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Banta, Dave
Los Angeles, CA
Recording Engineer/producer for major label recording artist. Worked with Sting, Ice Tea, Bette Midler, Coolio, Marky Mark etc...

Bernstein, Marc (Partnered)(added 9/2/09)
1060 Fulton St. San Francisco, Calif.
Not a great time to be in consumer banking but enjoying my work around the world with foreign banks. Off to Kazakhstan in November. Would enjoy hearing from old friends from FLHS.

Bick, Evelyn (Married Name: Scott) (added 4/6/00)
Succasunna, NJ
I conceived my third daughter on or around the night of the 20-year reunion! I've been home ever since (since shortly after conception because i was sick throughout the pregnancy). I felt young and vibrant in '96; now I feel old and decrepit! She just turned 3, so hopefully I'll get a life again before I die! My other two daughters are 6 and 9. I've been married for 14 years (or is it 40?). Two great dogs, both lab mixes. It would be great to hear from you! 

Bostock, Bob (added 7/9/98)
Lawrenceville, NJ.
My wife, Mary, and our 2 children, Bobby (3/3/92) and Priscilla (10/27/95), live in Lawrenceville, NJ. I'm still doing the politics thing-- but now back in NJ, where I work for Governor Christie Whitman as her Senior Deputy Director of Communications. Would love to hear from any members of our Bicentennial class - hope to see another great reunion turnout in 2001!

Bozzelli, Cindy (married name: Dittfield) (added 5/12/02)
Hawthorne, NJ
Married with two wonderful step children (Michael 7, Morgan 9). Sales Manager for Electronics Company in NJ.

, Serge (added 3/31/00)
Escondido, CA
I am a partner in a Digital Photography business named TriPrism. We develop digital imaging solutions for Amusement Parks and Professional photographers. I have been married for 20 years and have 4 Children a Son in college going to UCLA a daughter in high school another daughter in Junior High and my youngest son in elementary school. Just found the site and would love to hear from my friends in Fair Lawn.

Caltagirone, Frank (added 2/18/06)
39 Johnny Drive, Farmingdale, NJ 07727
Reside in Farmingdale NJ with my wife of 24 years, 3 boys , Frank Jr age 21 ( Senior at Monmouth Univ) Shawn age 20 ( Jr at William Paterson) Justin age 16 ( soph at Colts Neck High school).
Owner/CEO of two corporations-- one dealing in High Tech Semiconductors and the other in the legal field servicing Law firms around NJ area. Active on the Poker tour along with Golf as a hobby. Would love to hear from our fellow students and where they have been!

Chotiner, Ken (updated 11/18/01)
Springfield, VA
A lot has happened since graduation. I am currently a strategic planner with Raytheon Systems and a weekend warrior in the Coast Guard reserve. For fun, I am a volunteer firefighter and paramedic for Fairfax County Fire and Rescue and will officially graduate from the Fire Academy this December. I have fond memories of FLHS and would enjoy hearing from some of you folks.

Culnen, Patrick (added 5/23/01)
Address Dunedin, FL
Married to Barbara, 2 children Jeremy age 19 and Jessica age 13. Working for Danka Ind. and for myself , PC Computer Works. Would love to here from any old friends or enemies. Just living in vacationland and loving life. Send me an e-mail.

Daly, Colleen (married name: Milnes) (updated 7/16/00)
West Milford, NJ
Bill Milnes (FLHS '74) and I have 3 children and have lived in Upper Greenwood Lake, NJ for the past 18 years. 

Donchin, Andy
New York, NY

Eisler, Mark
Paramus, NJ 

Fano, Daniel (updated 8/21/02)
Franklin Lakes, NJ
I own a heavy machinery (ships, draw briges, flood gates...) repair company. Never married, professional bachelor. I collect motorcycles, cars and hangovers.

Finkelstein, Charles (added 6/13/00)
Chicago, IL
I am living in Downtown Chicago enjoying the City and the Lake. Would love to hear from class members. Its hard to believe that we are approaching the 25 year mark. I am a Manager for a major Electronics Co. involved in tech training of Audio and Video.

Fisher, Dave
Wyckoff, NJ
I am married and have 2 beautiful little girls. Hope to hear from old classmates, track teammates and friends.

Gaudart, Annie (Married Name: Blair) (added 8/20/01)
Fair Lawn, NJ
I'm still living in Fair Lawn with my husband Bob and three children, Stephanie, 16 and twins Jonathan and Lauren, 9. I went back into teaching and will be teaching French (4 classes) this fall at TJ and one class at the High School! I would love to hear from fellow classmates.

Gorman, Mark (updated 8/9/03)
Fair Lawn, NJ
Married Ronni London ('75) in '82. Our daughter will be a senior at FL next year, our son will be a freshman. Attending 'back to school' nights is really like going back to school. Had some good times with all of you!! 

Grossman, Arlene (married name Gaona) (added 7/9/98)
Howell, NJ
Live with husband, John and 2 daughters, Sara (8) and Rebecca (4). I've been teaching High School since graduating college and would love to hear from you folks. Just found this website. Interesting stuff.

Hauser, Gail A (added 7/13/03)
Hertfordshire, England
After a career in the Seattle Police Department, which included a shoot out at a Wells Fargo Bank, and an appearance on America's Most Wanted, I decided that a career change was in order. "In the Shadow of Alexander, A Soldier's Tale" is my first published novel. My website is at I never forgot my Fair Lawn roots, which are mentioned on my website. I am now married and reside in Hertfordshire, England.

Hite, Dona
West Milford, NJ
Interested in hearing from old friends! 

Iandoli, Rich (added 8/15/05)
Old Bridge, NJ
I am married to a wonderful women , Laurie, I met at Montclair State College. We've been married for 22 years and have two children, Matthew (15) and Lauren (13). I am a Vice President in the Systems area for Brown Brothers Harriman, a privately held investment bank in Jersey City NJ.

Kaufman, Andrew (added 2/23/09)
Monsey, NY
I have been blessed with a great wife of 25 years this year and 7 fantastic children and a growing number of grandchildren. I work for a Jewish organization and go to Israel often. I would love to attend a reunion. This is an outdated site. Anyone do facebook?

Kiel, Karen (added 4/26/00)
New Windsor, NY
I have 3 sons, Jonathan 19, Timothy 18 & Daniel 15. I am currently living in New Windsor, NY and am employed as a school bus driver. Thanks Mr. Y, you're sleeping in the passenger seat gave me my true abilities! I would love to hear from fellow class mates.

Koenig, Eric (updated 10/19/01)
Washington, DC
I have been married since 1997 and have two wonderful boys, Sandy (2 1/2) and Danny (1).

, Madeline (added 2/23/14)
Westminster, MD
Works as RN and licensed professional counselor. Got married for the first time this year to my partner Susan. Have a 24 year old daughter, Alyssa. Couldn't be happier! Would love to hear from anyone in the class.

