know it? I meet the man of my dreams in the same town I tried so hard to get away from! (Mark McAteer - Class of '85) We just a bought a house in Bordentown, NJ and will be moving in June 2000. I currently work as a Project Director for a market research company in Manhattan and am thoroughly enjoying the city, my husband and my life!

Krutman, Mark Todd (added 6/16/07)
Parsippany, NJ (Morris County)
I'm working for NJ Transit as a Conductor. I was married for 7 years and got the big D. However I met an awesome woman and we are living together and raising our son that just turned a year old on March4, 2007.

Legere, John
Manchester, CT

Lottermann, Sherry (married name: Riley) (updated 5/4/01)
no e-mail address
Oakland, NJ
Married to Jack Riley since 1989. We have three kids, Megan (1994), Jake (1996) and Zachary (1999). I work part time in a doctor's office at night and am a stay at home mom during the day. 

Margulies, Steven (updated 3/8/04) 
Fair Lawn, NJ 
I recently resigned from my job in Mountainside, NJ for a better location, Paramus, NJ where I will be working at Frisch High School.

Markowitz, Glen
Hartsdale, NY

Morris, Ian
Kirkland, WA
My wife Lisa and I are currently living in Kirkland WA. I am a Lead Product Manager for the Microsoft Network (, and Lisa is the Director of First Steps, an Educational Playcenter in Issaquah WA which she founded this July. 

Mulkowsky, Eric
Hi everybody! I'm currently finishing up my MBA at Stanford and look 
forward to hearing from everyone! 

Pollinger, Debbi (Married Name: Dolce) (added 3/18/06)
Long Valley, NJ
No matter how far I traveled, I always came home to NJ. I'm living in Long Valley with my husband, 4 year old daughter, Serena, and my dog.
I'm teaching 2nd grade and loving every minute (well...almost every minute)! Never made it to a reunion, but I would love to hear from old friends!

Riffle, Linda (Married Name: Molnar) (updated 1/19/04) 
Bernardsville, NJ
Hey there! It's nice to read that everyone is doing so well. Gerald and I are still going strong since June of '86 (married June '97), and home is calling...looks like we'll be moving back to Fair Lawn sometime this summer ('04) with our little 2 year old miracle, Ryan Patrick, to be nearer to our family and friends. I'm still in the IT field (Computer Specialist III) and starting a home-based business, and Ger is still with Morristown National Historical Park. Recently, made a geocities web page with some pics...not much on it yet, but I'll get around to it eventually. Would love to hear what you've been up to...I miss you guys. Get in touch!

Ruhren, Sean (updated 9/22/01)
Hawthorne, NJ 
Hi! Everyone!!! I had lived in Rockville, Maryland after graduating from University of Maryland with a degree in Marine Biology. Completed a seminar at the Baltimore Aquarium doing research on Beluga Whales. Since then I made a total change and jump in life. I went from taking care of big fish to taking care of people. Like the mob...New Jersey has sucked me right back in...I moved to Hawthorne, New Jersey. The career jump involved graduating from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Never was close though. I am very much single with two very special girls in my life ...Bryanne and Kaitlyn nieces and a new nephew Kenneth. I think this website is a great idea, I've enjoyed catching up with many of you all. Need an arm to punch, ear to listen, or anything...please don't hesitate to say hello. It would be great to hear from every one of you. Take Care.

Voulgaris, Dorrie (updated 10/3/02)
Fair Lawn, NJ 

Weissman, Gary (added 1/20/04)
Greenville, NC

I'm an English professor, married, about to have a first child in April. Still drawing and thinking about doing a children's book in the near future. I will publish a book in April that examines the Holocaust in the context of American culture. So it goes.

