Rules for Applying for My Awards

[1.] Your pages must have some content and not just all links and should be easy to navigate.

[2.] Not too many frames, Please :) Your pages must be completed, no under construction signs, and no broken links or images. The links I follow must work properly.

[3.] It helps to have some nice graphics, but not absolutely required.
[4.] Websites with Adult themes, pornography, bad language, nudity, or hate material will not be considered.

[5.] If your site meets with all the criteria above, just E-Mail me with your complete url and award # you are applying for. Please make sure that you add your url and the number of the award you would like.

[6.] If you win my award, I require that you link back to me and you must upload the award to your own server. I will email you my html code with the award.






This Special Award cannot be applied for. It will only be given to those sites which I consider to be of excellant content, graphics and uniqueness. [My sister designed this award in honor of our father, Oliver A. Hoppach (1929-1993)]