Lamm, Kristi (Married Name: Allen) (updated 1/17/01)
Tucson, Arizona
Hi! I am far from 'home' and am sometimes so disconnected from New Jersey that it would be wonderful to hear from any of you . It is hard to get to the computer because of all my kids, but every once in a while they have pity on me. My husband Joseph is a native Arizonan and we have 5 kids: Josh who is almost 18!!!, Caleb 14, Megan 12, Caitlin 9, and Ryanne (a girl) 6. Write soon!

Lazar, David (added 3/21/00)
Fair Lawn, NJ
Married, with boy 11, and girl 13. Living in Fair Lawn. Internet Marketing Consultant with Development and servicing of automotive dealership websites. Love to hear from old acquaintances.

Lazerowitz, Jay I.
Franklin Lakes, NJ
I am an Attorney and have my own firm in Ridgewood, New Jersey. I am married and have two great boys, Evan, 8 and Ross 4.

Lindhorn, James (updated 10/12/03)
Spring Hill, FL
Recently moved to FL. Still near shore! Decided to get away from the cold I guess!! Hope everyone is doing great and would love to hear from old friends.

Loeber, Cathy (Married name: Hochkeppel) (added 8/10/00)
Fair Lawn, NJ
My son is a senior (17) and my daughter (15) a sophomore at FLHS. Looking at colleges, particularly Boston College. Any info., please forward. Thanks. 

Lyle, Glenn (added 5/14/01)
Raleigh, NC
I just moved to Raleigh, NC after 6 years in academic plastic surgery at the Medical College of Georgia where I was an associate professor. I am now in private practice. I have been happily married to wife Liz for 11 years and have two wonderful children ( whose children aren't wonderful?) Jonathan (9) and Kathryn (6). Still try to run a bit but it gets more like "jogging" every year. Would love to hear from old track mates and classmates in general! 

Margolis, Hank
Marlborough, MA
I'm Director of Consulting Services for a software company in Massachusetts. My wife, Kelly, and I have two children - Patrick (7) and Sarah (4). Our whole family loves to ski and we spend a fair amount of time in Maine doing just that. I still play piano - usually in my living room, though.

McDonald, Jeff (updated 1/15/06)
1108 Augusta Avenue, Wausau, WI 54403
Teaching Psychology and Sociology at Northcentral Technical College in Wausau, Wisconsin. Live in Wausau with my partner, Jim, two dogs, a cat and a bird. Active in local community theater.

Meyer, Paul (Changed Name: Seth Saturn) (added 11/7/00)
PO Box 23610, Richfield, Minnesota 55423
Greetings fellow alums! Among my journeys, I enjoyed the south in college (University of Virginia, class of 1980), lived in Portland Oregon for nearly 13 years, and am now living in the Minneapolis metro area while I complete my Psy. D. in clinical gero-psychology. I spent a number of these years as a benefits or retirement counselor before returning to school to complete my dream of a doctorate last year. I came out as a bi-man shortly after leaving school, and have been with my current partner Steven for 7+ years. I have taught dance off and on since 1977. I am a master gardener and spend a lot of time traveling with others who collect and grow exotic edible plants from around the world. I did the name change thing in '89 after completing abuse recovery work. Would love to hear from other Fair Lawners. Cheers.

Moldow, Jim (added 11/25/98)
Hillsdale, NJ 
Married to Linda, with two boys, Jordan (7 yrs. old) and Justin (4 1/2 yrs. old). Sr. Account Director for DWJ Television, a broadcast public relations firm based in Ridgewood, NJ. Parents still living in Fair Lawn. Hobbies include dabbling in local politics and environmental activism (formed a citizens group called F.L.O.O.D. to get flood control legislation passed in New Jersey).

Molenaar, David E.
Vernon, NJ
I am married w/2 children a Girl 9 and a Boy 2. Employed by Howmedica Inc. and manage the manufacturing engineering department. 

Pasquariello, Terry (Married Name: Dornic) (added 12/3/00)
Glendale, AZ
My husband, Bob and I have one son Matt age 9, one Dalmatian named Raisin and one black cat named Chelsea. We have been living in Glendale, Arizona for the past 12 years. Would love to hear from old friends.

Roth, Alysse (married name: Ricks) (updated 5/5/08)
Accord, NY

I live in upstate NY in a wonderful, rural community, where I have raised my sons, Jason, a doctor & Brian, a chemical engineer. I am an avid gardener, crafter & cook & I am extremely involved in community activities. My husband calls me a 'political activist', which makes me laugh because all I'm trying to do is 'de-yuppify' my town.

Rothenberg, Craig (updated 3/19/99) or
Short Hills, NJ
Would love to hear from any fellow classmates from the class of '76, or within a reasonable proximity to it (Was it really 23 years ago that we graduated?) and / or any lacrosse or fencing teammates from the Tim 
Cullen and Jim Lawther eras.

Rubin, Paula (married name: Dal Pos)
Pocono Lake, PA
By a freak chance, I had met a '75 graduate and found out he lived just a few miles from me. Thanks Garry "S" for telling me about this site. While checking it out I saw many familiar names, and enjoyed seeing what they're up to. My high school days are one big blur! But then again, it was the 70's. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me... oh hi Craig R. [waving], say hello to John Miletti for me! I remember him!

Schoenberg, Loren (added 11/7/99)
New York, NY
Still in the music business - would love to hear from any and all old FLHS friends.

Simon, Lynn (Married Name: Barnett) (updated 11/30/98)
Irvine, CA
Hello Fair Lawn. I came across this site by accident. I'm happily married, living in Irvine, CA. I have 3 wonderful children ages 12, 8, and 6. I'm interested in hearing from old friends. It was great seeing everyone at the 20 year reunion. 

Stern, Ken (updated 2/7/99)
Ridgewood, NJ 
Alot has happened since our 20th Reunion. Arleen Herrmann, class of '76, and I have reconnected and recently got married on September 6, 1998. I now have two great stepkids, Jason, age 17 and Alica, age 15 and a honors student at Ridgewood Sr. High School. I'm a Senior Technical Consultant with the Consulting Firm of D. H. Andrews Group, located in Cheshire, Ct. and our web site is: WWW.DHAGROUP.COM.  My specialty is on the IBM AS/400 and the J.D. Edwards ERP Software 
System. We reside in Ridgewood and I'm an EMT on the Ridgewood Volunteer Ambulance Corp. Hope to here from the Class of '76 graduates and looking forward to out next reunion.

Yadoff, Andy (added 7/2/02)
Wyckoff, NJ
As you can see, I'm not too far from 'home.' I even pass by the old house outside Radburn once in a while. I know that many of you have kids in college, but I'm at the other end - my wife Susan (neé Zingler - FLHS '79) and I have two girls - Jamie, 3 and Kelly, 2 - so we are YEARS away from being empty-nesters. (Add to that the Golden Retriever and the station wagon and we are quite the typical American Family.)


