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To My Dearest Daughter Kiersten,

I remember the day you were born was such a special day for me, I had the most beautiful daughter in the world.
When they handed you to me I cried such happy tears
and my doctor said, you got your Daughter Carol.
You were the most beautiful thing,
with chubbie little pink cheeks,and your dark blue eyes.
They gave me a few minutes alone with you,
and I made you some promises that day.I would always be there for you,and give you everything that I never had like advantages that I didn't have, and a wedding that I didn't have.
My favorite moments with you were when you had your feedings in the
middle of the night, when it was just you and me,
and no one was around, I would talk to you about the future,
and all the things I wanted to teach you and give to you.How I wanted to share all my experiences with you and be your friend not just your mother.

Then you started to grow up and you were such a sweet,and beautiful little girl,
you were very empathic for your brother, and you watched everything
that went on around you. Like a little computer you took it all in,
and you started to develope your own personality. You just got more and more beautiful
as you got older.
Boy did Pat love you, he was like a mother hen always fussing over you.That was his little sister and your other brother Sean felt the same way, even though he teased you alot, he loved you very much, they both did.

Then you weren't a baby anymore.
You were a little girl. How I loved to dress you up like a little china doll, you meant so much to me.
Most of the time you wore dresses because I thought you had the
prettiest little legs and dresses just became kinda like your trademark and the dresses just showed them off,
you were almost always in a dress.

See what I mean and look at those little legs. Daddy just thought you
were the greatest thing in the whole world.
You were the definitation of Daddy's Little Girl.
You were the apple of his eye. It bothered me that I had to
start sharing you with everyone, Dad, your Brothers ,Grandparent,
Aunts, Uncles and now you started making friends,
I think that Kimmie was the first friend you ever had, and you are
still friends to this very day. Daddy and I became friends with Kimmie mom and dad. Remember the parties at thier house and ours. We all had alot of fun.
Then the day came that you had to go to school,
I remember crying after the bus picked you up ,I thought she is to
little to be going to school already, I didn't have enough time with you yet.
You looked so little getting on that big bus for the 1st time.
Even though it was only for half a day, seemed like it forever for me.

Then I though you should have some background and depth to you, so you would know somethings, I
enrolled you into ballet and tap classes.
You went 2 times a week,for 3 years, and you really liked it,
you were in there long enough that you got to be in two recitals, in front
of an audience in the school with your little ballet outfits, one year it was a pink outfit and the second year it was a teal outfit.
You looked so cute and the whole family came to see you dance,and the pride we all had in you, this little tiny girl doing all the things you were taught to do.
Then you started to really grow up and become so independant,
You were still that little girl to me.
We would go to both Grandma's houses and you would play with your Cousins
and even then you liked to dance, and sing, even though you didn't show it in front of the other kids. Remember all the Christmas Eves at grandma house with everyone their, the frenzy of present opening.

Then there was cheerleading every nite and all the popwarner games,and again there was so much pride,
you did this for 2 years and decided to try other things, like playing the flute in school, remember the concert they had.
You didn't like snobs, and that what cheering squads were clicks,
and you weren't going to be told by any one, who you could or could not
have for friends,
Then there were all the family trips, great adventure, camping with Grandma
and Grand pop and you Aunts and Uncles and your Cousins, the family barbacues, grandmas pool,
trips to Florida, to see Vicki and Dara, and Disney World how you didn't want to be there, and St. Pete, and the time be brought Amy with us, what a trip that was remember? All though we did have fun in St. Pete, even though you and Amy ran out of money! So you got it from your brother. Remember the wild parrots on the phone lines and how amazed we were to see them. We were told that people would buy parrots and then let them go and then they became wild. Remember the parasailing you did?

I thought that I had taken pictures of you at Vicki's and at the beach, but I guess not. Remember when we had Jesse for the weekend and you took him to the beach in St.Augustine, how much fun you and him had.
But we did have fun camping, and going all over Florida, and we went to Florida alot! You and Dara would go to the clubs in Jacksonville. Boy did you two have fun going to the different clubs.
Then you joined the Youth Center and made alot of friends
and you when on field trips with them, and one in perticular when you
went out into the wild and hiking with all your friends, and the chaperones, from there.
It was a weekend field trip, and you had a fear of heights, but
on this particular trip, there were things to help people come over
some fears they had, and you put your fear of heights behind you when
you climbed the mountain. I was so proud of you, you did it. Now if we could just get you in an airplane.