Weissman, Joe (updated 10/19/01)
Tampa, FL
My travels have lead me further and further south: from Fair Lawn, to Philadelphia, to Washington, D.C, and now, to Tampa, Florida. I have been most happily married for six years to my wife Vicki. Our daughter Allison was born in December of 1999. She is a total joy. I work as an attorney in a firm in downtown Tampa. My short and peaceful commute each day is along the glistening bay. I would love to hear from any of my former classmates. 

Yaker, Richard (updated 3/2/07)
Venice CA
In November of 2005, after months of a bizarre and still unclassified illness my beautiful wife, Caryn Shalita ( of 12 years passed away. In March of 2006 I became the Director of Web/eCommunity service for a media/social networking startup focused on the Do It Yourself Home Improvement Market for women, Be Jane, ( I live in Venice CA, near the beach and hang out with fellow 1986 FLHS classmate Christian Bevacqua, who also lives here in Venice.


Ahrendt, Patrick (added 5/29/02)
Anaheim Hills, CA
Enjoying life, living in southern California since 96', happily married since 97'. I've been working in direct marketing for more than 10 years after graduating Rutgers and I'm having a lot of fun. I still get back to NJ at least once a year but I hope to live in California forever - life is easier out here. I'll never forget high school though; I still tell some of those stories but people can't believe them. Take care and thanks for the memories.

Butler, David S.
South Berwick, ME
Hello everyone. I found this site 0n 1/23/97 It's amazing how few of us from 87 are here compared to 96 I've been in the Navy and have been to several countries. Interested in talking about them or anything, write to me. See you in July! 

Cohen, Eric (added 12/3/00)
New York, NY
Where did all those years go? It feels like yesterday that we were in class and getting ready for football games or playing cutter basketball. I am currently living in Manhattan on the Upper East Side and I am about to get married to my beautiful fiance Allison who is from Merrick, Long Island on November 30th at the Water's Edge. I have been in the Telecommunications Industry for 10 Years working at MCI/Worldcom in various Management Positions as well as Qwest Communications where I was the Director of Sales for the NorthEast Region. Currently I am working in Manhattan at a company called Global Broadband in which we are in the process of doing something very big that will allow us to raise the Capital Needed from Wall Street and eventually go Public. I am the Regional VP of Sales for the Entire East Coast which means alot  of Travel but it is well worth it. I would love to hear from old friends and see how they are doing. Hope all is well!!!

Cheney, Meredith
New York, NY
Hi old friends. I just moved back from living in Chicago after graduating from The University of Michigan. Now I am getting my MBA in finance and accounting at Fordham University. I would love to hear from fellow Fair Lawn alumni. Hope everyone is doing well. 

Engelhardt, Richard (added 2/23/02)
0-102 Yerger Road, Fair Lawn, NJ 07410
Hope everyone is well and feel free e-mail me at anytime to say hello!

Fein, Neil (added 6/23/05)
Edison, NJ
Interesting site, this. Who woulda thunk? I have a good job working for a pharmaceutical company, happily married to a very smart woman, and recording an album on the side. Read more at

Feldman, Alyssa (Married Name: Ferstenfeld) (added 10/18/04)
Pompton Lakes, NJ
I am married with my son, Steven that was born in Feb. 2004. Never knew about this page until now. Feel free to email me!

Firestein, Alex (updated 2/26/03)
Wayne, NJ
It's amazing how time flies. Currently working for Becton Dickinson as a Programmer/Analyst in Franklin Lakes, NJ. I've been married since 1998 and live in Wayne, NJ

Heitmann, Jonathan (updated 2/18/06)
Rockaway, NJ
I am currently an Assistant Principal at Glen Ridge High School. I am living in Rockaway NJ with my wife Kristen and our 2 daughters Jessica (5) and Casey (3). I would love to hear from former students/classmates.

