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UPDATE June 3, 2009
    Woohoo!! Updated again. Booyah. Added 3 episodes of 'Magical Savior Shihoko'. Still not a cohesive storyline, but getting closer... I think. ***ADDED @ 9:58 PM*** Uploaded more files to the page of 'Whatever'. Go. View. Enjoy.
UPDATE May 24, 2009
    Yowza, two updates in the same year. Scary, isn't it? Added chapter 5 to the Crossover Wars page, and also revised it, since I decided to shorten the length of the project by 2 chapters. Should have chapters 6 and 7 up at some point when I have the time to type them up.
UPDATE May 10, 2009
    Holy snikies, over 4 years since my last update. Where has the time gone? Apologies for the unexpected hiatus, but a lot of things have happened lately, and many of them have made me kinda blargh and not really in the mood to do a lot of things that I used to do. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that I've given up on writing. It simply means that I have a humongo freaking backlog of stuff that needs to be typed up. So, for this first update in a long time, there are 2 episodes of Gourrigan's Island for your enjoyment.
    Also, there are a few things posted on the blog for my Myspace account. Look me up. My handle on there is dragonstar78. Peeeeace out.
UPDATE December 31, 2004
    Last update for 2004, and it's a doozy. Last episode of 'Endless Winter' has been added, as have Slayers Fantasy 5.5, Followups for Slayers Fantasy 5.5 and Mirror Mirror, Slayers Fantasy #7. I think there was something else in there as well, but I can't recall what it was at the moment. At any rate, enjoy.
UPDATE August 11, 2004
    For your reading pleasure, I give you not one, not two, but THREE new Slayers Fantasy fanfics to read. Why am I so generous, you might ask? Well, I finished typing one story up this morning, finsihed writing a second one this evening, and the third one was one I hadn't uploaded yet and decided I should since it sort of connects parts of the storyline together. Muwahahahahahahahahahaha... PIECE OF CAKE!!
UPDATE June 9, 2004
    Wow, an actual update, you must be saying. Yeah, I'm updating. Added a little Witch Hunter Robin fic titled Babysitting to the page of whatever, as well as a new Gourrigan's Island Fic to that same page... I think. Haven't been here for a while, so chances are I've forgotten where I've placed stuff.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>^.^< >^.^< >^.^< ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

   Ok all you lucky people, it's about time I got this place a little more organized. I know it hasn't exactly been the prettiest place for a little while... I mean, the page is like a mile and a half long and a lot of it is me ranting and raving, so what I'm going to do is start with page one being Sailor Moon N, then page 2 being Sailor Moon W. Page 3 will be Sailor Moon E (since it started to get very EVANGELION at parts... thank you Asuka for being my guest star). Page 4 will be Slayers Moon E (Lina and Zel and Gourry and those guys are still crashing here). Page 5 will be Slayers Moon and whatever else I decide to put there, like ALL of my crossovers.
    *hears people running for the exits and shuts all of the doors*
    A-hem. People, bear with me please. Ok, you and I know both know I don't own some of the ideas here, like the Sailor Soldiers, Slayers, Evangelions, Roxy, Jubilee, or even some of the sets, so don't sue me please. I'm in college and doing this for fun. Now that I've gotten that out of my system, please enjoy.
    Oh, one more thing, there is some yaoiness to some of these stories, and there may be some bishounens running around without all of their clothes on, so don't have a cow if you see that. Also, some language is harsh, but not so bad as to be on Jerry Springer >^-^<

Prologue, and birth of Sailor Star Dancer
    Ok, ok, here's da background info. Sailor Star Dancer isn't an actual character in the Sailor Moon anime series. He's a creation of my own strange and twisted imagination. As soon as I post some of my earlier stuff the entire background and history of this character will be revealed. For the moment, don't have a major cow. Remember, it's just a fic and you should relax.

Page 1, dedicated to Sailor Moon N
Page 2, dedicated to Sailor Moon W
Page 3, dedicated to Sailor Moon E
Page 4, dedicated to Slayers Moon E
Page 5, dedicated to Slayers Moon last updated 8-28-01
Page 6, dedicated to whatever I wanna stick there, like Crossover Wars and whatnot. last updated 5-24-09
Page 7, dedicated to the logs from my role playing sessions on IRC. last updated 8/30/00
Page 8, dedicated to Slayers Fantasy. Updated 8-21-02
Page 9 Dedicated to the new series Magical Savior Shihoko Updated June 3, 2009
Wonder what happened to the random stuff down here? It's located here. Updated 6-3-09.

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