It is with deep sadness that we report the line of duty death of Officer Mary Ann Collura on April 17, 2003. Mary Ann was Fair Lawn's first female police officer and set precedents along the way. We wish to remember her and express our sincerest sympathies to her family, Fair Lawn's finest and to her friends. If you wish to sign a guest book in her honor, click here. --F. Holzsager '79

Bandel, Jack (updated 6/12/01)
West Palm Beach, FL
Been down here in sunny Florida for almost 12 yrs now, living currently in West Palm Beach and will soon be moving to Boynton Beach as I'm getting married in April 2002. I am a Senior Accountant for Ameripath Inc. Still get to NJ about once a year to visit family. Would love to hear what all of you have been up to. 

Casimiro, Bernie (updated 10/12/04)
Highland Lakes, NJ
Those who know and remember me, I'm still the same.....well, a little less hair now. Ok, alot less hair now. A few pounds heavier, feelin some aches and pains, ...sound familiar. Got married to Heidi Klein.......We have 1 daughter who is now 12 years old. If anyone knows a good way to keep her in the house till she's 30 something, let us know. all ideas are welcome. I miss the old days and if I had to do it over, I would do it the same....... I think Radcliffe is very close to getting to the world cup games but has not yet found Harry Collis.
email me and say hello......

Cohen, Helen (added 7/27/98)
Brooklyn Heights, NY
I am a Senior Associate with Davis Brody Bond, LLP, Architects and Planners in NYC and live in Brooklyn Heights. 

Cooper, Matt
Fair Lawn, NJ
It was great seeing many out of touch but not forgotten familiar faces at our recent 20th reunion. Looking forward to our 30th. I welcome e-mail's from past acquaintances. My wife, Jodi, and I plan to be "Fair Lawnites" for a long time.

Edelman, Lynn  (Married Name: Goodnough) (updated 3/17/01)
Plymouth, NH
I am married to a wonderful man and have 2 wonderful kids--Jordan, 13 and Amy, 10.

Epstein, Janet  (Married name: Blum) (added 2/28/01) 
Manalapan, NJ 
I live in central NJ with Jeff Blum class of 1977. We have been married almost 16 years and have 3 kids between the ages of 7 and 14. I am in the health, wellness and weight loss business and also work as a Consultant Dietitian. I am a recreational runner and recently completed my very first HALF marathon!! Very proud at age 40!  I have a pretty amazing memory and would love to hear from anyone from FLHS!

Flax, Scott G.
East Stroudsburg, PA 
Looking back sometimes helps in going forward. Never reticent, not regretting, leaning somewhat; we go on.

Glassman, Jackie (Married Name: Rubin) (added 11/20/99)
Coral Springs, FL

Gordon, Debbie (Married name: Depew)
Orange County, CA
Living in California makes it difficult to get back to Fair Lawn. I've been on the west coast since 1983. My husband, Bill and I have 3 children. Our oldest son will be 18 soon and graduates in 1999. Our daughter is 16 and our youngest son is almost 15. I miss the house I grew up in on Fairhaven Pl. My accent is now a mixture of east coast & west coast, but my memories of Fair Lawn will always be with me. Any plans for a 25 year reunion?

Gargano, Chris
Anyone have any details about the '77 reunion. I am a lawyer in Jersey City NJ and Brooklyn NY. Would love to hear from anyone out there. 

Harris, Phyllis (updated 11/10/19)
Las Vegas, NV
I have lived in Las Vegas, since I got married in 1986. I met my husband in Los Angeles, when I was attending USC Law School. I have two great kids. Jessica, who is 11 and Danny, who is 10. I am now practicing law, after 10 years in the sports betting business. I have stayed in contact with some high school friends and would love to hear from others. Did you all see Gail Sonnenschien's new business? It's called and it's been all over the media. Congratulations to Gail!!!

Hickey, Tim (added 5/15/00)
Hackensack, NJ
I currently reside in Hackensack, NJ with my wife (soon to be ex), and two daughters, Bethany 13, and Noelle 11. My personal e-mail address is, and my office e-mail is  My brother told me about this website, and my curiosity got the best of me. I wondered if there was anyone out there who wanted to contact me, for any reason. Fair Lawn was a great place to grow up, and I had a blast going through the school system, playing sports, and generally enjoying myself.

Klein, Ronald (added 6/9/01)
Ronald passed away March 12, 2000.

Kramer, Carolyn (added 8/16/06)
New York, NY - Fair Lawn, NJ - Wellfleet, MA
Hello to all of my fellow Fair Lawn High School Alumni. Especially the Class of 77. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. My parents still live across the street from FLHS so I have been privy to all the changes that have been going on in Fair Lawn for the last 30 years. We still haven't managed to replace the Pub that was across the street from the Empress Diner. In fact there is not one cool place to have a drink in Fair Lawn. If anyone is ever in the area, send me an email. I happen to be living at home for the past two years (long story). I still stay in touch with quite a few people from the Class of 77.

Levine, Sally (Married Name: Phillips) (added 6/20/99) or
Malibu, CA
I live in Malibu,California - - been here since '85 after I graduated from Georgetown law school. I'm now the VP of Human Resources at Pinkerton (a security and investigations company); I'm happily married to a third generation Californian with three great kids (twin six year old boys and a seven year old girl), who think snow only happens when you are skiing (!). Would love to hear from some old friends or any other Fair Lawnites transplanted to LA

Michaels, Rich (added 1/19/04)
Pompton Plains, NJ
I stumbled onto this web site by accident. A quick hello to the Fair Lawn folkes of 1977. I am married for 22 years, 3 sons age 17,15 and 14. Senior, Soph and 8th grader. All play ball and are great kids. I am a Sales Manager for Ricoh. Hope to hear from a few long lost Cutters.

Odsess, Michael (updated 4/21/01)
Boca Raton, Florida
I've been in Boca Raton since 1986, married since 1985 with 3 young children, daughters Sydney born in 97, and Andie born in 2000 and son Jake born in 98. I have my own real estate investment company, The Norton Realty Group, we specialize in the brokerage of investment real estate throughout Florida. Life is good, I look forward to hearing from anyone from Fair Lawn.

Pakow, Miriam Mona (Married Name: Bischak) (updated 4/28/02)
Elmwood Park, NJ
I have been married now for 8 years and have 6 year old twin boys. It's nice to see so many familiar names. Would love to hear what you've been up to. Drop me an email anytime.

Purnick, Gary (updated 4/19/01)
Gary passed away in the summer of 2000. 

Richter, Fred (added 7/27/99)
Beachwood, NJ
I Now live in Beachwood, NJ. I married Linda Kennedy, also from the class of '77 and had two children with her. A son, Freddy Jr., is a graduate of Garfield HS and now a nuclear electronics specialist onboard a nuclear submarine in the US Navy. A daughter, Cheryl Lynn, who is still in HS in Rahway, NJ and is also looking to join the Navy. Unfortunately our marriage only lasted 12 years but had a lot of fine memories. I am now single and looking once again, LOL! I played football and track for the Cutters and had lots of great memories from the school. Where is everyone? Give me a shout you guys, would love to hear from you!