Klein, Eric (added 9/5/04)
Philadelphia, PA
Living in Philadelphia with my wife Karen ( Still singing in a band for a living (I know - Working Musician - Sounds like an oxymoron...) Looking forward to starting a family. I wish I would have seen the Boptones this year and I wish that I would have known about the dedication of the auditorium to Tom Ratzin - That would have been fantastic to see....If there is anyone out there that just wants to say hi and fill me in on their life in general, I would love to hear from you! Hope everything is great for all of you. Take Care. AND REMEMBER - Vote this year - it's a big election!

Kreider, Troy (added 6/13/04)
Butler, NJ
Hello all. Missed the 10 year reunion but maybe will get to the 20. Living in sin in beautiful Butler, NJ. with my girl Carrie and our dog Presley ( it's good to be the King...) After graduation studied massage therapy at the Helma Institute but am currently working in a wine shop and running my own dog waste cleanup service. Little time to socialize between work, getting bad tattoos, and watching Jaws on the satellite for the millionth time, but feel free to email as I would love to hear from you all.

Mainardi, Christina (Married Name: Insel) (added 6/3/05)
Wayne, NJ
Hi everyone, really great to see what you have been up to. I am married and living in Wayne, NJ. I have a beautiful daughter named Lauren Nicole who is turning 3 in December, time is going by to fast. Hope to hear from some old friends, take care everybody

Nalick, Janet (Married Name: Stager) (updated 5/14/01)
Orlando, FL
I am living in Florida and enjoying my life as a stay at home mom to my 2 kids Danielle (age 8) and Tyler (age 6). I would love to hear from old classmates! 

O'Leary, Marian (Married Name: Vangeli) (added 4/7/99)
New York, NY
I am currently living in New York City but will be moving to Marlboro, NJ in early July, 99. My husband and I are expecting our first child in September 1999! Since high school, I went back to school for my MBA in Health Care Administration where I met my husband. I am a Practice Administrator for a 30 Physician, Group Practice at New York Hospital - Cornell University Medical Center. I would love to hear from fellow

Patel, Premal (updated 7/9/98)
Seattle, WA
Hi! (Wow, it seems like everyone is doing interesting, diverse things.) After graduating from Rutgers U-College of Pharmacy, I moved to Seattle Washington and entered the MD/PhD program at the university  of Washington. I hope to, in the near future, treat patients as an oncologist and leave time to discover novel cancer therapies. Feel free  to e-mail me if you want to know more about Seattle or what a "typical"  MD/PhD does...

Pollard, Patrick (added 9/5/01)
37 Peachtree Rd, Oakhurst NJ 07755

Rochman, Lisa (added 9/3/00)
Arlington, VA
Living in Arlington for the past 3 years but in the process of moving back to NJ. Spent 6 years with KPMG and now in my third year with PricewaterhouseCoopers. I'm a Principal Consultant specializing in Knowledge Management and training for large systems implementations and helping organizations convert from traditional learning methods to e-learning formats. Hope you are all well and feel free to drop me a note anytime to say hello!

Schaberg, Donna (Married name: McCloud) (added 2/28/01)
Monroe, NY
Hi Guys-
I'm currently working for Sony Electronics as a Support Specialist in Teaneck, NJ. I've been married since 1998 and live in Monroe, NY. No children yet, perhaps next year. 

Glenn Smith (added 12/30/02)
1725 McCords Ferry Rd. Eastover, SC 29044
Well, it took me quite a while to stumble across this site!! A lot has changed since High School, as I am sure for many of you also. I left Fair Lawn in Oct. of 1999 and have been living in the Columbia Area since, and loving it. I am in the sales department of a large Heating and A/C company and recently bought my first house. Came very close to getting married, but still single at the moment. Would love to hear from some of my old friends. Best of luck to all


Abramsky, Leslie (Married Name: Block) (updated 12/16/99)
Rockville, MD
Hello, everyone! My husband Larry and I are still living in Rockville, MD. In September, we had a baby girl, Rebecca Erin. I'd love to hear from you!

