UPDATE NEWS! 2.10.06

    I need a hero! I'm holding on for a hero to the end of the night. He's got to be strong and he's gotta be fast and he's gotta be straight from the fight!!
*clears throat* sorry about that. Minor update for Villaintine's day. Got a couple of new icons for the linkies this time around *grins and cutes*

I apologize for the fact that the icons aren't precisely the same size. The program I was using to make button icons decided today that it didn't want to let me crop and resize piccies, so I had to use a different program. Ugh major. At any rate, enjoy the labor of love *grins*.

UPDATE NEWS! 8.11.04

   Ok. Updated the Slayers Fantasy page with three new fanfics. Still need to work on overhauling the site. Need to find time to do said overhauls. Has anybody invented a Time Turner like what Hermione uses in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban? If so, can I have one? I really need it. Pretty please?

UPDATE NEWS! 6.23.04

%nbsp;  Getting better with my updates. Let's hope it lasts. Overhauled the news section and separated it into fanfiction news and main page news. Also added an image map to that section for easier navigation (at least I hope it's easier).


    Wow, been over a year. Year and a month to be precise, since I updated this website. Ok, not that long. I added some stuff back in September that you can read about in the NEWS section (which I gotta update and separate at some point). Today I added a couple of new GIF images to a couple of the pages, added a couple of fanfics to the page of Whatever, and at some point I gotta get a new guestbook since annoying bravenet deleted my account *fumes* At any rate I need to get off of my butt at some point and do a full site overhaul. Overhaul *sighs* With what time? I'll find time, even if it means cutting sleep out of my schedule. Heh heh. Don't worry everyone, I'd never do anything that off the walls crazy. But I will find some time at some point to update and overhaul and redecorate and stuff, so please be patient with me. And if you want to know what's been going on in my life of late, you can read my rantings in my dead journal. Peace out.

    *A fog surrounds you as you enter the domain of the Warrior of Darkness, Warrior Saturn. As you open a door a fireball sails past your head and explodes behind you, lighting the way. The person inside the room turns from his computer chair and stands, his cape flowing behind him. He brushes a few strands of his red - brown hair from his face, which immediately fall back where they were.*
    "Ohayo, Konichiwa, and welcome to my home. Sorry about the fireball.... you startled me. Anyway, look around and try to stay out of Lina's way. She has a tendency to be a little bit moody and doesn't take kindly to those who tresspass in her personal space."
    *An explosion ensues from somewhere else in the domain and and several people clad in armor or sailor fuku's run by. A moment later a short girl with flaming red hair and a billowing cape runs by, screaming something about how the last donut was hers and they would pay for eating it*
    ^_^;; "I don't think you'll have to worry about Lina now... she's busy with other stuff right now. So, where do you want to begin?:
    Mikkakan event log and pictures. Sugoi, kawaii, and kakoii all describe this one.
    Pokebish Pocket Bishounen that I've captured.(last updated 10-18-01)
    Pocket Bishojo . I've caught Bishounen, and now I'm catching Bishojo. Added 10-18-01.
    Surveys That I have taken.... scary things. My commentary included.
    "My fanart archive page. So far only fanarts from me have been posted, but if somebody else would like to submit, then I would be glad to post yours as well. Email submissions here.
    "Here's the lastest (or earliest?) news for the website
    "My original spellbook can be found here
    "The Clair Bible manuscript (most complete incantation list with some original spells)
    "The Library has some interesting stories involving the Sailor Soldiers, Warriors, and Slayers. (Updated 10.15.01)
    "There's always the information for my character for an up and coming Sailor Moon RPG.
    "There is also a smaller library which houses some of my earlier fics. Technically it's an archive, not a library, since stuff is more or less out of sequence. (major update 8/16/00)
    "My links page has some interesting pages, like the Squaresoft homepage, the homepage for the RPG Virtual Arena, where I fight on occassions, and my friend's pages. Just be warned: some of these pages are incredibly strange, and many have to do with a couple of my favorite anime series, Sailor Moon and Slayers.
    "My PHAT PROPS page, which is where I say hello and give some credit to all the little people (and some not so little people) who helped to make this website possible. (updated 8/27/00)
    "Now, would you like to know more about me???"