Rosenberg, Steven J. (updated 4/21/13) or
Robbinsville, NJ
Married the first time in 1987 and divorced in 1995 (0ne daughter, age 25 lives in Texas). Married second wife, Caryn, in Nov 2001. She passed away on 29 Dec 2010 after a three year battle with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer. Still working for the Postal Service (in Kingston, NJ (just north of Princeton)), and I retired in April 2012 from Pennsylvania Air National Guard as a Lt Col. Served as commander of 203rd Weather Flight from 2005-2011 and then as Deputy Commander, 193rd Regional Support Group until retirement (Both at Ft Indiantown Gap, PA). Was activated during Kosovo Crisis (1999) and earned separate Army and Air Force Commendations. Spent a few weeks in the Arabian Desert in 2002, was awarded a second AF Commendation in 2004 and AF Meritorious Service Medal in 2006. Served 3 months in Iraq and earned a second Army Commendation and several campaign ribbons. Earned 2nd Meritorious Service Medal upon retirement. Mom (Lyncrest Secretary) and Dad (FLHS Librarian) and sister Sara (class '72) all well and living in Baltimore MD area. My brother, Alan, Class of '70, died in Dec 2003 from a heart attack at age 51. Would love to hear from fellow members of Class of '77.

Rudin, Glenn (added 7/7/2010)
Port Washington, NY
I am divorced and have 2 sons in college. I own my own Product Development and Sourcing company.

Schlanger, Randy
Boca Raton, FL

Weinstein, Abe (a.k.a., "Kenny") (added 1/19/06)
Peekskill, NY
Married 1987 in mass wedding to a great girl from Taiwan, have 2 girls 10 and 3
. I would like to hear from former grads from 77. I missed the 20th but will be there for the 30th. I have been a member of the unification church for 24 years.

Weiss, June (added 1/4/01) 
New York City, NY
hi class of 1977, would love to hear from any old friends out there...I'm single, no kids, never married, live in NYC have a Golden Retriever named Clifford and a Persian kitten, Tom. I'm a general dentist in private practice in North Bergen New Jersey.


Bryan, John (updated 3/21/02)
Fair Lawn, NJ
I am a Mortgage Consultant with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. I've been in the mortgage business for 14 years and I really enjoy my work. I have 4 kids. Jimmy 21 (can you believe it?) is a computer programmer in the USAF. Danny 18 is a Freshman at U Scranton. Gregg 13 is in 7th grade. Kate 9 is in 3rd grade. Gregg & Kate live in Ringwood. If you run across this listing - feel free to drop me an e-mail. I like to hear from old friends (yes, we are old).

Busch, Nicole (updated 7/3/07)
Fair Lawn, NJ
Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd ever want to move back to Fair Lawn, but that's exactly what I decided to do last summer (bought a house right around the corner from Mom and Dad). I'm currently living with my 13 yo daughter, who is following in my footsteps in more ways than I can count (going to TJ, amazingly creative, turning into an excellent writer, and continuing my legacy of rock and roll rebellion!) Getting remarried next year to my sweetheart Steve Markowitz, but will be keeping my last name and yes, we're staying in Fair Lawn. Still working as a copywriter at a pharmaceutical ad agency in NYC (just call me a glorified drug pusher). Would love to get in touch with old friends, so feel free to email me.

Cornett, Paul (added 2/4/03)
Fair Lawn, NJ
Greetings to all! I stumbled onto this site recently while surfing the web. I'm still here in Fair Lawn where I've been for the past 42 years. I've been working as an RF Communications Technician now for 22 years. I am the owner of two small communications companies here in NJ now for the last 7 years and . Some of my memories include working at Rolling Auto during my Junior and Senior years, riding the bus to satellite, and getting caught with a cheat sheet in Dr. Bichler's History class. Send me an EMAIL sometime, I would like to hear from all of my past fellow classmates.

Daley, Jane (Married Name: Dornick) (added 11/14/07)
South Plainfield, NJ
I left Fair Lawn 17 years ago and have been living in Central Jersey. I am divorced with two beautiful children, 10 and 12, and work as a reporter for a local newspaper. My parents still live on Tierney Place. I would love to hear from anyone! It's been such a long time and I do have fond memories.

Daly, Mary-Jo (Married name: Smith) (added 2/22/00)
Northfield, NJ 
I have been married to Bill for 11 years and have a six year old daughter named Jo-Anna. I have been a Nurse for 17 years and work at Atlantic City Medical Center In Women's Health Services. Had a great time at the 20th reunion, it was really nice to see so many old friends. Would love to hear from my classmates and what you are up to these days. Hope everyone is well and looking foward to hearing from you.

Dambrot, Steven (updated 5/26/01)
Livingston, NJ 
I would like to hear from old friends. 

Emond, Douglas W. (Updated 7/14/06)
Marblehead, MA
I am looking for Scott Radcliff who is looking for Harry Collis

Farber, Joan (Married name: Rosenblat) (updated 2/9/04)
Woodcliff Lake, NJ
I am married to a great guy. We have one child..he's also great!! I work p/t as an RN at Hackensack Hospital.

Feldman, Cheryl (Married Name: Grossel)
Fair Lawn, NJ
I'm married have 2 girls, Lauren and Hailey. For the past 13 years I've been a special education teacher working with autistic teenagers. I'd love to hear from old friends! Drop me a line, let me know what's happening in your life!

Gittelman, Dave (added 5/4/02)
Pahrump, NV
Geeze, this is supposed to be brief, huh? Well, I have 3 daughters, 2 of whom are of legal age, the other's going to a convent, no matter WHAT my Rabbi says! I'm working in Las Vegas as a bodyguard, so if anyone knew all the fun stuff that went into me back in the old days, feel secure knowing that I'm running around with firearms and other instruments of somewhat minor destruction in Sin City! For some reason, there's a lotta blurry areas in my head from 1975-?, but I'd like to hear from anyone that wants me to hear from 'em! I gave up my dream of owning the "World's Largest Used Bandage Collection", so if anyone wants it, I'll let it go CHEAP! My wife'll probably just GIVE it away, but I need cash, thankyouverymuch!

Green, Lisa (added 5/5/08)
New York, NY
All four Green graduates of FLHS -- my siblings are Jayne, Sharon and Howard -- live in the area and are happy, middle aged parents. Where did the time go?

Hiller, Joe (added 4/30/02)
Florham Park, NJ
Just a quick hello to those of you that I knew way back when. It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since HS, glad to see some names I remember. Let’s see…My wife Sue and I have been married for eleven years, and we have two beautiful daughters; Ashley (9) and Alexis (5). We live in Morris County where I own real and personal property consultation firm with a national client base. I’m still playing drums and picked up some guitar and keyboard skills over the years that help me keep my life in balance so I don’t become so domesticated that I forget who I am. Looking forward to hearing from some old friends since I haven’t kept in touch with anybody over the year. Best wishes to all!

Horowitz, Marc (updated 1/30/01)
Castle Rock, CO
Happily married and living in Castle Rock, Colorado with my lovely wife Christine. Most of the past 20 years have been spent overseas in Europe and Asia/Pacific. Working in the Computer Industry specializing in Health Care. Over this period of nearly 20+ years you lose contact with many special friends that bonded us when we where young and restless. It is my hope this forum helps to bring some of us back together. Look forward to hearing from you...