Avallone, Vinny (added 4/10/01)
Arnold, MD
I hope everyone is doing well. Here is my story. After graduation I followed the Grateful Dead around for a few years. Met an awesome girl named Heather. Moved to Maryland Gave my life to Jesus Christ and became a born again Christian. Got married to that awesome girl.(1994) We are now living in Arnold, Maryland with three beautiful children (Hunter 4, Seth 2, Cora 7mos). I serve as a Deacon at my local church and work as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer for a really cool technology company.

Balossini, Marisa D. (Married Name: Harrer) (added 4/10/01)
Between this page and, I'm completely impressed by how some of you turned out....I never thought some of us would make it past 17, let alone, make it to 30....For those of you who have gotten in touch with me, I appreciate it. I've thought of you often, as some of those memories just won't go away! I left Fair Lawn briefly, but wound up settling there, with the same man I dated in high school. No kids just yet...we're working on that. I welcome any and all discussions about the past, present, and future. Take care....

Becker, Robyn (added 3/21/05)
Parsippany, NJ
Ramapo College of NJ, BWS-Social Work

Carlen, Tamara (Married Name: Payne) (added 2/10/03)
Burleson, TX
After playing at Bergen for a few years, I pursued my Bachelors at East Texas State University in Commerce, Texas, 1 hour East of Dallas. I graduated in 1994 and worked in television news for several years as an Assignment Editor and Manager before I left to focus on building a family. After years of infertility, I now have 2 1/2 year old twin girls. I share parenting with my husband of 7 1/2 years, Robbie. I have owned my own Promotions and Advertising Specialty Company for a little over 2 years and enjoy being able to work from home and raise my daughters. Life is good!!

Davina, Gerry (updated 5/4/00)
Glen Rock, NJ
Graduated from NJIT w/ Mechanical Engineering degree (just finishing up my masters) after a brief stint playing baseball at Seton Hall University. Currently a Senior Engineer at a water treatment consulting company in Mountain Lakes NJ.

My wife and I have three children (man, time really flies) and just purchased a home in Glen Rock. Recognize all the names from '88 and would love to hear from anyone. By the way, where did all my football teammates go??

Drahousal, F. David (added 9/24/98)
Fair Lawn, NJ
After living in Maine for 4 years, I have returned to Fair Lawn to help my family run the Dutch House. I am looking forward to seeing everybody around Thanksgiving for our reunion. We usually get a big crowd around that time of year and I hope this will be the biggest year yet. If you're ever in town, stop by and visit, I'm usually there.

Nancy (updated 11/25/02)
Fair Lawn, NJ
After graduating from The George Washington University in 1992, I worked for a health communications firm in Maryland. I then lived in Thailand teaching English for a year and came back to NJ to get my Master's in International Politics. From 1999 to 2001, I was an English teacher in Bulgaria with the Peace Corps. Last December, I returned to Fair Lawn after working in Tanzania as a grant writer. Now, I work for a state assemblyman.

Goldman, Aron
North Miami Beach, FL
Kind of ironic to see such progress from the town that seems locked in a time warp. Anyway, I graduated from the Univ. of Maryland in '93, moved down here, and now own a computer exporting company in Miami. It would be nice to hear from people who I grew up with. 

Gutches, Scott Patrick (added 4/10/01)
87 Route 156 Vevay, IN 47043
Feel free to write or email me

Ilchisin, Lisa (Married Name: MacClements) (added 6/23/05)
Fair Lawn,NJ
While attending William Paterson College I began working part time for New York & Company (then Lerner New York), a women's retail clothing chain. One bachelor's degree and 16 years later I'm working for that same company only heading up their corporate customer service department that supports 500 stores nation wide. I love working in New York City and have just recently moved home to Fair Lawn where I share a little brick cape with my husband Scott. Life is good and we're loving it!