About me:    "I'm a student at the University of New Hampshire, I'm a senior right now living in a residence hall (yeah, go fig. But the guys I live with this year are really great. Sooner or later you may hear me complaining about how people drive me crazy and stuff, but it won't be this year.... yet). I'm one of the more faithful members of the UNH anime club and I also stop by the Wildcat Knights (games club) on an occassional Friday night to see my friends who play Shadowrun. I'm an English major (as many of the people in the anime club are.... I guess we just have a little more time to watch anime and stuff than other majors).  My favorite anime series include Slayers, Fushigi Yuugi *as he says that a very feminine looking male pops his head in the door, a long braid of violet colored hair slipping over his left shoulder*
    "Alex-sama, Lina just blew up the front part of the shrine. What should we do about it?"
    *The person you're speaking with stands up and sighs* "Nuriko, tell Chichiri to put Lina into a restraining field of some sort. Also tell her I'll get her some more donuts."
    *Once the person leaves the owner of the shrine sits back down and picks up where he left off*
    "Like I was saying, Slayers, Fushigi Yuugi, Sailor Moon, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Vision of Escaflowne, Gundam Wing and Dirty Pair FLASH are some of the series I enjoy. Ronin Warriors / Samuari Troopers is another series which I think kicks major butt, and I have written some fics about that series, which I will post at a later date.
    "If you're wondering who that person who stuck their head in was, that was Nuriko, from Fushigi Yuugi. He's really cool and helps to take care of the shrine when I'm too busy with other stuff. The people who live here get out of hand at times, so I need to be at the peak of my power. *chuckles*
    "When I have time I enjoy playing video games, namely the ones by Squaresoft, especially the Final Fantasy series. Currently I'm playing Final Fantasy 5 and 6, Brave Fencer Musashi, Legend of Mana, and a few others. As you can tell I play several games at once, which does pose problems now and then, but I eventually finish the games. I have played Chrono Trigger a bajillion times and have gotten every ending and NOW I'm trying to find the time to play through the re-release and unlock all the way cool extras, like the tech libraries and all the music and the extra movies. I'm a glutton for punishment, since I haven't really found the time for any heavy duty gaming lately. For more info on these games check out the RPGamer homepage, since they have cool updates and stuff.
    "Continuing on.... *explosions rock the entire shrine as a small semi-intelligent slime creature finds its way into the computer room and begins slithering up his leg. A moment later he screams and incants a spell. The slime creature, with its intelligence, recognizes the spell he's casting and makes a hasty retreat out the door. A moment later a large energy beam follows and part of the shrine is reduced to rubble.*
    "Will you excuse me for a moment please?"
    *He exits the room and starts screaming at several people about how the slime creature stained his pants and how if he finds another the person who cooked them up would be blasted into a permanent orbit around Alpha Centauri. A moment later he reenters and plops back down in the chair.*
    "Sorry about that.... had to kick a trickster priest into orbit. When I'm online you can usually find me on ICQ at 4764692. I also frequent the Aniverse servers on IRC in several channels, like #slayers, #slayersrpg, #rpgvirtualarena, and #kurai's_hideout (my friend Kate's chan). I also have my own chan on there, #AlexWest, which my friend Andrew and I created, but doesn't get that much traffic. I used to frequent #negaforce and #smrpg, but both of those channels are dead.
    "I hope you enjoy your stay in the shrine, and don't worry about Lina.... she's been subdued. I gave her some money and sent her out to eat. Anyway, have a good time reading the fics and stuff.
    *he waves as you leave before he turns back to his laptop and continues what he began.*

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