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A Prayer for Those That are Lost
Our Lord, Saint of all lost Souls, and Saints that protect Children We pray that you will hear us and help, send down Angels to help in this cause, everyone needs you and your help, we have many problems down here which we know that you are aware of.

We pray to you to bring back our loved ones that are stuck in the dark and sinister world of drugs. They can't for the time being help themselves so we pray that you can help them to see the light that shines from you and your warmth, that they need so desperately, and can't or won't ask you for this.

We pray that you keep them safe until the time comes that they see your light.

We pray that you will send down Angels to watch over them til they feel the warmth you will provide.

We pray that they will let you back into their lives and see that only you can give them what they need, not some drug.

We pray for all the children that have had their little lives upset by the terrible epidemic,losing their Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Brothers, and Sisters to this epidemic, let them know that it is not their faults for what is happening in this world.

We pray that you can help us and them to fight this dark and sinister world.

We pray that people can have tolerance and be able to help all of these lost souls.

We pray that all of these lost souls can come back and live the life that they were meant to live, the life that you wanted for them.

We pray that life will return to them before they are taken from all of us.

Thank you for listening to us and we know that you will help if you can, and we have a feeling that you feel the same way.

Send down the Angels to protect them until we all can figure out a way to stop this horrible epidemic.

Carol Martin

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