Lash, Alan (updated 3/21/00)
Wayne, NJ
After living in FL for 28 years, we finally moved up 208 North to Wayne. I am currently with an Internet startup hoping my stock options will someday be worth something. Married for 15 years with 2 daughters ages 7 & 11. Life is good!

Malc, Barbara (Married name: Hoffman) (updated 7/19/00)
East Northport, Long Island, N.Y.
Married to Lee (class of '74) since '83, we have two beautiful children Lyle and Sarah, would love to hear from former classmates.

Manela, Eileen  (Married Name: Kamins) (updated 1/3/09)
Litchfield, CT
Happier times were definitely ahead following FLHS. After graduate school at NYU (85), I stayed in Manhattan for too long. Two years ago, I moved with my husband and now 11
year old twin boys to Litchfield, CT, where my closest neighbors are cows. It is a place I had spent many summers in, but never imagined living here. I like the little surprises (at least the good ones) that life has in store sometimes. I am a psychotherapist, clinical social worker by training, and have had, and continue to have a fulfilling work life. Worked at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for about 15 years, and then opened a private practice, and have one here in CT as well. FLHS stays in your blood! Wishing all well.

Massey, Robert J. (updated 12/27/06)
919 Neptune Street NW, Port Charlotte, FL 33948
Still married (going on 15 years now) to a Cuban hottie nurse with an overactive libido (geez ... how many fantasies does that cover in one person?) who used to date a couple of pro baseball players before opting for a lifetime with little old me. We have five - count 'em, five - beautiful children ... four girls (ages this year 17, 14, 12 and 10) and an 8-year-old boy (a bounty I attribute to my wife's "hottie-ness" ... while she blames me for arousing her "inclinations"). Also, my 21-year-old son (from my previous marriage), who was raised in Sweden his entire life, has moved nearby to "get to know me" and his siblings. (Relations very amicable with past wife and her husband in Sweden, happy to say.) Finally took the lead from fellow alumnus Bob Bly (class of '75) and became a full-time freelance copywriter. (Bob is unbelievable ... he has written more than 60 books, is nationally famous as a copywriting "guru," and has provided me with the inspiration and the tools to make my own career as a writer ... in which I've won state, national and international awards.) So I am now the proud proprietor of my own business, Bob Massey's ACTION Words LLC ... with my tag line being "Dynamic writing that counts ... in dollars and sense." (Wow! I did learn something in English class!) I thumb through the Alumni Directory ... and can't believe how many faces I recall ... how many classmates are "missing in action" since the last issue ... and how fondly I remember most of you. I've heard from a few old classmates in the past few years ... and I'd love to hear from more. Don't be strangers!

Maybaum, Hillary (updated 3/24/99)
Fair Lawn, NJ
After high school I attended college in Boston, along with several other alums. My passion for the ocean brought me to Hawaii, where i resided for 14 years. The many highlights of that period included swimming with whales, diving in a deep-sea submersible research vessel, and meeting Tom Selleck. I've worked as an environmental consultant, scientist, dolphin trainer, college instructor, author and bartender (not in that order). In late 1998, I returned to Fair Lawn. I'd love to hear from old friends, especially Karen and Carol.

Moldow, Tom (added 6/20/99)
Married, Son 12 and a Daughter 6. Worked in NYC for 7 yrs and had enough so I moved to Tennessee....don't miss the North East. Business Analyst, EDS

Radcliffe, Scott (updated 10/20/05)
Batagay Siberia
Would Harry Collis please speak-up…After 27 years of traveling I still can not find ya.

Romano, Michele (Married Name: Dell'Aquila) (added 8/13/08)
I have been living in Warwick, NY since 2003 having moved from State College, PA, I lived there for 11 years.
I have been married since October 1981 and have three children ages 25, 23, and 15. Both of my older children have graduated from Penn State and are on their own, each living in NYC. My oldest is now married. Our youngest is in high school. I went back to college and will be graduating in May 2009 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. I want to keep busy since the kids are older and this was my answer to a midlife crisis - and this has kept me young since I attend school with students were are younger than my older children. My parents still live in Fair Lawn and I go there often.

Saltzman, Barbara ("Bobbie") (updated 9/2/09)
10418 South Walden Parkway, Chicago, IL 60643

I'm now entering my ninth year heading South Suburban College's theatre program. It's a great job, and they have given me room to build the program in all good ways. While life is good -- happily partnered for close to 16 years, homeowner, work is play, I'm tenured - being far away from wonderful family and friends is hard. I have great memories of FLHS and the Masques, the musicals, the silly and wonderful friendships, and Fair Lawn, too, the town with heart. I can't wait for the 35th reunion, so, in the meantime, if you're in Chicago, c'mon over.

Sarnoff, Mark (added 4/4/00)
Mahwah, NJ

Schmidt, Harold F. Jr. (added 4/21/13) or
DuPont, WA
I found a wonderful woman about ten years ago and married her. (She is originally from LA). I also meandered my way through school and finally completed my MBA a couple of years ago. My wife & I live in a community located between Tacoma and Olympia, WA. The traffic here is starting to look like back home, but oh well at lease we don't have to drive over the GW bridge. I miss the snow a little bit, we get a lot of rain out here.

Shafer, Barry
Cary, NC
I have been married for ten years, with two great children. After living in Kingston, NY for five years, I transferred down to Cary, NC in 1987. I have been working for IBM for fifteen years already. I am also a very active Red Cross volunteer. I do everything from assisting with disaster relief, first aid, and maintaining our Chapter's web site (which I created) at I graduated with a BA in Computer Science from Rutgers University in 1982 and completed my MS in Computer Science from Syracuse University in 1990. 

Stoll, David (added 5/23/01)
Hoboken, NJ
Working in Manhattan as a computer consultant, data warehousing and business intelligence my focus these days. Funny to see some of these names after all of these years ( as well).

Udes, Judith (Married Name: Herrell (divorced, but kept name)) (added 6/17/09)
West Hatfield, MA
Engaged to a wonderful guy, Stephan, and getting married next Valentines Day 2010. I am President of Herrell's Development Corporation, the franchising company for Herrell's Ice Cream and manufacturing/distributing Herrell's Hot Fudge sauces. See our website:
Love to hear from old friends!

Weiner, Audrey (married name: Von Zwehl)
Bellvale (Warwick), NY
I've been an Art Director in North Jersey for the last ten years. I'm married to a great guy and have a beautiful 8 month old son named Dillon. One of our hobbies now is motorcycling. My husband owns 2 Harleys and a Ducati. Where is everyone from the Class of '78? I'd love to hear from you.