Jaffe, David (added 8/24/98)
Pheonix, AZ
Living in Phoenix as a foot doctor, planning a great reunion for Thanksgiving weekend. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Kahn, David
Denver, CO
Hello fellow graduates. I would love to hear from any of you that remember me. Drop me a line even if we didn't know each other. Please send e-mail or check out my web site at I am currently a manager with Andersen Consulting in Denver Colorado. I am a business integrator, I'll let you know what that means when I figure it out. 

Kestin, Randi (updated 5/21/02)
Attleboro, MA
After graduating from Barnard College (Columbia University) in 1992, I married Ezra Peisach and moved to the Boston area where I completed a Masters Degree in Child Development from Tufts University in 1997. Ezra and I have been married for 9 years (no kids yet). I am currently working at Brown University as a Data Analyst and loving it. We just moved to Attleboro, MA last month. Would love to hear from you guys!

Lash, Robert
Berkeley, CA
Working as a lawyer in San Francisco and still together with Natalie Gerber.

Levin, Dan (added 12/16/99)
Newport Beach, CA
Hi everyone. Since '88 I...failed out of Suny Old Westbury 2 of 3 yrs. Spent 6 yrs in the Navy as a Nuclear Electronics Tech on the USS. George Washington. When I got out, I shaved my head and moved to Southern CA where I now design computer games and play rec in-line hockey.

Levy, Daniel W.
New York, NY
I've just started work as a lawyer in New York, after graduating from Williams College and Stanford Law School.

Lichtenberg, Jason (added 12/27/01)
21 Ave D Lodi, NJ 07644
I've been working in credit+collections for almost 5 years now. I'm presently employed at Bertelsmann Music Group (#5 top music company) I've recently had a change of mind and taking classes in preparation to do stand-up a hobby, for now. (Hoping my major network sitcom-comedy show won't be too far off) And, as always, I'm heavily entrenched in private research in topics such as: archeology, mythology, studies of ancient civilizations, military+space technology, astronomy, quantum physics and many more.

Lubach, Susan (added 11/24/01)
Atlanta, GA
Moved down to Atlanta after graduating from Rutgers. I am working at Piedmont Hospital as an RN in cardiac surgery. I hope y'all are doing well and having fun. Drop me an email if you are ever travelling down here. I'd love to hear from you...REALLY! 

Luniow, Sheila  (Married Name: Ringresy) (updated 9/7/05)
Hewitt, NJ
Currently living in Hewitt, New Jersey with my husband Michael.I'm a stay at home mom with 2 children. I would love to hear from all!

Masse, Gregg (added 3/18/08)
Washington Twp, NJ 07676
I have been working for the same company for the last 17 years, doing computer and technology rentals. I am married and have two kids, Griffin, 8, and Payton, 6. Life is good, and I would love to hear from you guys.

McAteer, Maureen (Married name: Meneghin) (added 7/22/00)
Clifton, NJ
I live in Clifton NJ with my husband Russell. We have been married for 7 years. We have 3 children , Kayla 5, Brittany 4, and Shawn 20 months. I am working in a bank part-time and just got certified as an EMT. I am looking forward to going back school for nursing. Hope to hear from you soon. 

Mills, Andrew
Pt. Pleasant, NJ
I have recently started working as a photographer for the Newark-based Star Ledger. Prior to that, I worked as a photographer for the Neptune-based Asbury Park Press. Although I graduated from Glassboro State College with several Fair Lawn alumni, I have not heard, seen or been in contact with anyone in years. My family has since relocated to Manasquan, NJ, where I still am active in the borough's beach patrol.

Mulbauer, Victoria (added 10/19/01)
Hackensack, NJ
Just wanted to say hello to former classmates. I am married (2 years), a registered nurse (ER - Hackensack Med Ctr) and live in Hackensack. Would love to hear from you. 

O'Leary, Nuala (Added 11/3/99)
Lutherville, MD
Hello all. I know I have kept in touch with many of you, however for those of you I have not seen recently... I am an Oncology Social Worker at Johns Hopkins Oncology Center in Baltimore, MD. Work is always very busy, it is truly a stimulating environment in which to work. I keep busy on the weekends exploring places to go hiking and biking. Hope this message finds you well. 

