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"My Name Is Cocaine"

My name is "COCAINE,"
Call me coke for short;
I entered this country
Without a passport.
Ever since then
I've made lots of scum rich;
Some have even been murdered
And found in a ditch.

I'm more valued than "Diamonds,"
More treasured than "Gold;"
Use me once
And you will be sold.

I'll make a schoolboy
Forget his books,
I'll make a "Beauty Queen"
Forget her looks.

I'll take a renowned speaker
And make him a bore;
I'll take your mother,
And make her a whore.

I'll make a school teacher
Forget how to teach;
I'll make a preacher
Not want to preach.

I'll take all your rent money
And you'll be evicted,
I'll murder your babies
Or they'll be born addicted.

I'll make you rob,
Steal and kill;
When you're under my power,
You will have no will.

Remember ...
My name is "BIG C,"
If you try me one time,
You may never be free.

I've destroyed actors,
Politicians and many a hero;
I've decreased bank accounts
From millions to zero.

I make shooting and stabbing
A common affair;
Once I take charge
You won't have a prayer.

Now that you know me,
What will you do?
You'll have to decide,
It's all up to you.

The day you agree
To sit in my saddle,
The decision is one,
No one can straddle.

Listen to me and please listen well,
When you ride with cocaine,
You are headed straight into ...

~ Author Unknown ~

This story is so true, 100% true, you see I and my family are living with this every day and have for the last 9 years.
We have a son who was a wonderful, loving, compassionate man until someone he called a friend introduced him to this stuff.
He thought that he could do this once or twice and stop whenever he wanted to.WRONG!!!!!
He lost his oldest son and the boy's mother, whom he loved very much, but in the end he loved the crack-cocaine more.
He came home one day and she had taken our grandson and left and went home to her parents, she didn't want herself or her son involved in that kind of world, so dark and sinster.
They had a good life and they had some money which was gone and their credit cards were gone all because of this stuff called CRACK-COCAINE.
He tried atleast 10 times going into the hospital and different rehabs to kick the habit and try to get his life back.
The last time he did it, he became friends with his son's mother and let God back into his life.
We thought we had our son back.
Then he met a girl that he went to school with and they started to date, and noone knew that she was a junkie and pretty soon my son was back doing that stuff again.
Since then they have had 3 beautiful sons who were born addicted to that stuff, and had them taken away from them, luckily my husband and I were awarded custody of the boys.
My son and their mother have been in jail, have lived out on the streets, have stolen from everyone in our family and hers.
No one wants anything to do with them on either side of the family.
They lie and cheat and steal to get the money they need to stay high.
They have gone into the hospital 4 times that I know of as CHARITY cases because they have nothing.
They will come to see thier children once in a great while.
They want to give up the
crack-cocaine but they CAN'T,not even for their children, not even for themselves, and believe me they have really tried, but with no success.
They have been in jail and arrested many times.
My son was indicted by the grand jury and is now awaiting trial for 5 counts of possession of this stuff.
In the meantime they are still using.
He is scared but has to have his HIGH!!!!
Sad isn't it?
So when someone, friend or not, comes up to you and offers this stuff to you and they say "just TRY it, you can stop anytime you want",PLEASE remember this story, it's all true and very sad especailly for their children.
They don't seem to understand why they can't be with mommy and daddy and why they only see them once in a while.
Why mommy and daddy act so funny sometimes and differently at other times.
They're going to die if they don't stop, remember that everytime you take just one hit of that stuff you can die right then and there, or else you will be addicted for a long time if not forever.
Nothing means anything except getting the next hit of that stuff, NOTHING!!!
Families can be destroyed because of this stuff, you learn real quick to distrust everything they say and do.
You feel you did something wrong or they wouldn't have gotten into this, but that is not true they made the choice and them alone.
I taught my son about drugs and he learned his self but someone comes along and they seem to forget everything and everyone they love and get lost in a world that is so sinster and deadly and never seem to ever come back from that world and if they do, count your blessings, and hope that what they learned stays with them and that a FRIEND or someone close to them, or someone they are trying to impress doesn't draw them back into that world again.
I cry everytime I see my son because I see the pain and the shame in his eyes and face.
I pray to God everynight that someone will help him and all those lost souls that can't help themselves.
I feel real pain when I look at his 3 sons and it breaks my heart to know that these children are never going to have the parents that they truly deserve.


I know that I never will forget this ever, as long as I shall be on this earth.

What this stuff looks like: This stuff looks like a white powder, or a little white rock.
You can smoke it or snort it up your nose.
You can cook it and inject it with a needle in your arm.
Most of the time it doesn't cost to much at first but as the habit builds you will find them spending more and more money to get this stuff.

Cocaine is has become a drug of epidemic proportions in this country.
Something has to be done to stop it and education is really the only way to go.
You need to have talks with your children before they get into school and help them to understand that they can say no and that it is o.k.
Create situations (a game like thing) so that they know how to say NO and feel that they don't have to do this.
Start talking to your children when you think that they are old enough to understand, usually around 4th grade.
This stuff is getting to kids who are younger and younger.
We can stop this if we all take and active roll and not expect someone else to do the job that we should be doing and then there are still no guarantees that they won't try this drug, unless they know how and when to say NO!!!!

Dilated pupils in the eyes
hyper or fidgitty, can't sit still has to be doing something
Lost of appetite
Lose of weight
Shaking hands
Not caring what you look like, wearing dirty clothes and not caring.
Not taking care of your personal habits like, showering or brushing your teeth, combing your hair.
Hanging around with people you don't know and you never see.
Phone calls at all different hours day and night. No money
Disappearing for periods of time.

DISCLOSURE: The information within this page is relative only to the experience of one parent.
In no way should it be taken as a replacement for or an adjunct to professional and/or medical advice.

Sources: 1. Cocaine and Crack: Just the facts An extensive listing of factual information about cocaine and crack with lots of links to other cocaine related information.

2.MEDLINE plus: Cocaine Abuse Overview of cocaine/crack abuse research and information from the National Institutions of Health (US)

3.Cocaine Cocaine, a stimulant drug from the leaves of the coca plant, increases the heart rate and high blood pressure. This site discusses dangers,additon and effects.

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