Wicks, Laurie (married name: Zembrzuski) (add 5/10/13)
Centreville, VA
I have been married to my wonderful husband Mike for 13 years. I have 3 kids from a previous marriage, 2 sons who are 25 and 19 and a daughter who is 23. I am a dog breeder and travel to dog shows about 3 weekends a month. We have had numerous top Bedlington Terriers, and won the breed at Westminster this past year! The dogs keep me very busy now that the kids are grown. We just purchased 20 acres in Leesburg, VA and will be building our new home, kennels and a training facility there soon. You can see my dogs at I look forward to hearing from old friends. If anyone knows about any reunions please let me know!

, Jill (Married name Eilert) (Added 8/15/98)
Wayne, NJ
I've been married for 12 years to Steve from Oakland. We have 2 children, Danielle, 9 and Joseph, 6. I have been a physical therapist for 16 years, thanks mostly to the advise of Darth Piaget, FLHS guidance counselor. My parents are still in Fair Lawn so I visit the town often. I see familiar Fair Lawn faces in Wayne and would love to hear from old friends as well as get any info about a 20th reunion..

There will be a 30th Class Reunion scheduled for October 24, 2009 for $60 which will include alll the bells and whistles. In the meantime, if you or a classmate that you know, have not yet forwarded your email address and home address, please send it to For more information on the reunion, please visit

We regret to report the following:
The untimely passing of Lynn MacKenzie ... from cancer on 10/5/06
The untimely passing of Jill Stenzler Engelman...from cancer on 12/31/2014 (obituary)
The untimely passing of Catherine (Cathy)
...from cancer on 2/18/2015 (obituary)

Altman, Allan (updated 1/1/03)
Living in NYC. I'm a CD & video producer for a small but prestigious classical musical music label (we've got a website -- Would be happy to hear from old friends, and look forward to our class's 20th reunion.

Aversa, Helen (Married Name: Meccia)
River Edge, NJ
Update on children(4) : Katie, A.J., Nicholas, Emily Great site on the web to get in touch with old friends. Email me if your an old friend from 79.

Bandel, Pearl (married name: Hart) (Updated 8/29/99)
Oakland, NJ
Living in Oakland NJ with husband Greg, two children Daniel and Rebecca. I am a stay at home mother and that's my job 24/7. Still involved in theatre when I can. So nice to hear from classmates who have found me in cyberspace. Email me the internet is the greatest way to stay in touch......

Baum, David (added 8/25/99)
Passaic Park, NJ
After spending a year and a half in college, I took a semester off and spent the next eight years in Israel, first on a kibbutz and then studying in a yeshiva (rabbinical seminary). Graduated, received ordination and returned to the U.S. (with wife and son) to work in the field of Jewish education. Five years ago I changed careers and started my own business, The 800 Marketing Group, which develops businesses around tollfree telephone numbers that spell words. I live in Passaic Park, NJ with my wife Laurie and six children - 2 boys, 4 girls. I am looking forward to seeing old friends at the reunion.

Berman, Mark (added 3/18/99)
No location given
Although I left Fair Lawn in 1989, I did not go far. After closing my print shop, I went to work full time with the American Red Cross of Bergen County as Director of Community Services. I spent several years on the Ambulance Corps in town as well as riding with the Paramedics from Valley Hospital from 1981 to 1986. In 1988, I had the pleasure of delivering a healthy baby boy in the back of the ambulance while serving as Captain of the Garfield Ambulance Corps. Recently, I accepted a position at the ARC of Metropolitan New Jersey as Director of Disaster Operations serving the communities in Essex, Passaic,
Hudson and Union Counties. {think of me next time you hear about a bad fire in Newark or Paterson} I remain happily single living in the Borough of Moonachie and the folks are still in Fair Lawn. Although I did not attend the 1989 Reunion, I look forward to this years event. Take care and be well."

Bragin, Mark (added 6/30/00)
Whitehouse Station, NJ
I am living with my girlfriend Janet, son Matthew and dog Chance...own my own vending business doing ok, working hard.. use the computer alot, so drop me a line sometime

Brininger, Ann (Married Name: Bunker) (added 8/25/99)
Harleysville, PA
I left Fair Lawn in 1983 and have spent the years since then in PA, around Allentown and Phila. Paul & I just celebrated our 12th anniversary - we have 2 kids, Sarah, 6 1/2 and Daniel, almost 4. I have been working P/T since the kids were born - currently in the IS Dept of the Franklin Mint (makers of collectibles such as die cast cars, dolls, plates, jewelry, etc). I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the 20th reunion! 

Bryan, Sue (added 8/7/99)
Fair Lawn, NJ
Currently living in Fair Lawn with my 2 wonderful kids. Dorie, 11 and Sam, 6. I work in NYC as the General Manager of J&R Music World. I never made it to the first reunion (living in Florida at the time), so I am looking forward to this one. Please feel free to drop me a line.

Casteline, Betty (Married Name: O'Byrne) (added 8/17/99)
Fair Lawn, NJ
Although I have moved across town, I still stay within Fair Lawn's boundaries. My husband Tom and I have two sons, Kevin 8 and Christopher 3. I graduated from Montclair State with a BS in Business Administration, and have been working for the last 10 years at the Kids R Us corporate office in Paramus. I often see quite a few members of the class of '79 but would love to hear from others! Looking forward to seeing many of you in October!

Carroll, Tom
Silver Springs, MD
Since finishing a M.S. degree in Biology from the University of Illinois, I have been teaching Biology and AP Biology in Private High Schools. For the last nine years I have been happily teaching in Our Nation's Capitol at the very private St. Albans School, which is located on the grounds of the National Cathedral. My wife Laura and I live in Silver Spring (just inside the Beltway) MD. and we share our house with our two boys, Brian age 6 and Danny age 2. Our house will get even smaller in December when our third child is born. My parents still live on Bellair Ave. but will soon be moving permanently to their house on the Jersey Shore (Manasquan), from which this D.C. Carroll family just returned. Hello to all from FLHS 79.

Clarin, Mitchell (updated 12/20/2009)
Flemington, NJ
Hi everyone. .  I am still married to Barbara (19 years).  I have three children; Emily, Jake and Jenna.  Still living in Flemington and working as a pediatrician.  Hope you are well.  Amazing how quickly 30 years has passed.. 

Clausi, Michael (added 3/8/04)
Rio de Janeiro / San Diego CA
Hello Folks. Since I left the States in 1982, went to college in Rio and joined the offshore world. At present, working on an oil drilling rig off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. I have family living in San Diego which I go to visit twice a year. I work 28 days on, 28 days off. At present, single: who wants to stay with a guy working on this schedule. No dogs, no cats, just a good old Harley. Someone one let me know when the next reunion will be. All the best.

Cohn, Marlene (added 7/22/02)
Centennial, CO
It would be great to hear from old friends!!

Cook, Joseph (updated 12/5/05)

Fair Lawn, NJ
Never left Fair Lawn. I've been with the FLPD since 1986, being promoted to Captain in 2004 (check out the Department's web site at Graduated William Paterson (B.A. Criminal Justice), Seton Hall (M.A. Education), Northwestern University's School of Police Staff and Command, and West Point’s Command and Leadership program. I also spend time teaching at Ramapo College and Fairleigh Dickinson University. Divorced with two beautiful daughters Amanda (12) and Joanna (6)……..where has all the time gone???? Drop me an e-mail...