Pagano, Christina (Married Name: Woytas) (added 4/6/00)
Whippany, NJ
I'm a stay-at-home mom doing some part - time Desktop Publishing from home. I have two children (Connor 1/8/00 & Taylor 11/29/97) and have been married almost 5 years (10/00). Great website to keep in touch! David Kahn also put out a spreadsheet with a lot of our classes info. If interested, let me know, I'll send it to you!

Pagano, Mary (added 9/2/00)
Lodi, NJ
Hi all! After graduating from Kutztown University in 92, I moved back to NJ where I pursued my teaching career. I didn't stray too far from Fair Lawn and am about to begin my 9th year of teaching in the Paterson School District. I am currently teaching fourth grade and loving every minute of it. I would love to hear from former classmates!! 

Pelc, Larissa Ann (updated 3/10/03)
Hawthorne, NJ 07506
After graduating from Brandeis University and Brooklyn Law School, I clerked for a judge, then job-hopped at various law firms for a bit (3 years), before realizing I'm really just too obnoxious to have a boss. In May of '99, therefore, I opened my own solo general practice in Hackensack, and I've been happy with this profession ever since; it's the first job I've had that I haven't wanted to quit! This past autumn, I joined the Bergen County Players, a community theater group based in the Little Firehouse Theater in Oradell. I recently appeared in my first show, "All in the Timing." It was a blast like I never would have believed... suddenly I regret not getting into theater in high school.

Phillips, Rikki (added 5/4/01) or
18-02 Berdan Ave Fair Lawn (nope never left)
Earning a paycheck but going to school for Interior Design at Berkeley College in Waldwick. Bought a house by the High School in 1999. Member of the Heavy Rescue Squad and a Sgt. on the Auxiliary Police Dept.

Ricca, Bonnie
El Sobrante, CA
I'm doing computer graphic visual effects at Industrial Light and Magic. My partner and I own a house north of Berkeley with a gorgeous view of San Francisco Bay. I'd love to hear what everyone else is up to."

Rounds, John (updated 5/4/01)
Macungie, PA 18062
Working for a Global Company as "Global Systems Manager". Just had a new house built here in PA. Still actually playin' guitar! 

Sinatra, Doreen (Married Name: Vignali) (added 4/10/01) 
Elmwood Park, NJ 
Working as an xray tech at Englewood Hospital for almost 13 years.....Married for 11 years.....have 3 daughters: Amanda (8), Kristina (5) & Julia (2). Would love to hear from anyone.....but put fair lawn high in the subject cause I delete mail I don't know!!!!! 

Talty, Brendan (updated 5/31/00)
5260 Wildwood Drive Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858
I'm living in Mt. PLeasant, Michigan now. After 4 years in the Marine Corps, I moved to Las Vegas to be with my future wife. We meet while we were stationed on the Island of Crete together. I got to see the world living in 7 different countries. Now i am a police officer with the city of Mt. Pleasant where Central Michigan University is located. Loving life, just bought a new house and have 40 acres of land where we ride our 4 wheelers and enjoy nature. Just got on the Harley-Team at work, so I traded in my police car for a police-motorcycle. I go back to NJ several times a year to see my family, so if anyone wants to hook-up let me know. Seems like most of the class headed for other states...good choice.

Vadas, Gregory R. (added 4/13/01) 
Washington, D.C.
Hi all, just received the e-mail from David Kahn, it was nice to see all the postings from people to see what they have been up to since graduation. Graduated from Rutgers College and Rutgers Law School and have pretty much been practicing communications law since then. I am going on my third year of living in D.C. and working for the FCC. It is a great town and great job. For those of you who know me, my parents are still on Bryant Place and I am up in Fair Lawn on average once every 7 to 8 weeks to visit. Take care.