Then came intermediate school. You made alot more friends and all the
while Kimmie was at your side, making friends with all the same people as you and some other friends of her own.
You both had other friends and still you kept your friendship, together.
You did alot of things, some we approved of, and some we didn't.
Sometimes you would get in trouble, but not for anything really bad,
just minor stuff. You did all the normal things kids do when going
into the upper grades. You spent 3 years there before graduating from
intermediate school. I remember the 8th grade dance with all your friends, Taran and Megan,
and you looked so pretty in your white dress with the pink sash.
You looked so grown up. I realized that you weren't my little girl
anymore, you were getting to big, I couldn't keep up with all the things you guys did. Going to the beach, all the phone calls, boyfriends, etc.
Then ther was your 8th grade trip to Washington D.C. for the weekend
with all your friends and it didn't matter how many chaperones there
were I was so nervous about you being so far away.

And there was Kimmie, still your best friend.
Then you graduated and were on your way to high school.
That was really hard for me because now boys really entered the picture
and I had hoped that I had taught you all the right things,I guess I did because you did, because you did o.k. in high
school and you went to so many proms,and had so many fiends both boy and girls. You had so much fun in those years.
And you looked so beautiful and you had so much fun.
You shared the experience with me,

then there is another prom with your first love Paul and you looked
so beautiful. The money for those proms was outragous,
but I figured I had only one daughter so we would spend and we did spent so you
would be able to find the perfect gown, because my daughter had to look perfect.
Then you graduated from high school. We brought you your 1st car for graduation. I knew that you were
turning into a very beautiful,compassionate,young woman.
I was glad an at the same time, and a little scared.
I just hoped that I taught you how to be a good girl and you were.
You and I didn't see eye to eye on many things,
I call this our dark years. Boy did we fight but mothers and daughters at this age aren't friend, not until they get married do they really become friends again.
You did things that all your friends did,some of those things I
thought were cool and some of those things I didn't think were so cool. But I had to let you go, your own way, you weren't a little girl anymore.
Then you were going to a party with your girlfriends,
but you never made it. Fate intervened, Eric was there a guy you thought was
really cute, but you didn't get to see each other, you went to another party and missed seeing him. Then
you became an Aunt for the first time and loved it,
Jesse was the light of your life, you took him everywhere, and he just adored you "his aunt ke ke"
Then you made some bad choices, but they were your choices,
I didn't like them but you wouldn't listen to me. Then one night many years later,
you went to a party and you caught up with Eric, the boy that you though was so cute so so long ago, when you missed him at the other party,
he was like a breath of fresh air for you, after some of the guys you
dated. You fell in love with one another, I still remember the night
that Eric told your Father and I that he loved you and that he was
going to marry you. I thought oh no I am losing my little girl,
and if was even harder for Daddy, but we got over it.
Then you two decided to get married, I didn't have a big wedding,
so I was determined that my daughter was going to have the best
wedding that we could afford to give to you. There is
something that I never told you, how much it meant to me to be
included in every aspect of your wedding and bridal shower.
I felt like I was preparing for the wedding that I never had through you, and your wedding.
We worked really hard and planned a really great wedding. You let me make your bridal bouquet and your brides maid, and maid of honor bouquets,too.
You looked so beautiful in your white wedding dress ,
on the arm of your Dad coming dowm the asile you never
took your eyes off Eric and he never took his eyes off you.
The reception was the best even if the cake did get there two
hours late. When you danced to Daddy Little Girl I cried so much,
it was so beautiful.

The reception was great to I will never forget "Meatloaf" I have
it on tape for ever and ever.Do you remember?
After the reception and you left Eric, Eric called me and thanked me for
allowing me to let you marry him and I told him it was your choice,
but it was sweet of him to do.

Then you told me that you were pregnant with your first baby,
something you thought you would never have,
and I always told you when the time was right GOD would give you the
baby you wanted so much.
There again you let me be apart of your whole pregnanty.
Then you presented me with the most beautiful baby granddaughter,after a long and hard labor,
who looked just like you with her chubbie checks.
I fell in love with her instandly and you even let me see you give birth
to my precious Granddaughter.

She was the most perfect baby, next to you, in the whole nursery. I couldn't wait to hold her and touch her. She was the most precious thing,that GOD gave to you and Eric, and us. You are wonderful parents and couldn't love a child anymore than you love her. We absolutely love her to death, and couldn't have asked for a more beautiful granddaughter. She is our precious granddaughter. She has so much love from everyone in both families. Your a wonderful Daughter, you gave so much when Daddy had his heartattack
and by-pass surgury, I don't know what I would have done without you
and Eric. You helped me stay sane, with all that was going on with
Daddy, and your Brother, and your other Brother Sean ----

I love you more than any words could ever say.
You absolutely mean the world to me in every sense of the word, and a very Special Daughter,that
GOD gave me so many years ago.
Always remember you are and alway will be until the day I die ,
My Little Girl, with all the love that I can give to you with all
my heart.

I will love you unconditional until the day I die. There is nothing so precious than having a little girl who will be your friend forever and ever.

I Love You with all my Heart


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