Dubin, Gary
Monsey, NY
After graduating Rutgers (in ’83) I attended the Aish HaTorah College of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem, Israel where I received Rabbinical ordination in 1989. My wife, Aliza and I have 3 boys (so far). I've worked in the field of Jewish education in Israel (we were there during the Gulf War), and Los Angeles (during the riots, wildfires, and the Northridge earthquake). We're currently enjoying a semi-quiet existence in Monsey, NY where we live and I work as Program Director of the Jerusalem Fellowships. We bring Jewish college students and young professionals to Israel for 3 and 4 week winter/summer programs. Our Executive Director, Rabbi Andy Kaufman is also from Fair Lawn (Class of '76) so naturally we have some great scholarships for Fair Lawn residents. See my sister Sandy’s entry in Class of ’72 for the whereabouts of the rest of my siblings. I'd love to hear from old friends. 

Dymant, Adele (Married Name: Kleinman) (added 7/2/99)
Mahwah, NJ
Been living in Mahwah for the past 10 years. My husband and I have no children except for 2 dogs which we consider our babies. Been working in Paramus as an International Traffic Supervisor for more years than I wish to count! Can't believe it's 20 years already since high school!! Drop me an e-mail.. would love to hear from some ol' friends.

Field, Karen (Married name: Roumay) (added 9/26/01)
Boca Raton, FL
Moved from Fair Lawn my soph. year of High School. Lived in East Brunswick for two years, where I graduated High School. Went to college for one year in N.J. then transferred to FAU, in Boca Raton. I have been in Florida 20 years, married in 1987 and have one son (Holden) who just turned 12. I would love to hear from old friends drop me an email. 

Godt, Shari (Married Name: Buchwald) (added 7/13/03)
17 Houston Place, Haworth, NJ 07641

I am married to Richard and have lived in Haworth for 12 years. Two daughters - Hallie is 14 and Carly is almost 12. Work full time for The Analytic Press in Hillsdale, NJ for 5 years as a production editor and sales manager. Much more to say. Look forward to hearing from some of you.

Gruber, Paul (updated 1/10/06)
Highland Park, IL
Married to my beautiful wife Diane and have the most wonderful sons, Max and Jack. I have been very blessed. My older son starts high school next year...Wow! Where did the time go! I have a private practice in Speech Language Pathology in the Chicago area. My website company sells DVDs teaching people how to speak English with an American Accent...(or more like a Jersey Accent!) Visit my site at: The Midwest is great, but I still miss Morlot Ave and Saddle River Road. A Big Hello to all my classmates - Hope you are all doing well. I would love to hear from you! Go Cutters!

Guy, Ed (Married Name: Trembicki-Guy) (updated 12/8/2002)
Dover, NJ
Decided my name was too short (and a title search turned up too many other Ed Guys with criminal records!), so Christine & I took each other's names when we married Sept. 7, 1996. We live in Dover with our Boston Terrier, Roxy. I'm beginning to appreciate what Jimmy Buffet meant when he wrote "I'm growing older, but not up". Still a rocker ("Who needs TV when I got T-Rex") and still a software techie (Mezz, wherever you are, it's all your fault!), just can't seem to scare up a good game of ultimate frisbee these days. Rock on!

Hamburger, Jenna (Married Name: Meltzer) (updated 10/24/03)
Millington, NJ
Married to Marc Meltzer for 14 years. We have two wonderful children, Evan (11) and Emily (7). I've been working as a legal secretary in Short Hills for 14 years. Had a fantastic time at the 20th reunion, especially catching up with some old Radburn School friends! Looking forward to seeing FLHS classmates at the next reunion, whenever that may be... 

Holzsager, Fred W. (updated 3/28/06)
Fair Lawn, NJ
Like others before me, I have returned to Fair Lawn as a resident. I am married with two terrific boys, both in TJ, and a beautiful 5 year old daughter. I completed my M.S., Telecommunications at Pace University, MCSE, CNE and AOCE (AutoCAD) certifications. Gave up working in corporate IT to launch Holzsager Technology Services, LLC ( to provide information technology benefits to small and medium-sized businesses in the Northern NJ area. I look forward to hearing from acquaintances that wish to correspond. Peace. 

Hymson, Carolyn (added 6/30/00)

Boynton Beach, FL
I work as the general manager for an optical buying group, and have been at the same company for 13 years. I have no children, but I do have a miniature schnauzer named Georgette that I consider my daughter! I would love to hear from any of my old friends from high school, since I have moved around so  much I have lost touch...

Koppelman, Steve
Randolph, NJ
Married to Stephanie, we have two sons - Scott and Kenny. Have been working in magazine publishing since 1985. Would love to hear from anyone who wants to correspond. Regards to all. 

Levy, Judith (Married Name: Monaco)
Lutz, FL
I am now married with two boys. I live near Tampa Fl. I have a B.S. in  Accounting from Ramapo. 

Marks, Claire A. (Married Name: Baggesen) (Added 4/25/99)
Cranston, RI
I presently live in Cranston, Rhode Island. FLHS Band/Choir had a music exchange with Cranston HS East in 1979. Never thought I would live here. My Dad still lives in FL (Mom passed away 14 years ago) I visit FL often. After high school, attended Katharine Gibbs School then left for Boston to attend Bentley College. I have a B.S. in Marketing Management and have not yet completed my MS/MIS. Met my husband Pete at Bentley--just celebrated our 15th anniversary. Worked in advertising/marketing for 15 years. I have been a high school head swim and volleyball coach (boys/girls) for the past five years as well as a junior olympic coach. Completing coursework to become a marine biologist which has been a lifelong dream that has been on hold for quite some time. I hope all my fellow classmates are well and happy. Would love to hear from the Class of '79!!! Looking forward to the reunion in October.

McEntee, Michael (added 9/11/00)
San Francisco, CA
Enjoying Life!! Hope to hear from those that have crossed paths with. I live in San Francisco and have done well for myself.

Meltzer, Marc
Millington, NJ
Married since 1989. Fate and New York Magazine personal ad brought  us together (it's a long story). Two children - Evan and Emily. Jenna  works as a legal secretary in Short Hills. I am a manufacturer's  representative. We plan to attend our 20th reunion(?). 

Meuman, Brad (added 10/7/99)
Morris Plains, NJ
My wife Sally and I are living in Morris County, but I am still in Bergen County everyday for business, and visit Fair Lawn often......I just can't seem to get over my craving for Saddle River Road bagels.

My life after FLHS is rather typical...a string of divorces, jail time, pestilence, melting stereo speakers... Actually, only the last is true. I practice Landscape Architecture /Construction Management in Franklin Lakes. That's what I get for taking a Horticulture class senior year.

I would like to congratulate everyone on our 20th year of adulthood! I know there are A LOT of you out there who have gone on to make a difference, and that's cool. GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE!