Van Dine, Pamela (Married Name: Berge) (updated 3/21/05)
West Milford, NJ
I am a stay at home mom. I have been married since 9/93. I have 3 beautiful children: a daughter, Rachel, 6/96, a son, Matthew, 01/01 and a new son, Adam, 01/05. We live in West Milford. I would love to hear from you. Just put FLHS alumni in subject line so I don't delete it.

Liz (updated 9/7/05)
New York, NY
I’m currently working at a conference company in sponsorship sales. I live in Manhattan and love it!

Wolf, Christopher B. (updated 8/1/00)
Somerset, NJ
My wife Jennifer and I just celebrated our sixth anniversary. I am currently in my second year at New Brunswick Theological Seminary studying to be a pastor in the Reformed Church in America. I stay home during the day with my son Brian, do some public relations freelancing and attend class at night. It took a while but I have found my "calling." Please email anytime. 


Baumstein, Michael (updated 6/21/00)
New York, NY

Brooks, Lenny (added 7/1/02)
Morris Township, NJ

Buerger, Toby (Married Name: Munoz) (updated 9/11/99)
Hackensack, NJ
Juan Pablo and I recently got married in August of 1999. We live in Hackensack, NJ. I am an assistant buyer with a NYC Firm, and Juan is a Pilot. Hope everyone in the class of '89 is leading happy lives. 

Byrne, Lisa (added 3/8/00)
Denver, CO
Hello Fair Lawn. After four years of living in Soho, NY I decided to quit my job at The Discovery Channel as Continuity Coordinator and drop out of the rat race. So I packed up my car loaded in my worldly possessions and of course my dog and headed west. I am currently attending Veterinary School in Denver to pursue a career which will grant me personal fulfillment. (It already is.) I have to say Denver is amazingly beautiful and highly recommend you all visit here at least once. I'd love to hear from anyone who stumbles across this site and remembers me. Hope everyone is happy and doing well. 

Cramer, Jeff (added 8/3/98)
Clifton, NJ
E-mail me and I'll update you on what is happening.

Cunningham, Lisa (added 5/31/06)
Carlstadt NJ

Working as an RN and bartender. I have one son, Jake, who is 13. Would love to hear from old classmates :)

Diener, Sharon (Married Name: Newell) (updated 4/7/03)
Miami, FL

Grumet, Tobey (Married Name: Segal) (updated 6/15/07)
Brooklyn, NY
Ithaca, NY
Since graduation from high school, I have gone on to receive a B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering and an M.S. in Computer Science. During that time, I worked as an actuary for an insurance company, as an analyst for a collection company (an interesting experience to say the least), and as a software developer. Right now I am employed by a small software company in upstate New York.  I am married to wonderful woman named Tracy. She is a veterinarian and is working on her residency in animal behavior at Cornell (which is  why we are living in Ithaca, New York). We share our home with two dogs, one cat, and some fish.

Kuzmiak, Donna (Married name: Laudani) (added 7/1/02)
Fair Lawn, NJ
Graduated University of Rhode Island, 1993. Married to Scott, 11/1/97. One child, a beautiful daughter, Amanda Jane 11/26/00. Operate my own advertising sales business as an independent sales contractor for various trade and business publications. Member of Fair Lawn Chamber of Commerce.

Maresca, Liz (added 11/7/00)
28th Street, Fair Lawn, NJ
Since seeing most of you at the reunion I've switched jobs (Sales&Marketing Manager for an Eyewear Company), got engaged (I'll be at the alter 10-20-01),  and moved back to Fair Lawn (who says you can never go home!). I'd love to hear from you, email me! 