Millstein, Steven (updated 9/7/05)
Parkland, FL
My wife, children and I are now all living in Parkland Florida. I am taking it easy for a while and I am enjoying life and my family. Not sure what I will do if anything at all. Just having fun by the pool. Party on dudes and dudets. Hello to everyone in Fair Lawn from the Millstein's...

Nicolosi, Tony (added 6/29/04)
Stony Point, NY
After graduating from West Chester State College I spent approximately 4 years working in a small CPA firm. In early 1987 I moved on to Volvo Cars of North America and then in 1998 I moved over to their captive Finance unit Volvo Car Finance where I have been the President since June of 2001. I have been married to my wife Linda for just over 12 years now and we have three wonderful Children, Carly (10), Christian (7), and Alexander (4). Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next reunion in October. Wishing all Health and happiness!!

O'Leary, Bob (added 11/10/08)
Newton MA
Three boys: Thomas, James and William. My wife, Caroline, is a commercial real estate attorney in Boston. Own my own business designing sensors for the food and beverage industry measuring Alcohol, sugar, Carbonation and acid content for beer, wine, soda, yogurt and pharmaceuticals ( Graduated electrical engineering Temple university. MBA(executive) Temple University. Live just outside of Boston, coach my kids in baseball. My boys are into reading, baseball, basketball, karate and swimming. I would be interested in hearing from my high school friends.

Pace, Stuart (updated 12/7/06)
Fair Lawn, NJ 
Married to Karen 20 years in May 2007. Son Stuart Jr. is 16 yrs old. Daughter Sara is 14 yrs.old. Working as executive recruiter for Banking. Just bought a second 2 family home in Radburn as an investment. Loving the non corporate life.

Pfau, Thomas (updated 1/12/02)
North Brunswick, NJ
Married with four daughters. Computer programming at a startup in Morristown.

Roccki, Vanessa M. (added 7/7/2010)

Ventura County, CA
I moved to Southern California in 1984, now in my 26th year already!  I got a job in the music business the day after I got here and worked for the same company for 21 years.  I Got married in 1997, got divorced (ugh) but the good thing that came from it are my two sons, Jack & Matthew.

Ross, Neil (added 10/9/07)
Port St Lucie, FL
Living back in Florida after several years in California, married, no kids…. Currently running a Transportation Company. Still playing Trumpet from time to time! Drop me a line and say hello!

Rossip, Bradley S. (updated 3/28/06)
Port Charlotte, FL
I've been in the food industry for 28 years now, have a hotel/restaurant management degree, and hold certification as an executive chef. Living in Florida for the last 6 years after being in Alabama for 11 years. I'm currently working as general manager in the busiest restaurant in Charlotte County- LUIGI'S ITALIAN RESTAURANT AND PIZZA. Have five great children Stephanie, 17, Jeffrey, 15, Kelly, 11, Aaron 8, and Holly 6. I enjoy coaching soccer at the high school level for (Jeffrey) and also U-10 recreational for(Aaron). Married 18 years to Norma, who I met in Paterson, NJ. Love to hear from any and all Cutters. Please email me

Sciano, Dave (updated 7/14/02)
Ronda, NC
Working as a biomedical engineer for Premier Inc. Would love to hear from former classmates.

Sheppard, Scott (added 9/12/03)
Catonsville, MD
When getting nostalgic for cutting class (now work) and spending my days in the park, I look on this site for some familiar names. I graduated from Towson University (Baltimore) with a degree in Business and Economics. I then worked for 15 years as a commercial real estate appraiser, with the last 3 years being spent working on property valuations for The Rouse Company (owners of Paramus Park and Willowbrook Mall) in Columbia MD. My play time is spent with my wife Dorothy and my 2 children, Kevin (8) and Eric (5). I got too brittle for soccer about 8 years ago, but still play baseball each summer with a bunch of active and former college players, which has gotten a little tougher lately. Luckily, I stay in touch with some good friends from FLHS, with great memories. Hope all is well and thanks to Fred Holzsager for keeping this site up. Anyone who would like to drop me a line, please do so.

Sherman, David (added 4/26/00)
Monmouth Junction, NJ
I live in Monmouth Junction New Jersey (Exit 8A) with my wife and our three fantastic children, 2 boys and a girl. I am Vice President of Worksite Marketing for Winston Financial Services and the Bradley Group, based out of Point Pleasant, New Jersey. We develop and maintain HR websites, and provide voluntary insurance benefits through payroll deduction for many companies nationally. I had an unbelievable time at the reunion, and look forward to hearing from old classmates.

Shore, Ron
Wyckoff, NJ
I'm currently an anesthesiologist at St. Clares Hospital in Denville, NJ. Michele, my wife of 6 years is a Dentist in Elmwood Park. We have two boys, Matt 4 and Marc 20 months. My sister Robin (Class of 1981) is an E.R. Doc in Wayne and is married to Dave Epstein from our class. Missed the reunion, Dave sort of filled me in. Looking forward to hearing from old classmates.

Tauber, Ann (added 2/26/01)
White Twsp,. NJ
Wow 1979 seems like ages ago. I was married but now divocred (thanks god) and I have 2 wonderful boys - Scott 8 and Brian 5. In 1999 I met a wonderful guy and we now live in White Twsp. NJ. I still show and compete with my horses (I have 2). Last year I took up racing go-karts and I am looking forward to getting a micro-sprint this summer. My boys race as well and we are on the road several days a week in the summer. I would like to hear from anyone in my class as well as anyone from Radburn who remembers me. 

Vita, Nancy (Married name: DiFiore) (added 5/14/02)
Springfield, NJ
I enjoyed our 20th reunion very much. Seeing old friends brought back such fond memories. I have been living in Springfield with my husband Silvio and our twins Danielle and Brian, age 8, for over 10yrs now. Currently I am employed part time as a dental hygienist in Short Hills and I enjoy juggling work, school, soccer, gymnastics and everything else life hands out to us. I would love to hear from some old buddies of mine.

Weinberger, Suzy (Married name: Bayliss) (added 6/19/00)
Jacksonville, FL
Moved to Florida 11 years ago. Married Shawn we have a daughter Morgan Lanae and a son Gabriel Daniel. I own my own executive search (headhunting firm) and I'm just really loving life. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.

Weisfeld, Bruce
New York City, NY
Married to Jill Mangel (of Philadelphia) and have two girls: Emily and Danielle. Grad. law school but working elsewhere. Drop a line.

Weissman, Steven (updated 8/29/05)
Tampa, FL
I live in Tampa, Florida after migrating south through Atlanta, Philadelphia and New York City. I am married with two girls and work as a physician in private practice. I look forward to hearing from other alumni. 

Wright, Joseph (added 7/14/02)
Ellsworth, ME
I came to Maine in 1981 for a visit and have been here ever since. Married with 3 children (Taylor-3, Nick-5, & Zack-19). I am a Real Estate Broker/Rental Agent in the Bar Harbor/Acadia National Park area. Weekends you’ll find us hiking in the Park with the kids and off to one of the areas lakes. Sorry to have missed the reunions, looking forward to the next one.

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