McGarry, Gene (added 7/19/07)
Montclair, NJ

Marks, Shari (Married Name: Boettcher) (updated 6/18/01)

Paramus, NJ
It was wonderful to read how well everyone is doing. I have been married for five years to Erik. Our house is in Paramus, where we live with our dog, Nikki. I graduated from Ramapo College almost two years ago. (Better late than never!) Since then, I have been working for Pearson Education in the accounting department. I love my job and  spending time with Erik. We also enjoy traveling when possible and renovating our house. Our latest project was installing a pond in the backyard. Sorry I missed everyone at the reunion. I heard it was great. E-mail are welcome anytime. I would love to hear from other Alumni. 

Naiem, Asma (Married Name: Ali) (added 5/17/99)
Austin, TX
Send me e-mail and we can catch up! Looking forward to see all of you in June. 

O'Neill, Jennifer (married name: Pantis) (updated 11/18/01) 
Elmwood Park, NJ 
Since my last post, we've had a daughter named Caitlin (12/00) and are expecting our second child in 4/2002. Hope everyone is well. 

Patel, Biren
West Chester, PA
(610) 738-8261
I am currently consulting for Vanguard's Internet Department. I still keep in touch with a few people, but I'd like to hear from others. 

Sable, Carl (added 11/7/00)
Manhattan, NY
Since FLHS, I've completed an undergrad degree, then worked in Seattle for a few years, and I am currently a grad student at Columbia and living in Manhattan. Feel free to drop me an e-mail or check out my web page at

Shiner, Michael
Fair Lawn, NJ

Sirota, Jody (added 7/16/00)
New York, NY
After producing a talk show for a few years and getting completely burnt out, I decided to "go corporate" & jump into the world of Ad Sales. I've been with the Discovery Channel (which also includes Animal Planet, TLC, Travel Channel, BBC America, Discovery Health etc.) since 1997 and am having a great time. I've lived in Manhattan since 1995 & love it - not too close to the family unit, yet not too far away either! I miss everyone & hope you are all doing well. Please feel free to drop me a line & say hello!

Smith, Michael
Denver, CO
After a few years of hanging around Fair Lawn following my 89 graduation, I packed up and moved to Denver, Colorado. I have loved every minute of my 4 plus years here. There are times I miss all the old friends, but I would not give up my life in Denver for the world. Anyone from the class of 89 or surrounding years, please feel free to send and email and say Hi. I would love to here some news from back home.

Snoad, Michelle (added 11/5/05)
Fair Lawn, NJ
Hi everybody! Yup. still here! I'm a proud mommy of twins-- Brittany and Richie, 5. They attend Lyncrest and are involved in everything. Me, I've put myself on hold a bit up until this year with different jobs, but I think I am ready to break out the suits once again! I'm really glad to have found this site.. would be nice to chat with someone who once had BIG hair!! E-mail when you have a chance. :)

Tesauro, Jason W. (updated 10/7/02)
Richmond, VA
Greetings from your southern bent gent. I trust that I've lived up to your long ago voting of Andrea Panico and I as "Most Sophisticated." Indeed, I've penned The MODERN GENTLEMAN: A Guide to Essential Manners, Savvy & Vice. On shelves and at since just last week (October 2002), I encourage any of you that shared my penchant for clever prose to peek between the covers. When I'm not lowering my handicap at the Confederate Hills Croquet Club, I'm wooing my Fairest E as we celebrate seven years of lovin and one year of weddin. I'm the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Director for Barboursville Vineyards ( and my cup is perpetually filled with Cabernet Franc, poetry and my wife's Virginian curves. We moved from Atlanta to the heart of the civil south so that E could renew her career in historic preservation while I read Faulkner, write Tesauro and hone my consumption of the perfect julep. Backgammon dice still roll, I can still swing a tune and I frequently whisper some of your names in my sleep. I've Googled some Radburn chums to see what the search engines say of lost neighbors. Save me the trouble and mouse fatigue...tell me of your adventures. Don't be shy, hasn't enough time passed to smooth out any wrinkles?
Your perpetual playmate, Tesauro

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