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HHC's Worms Portal

Hey there! I have removed all the old dead sections...and added a few new ones. The flags & tutorial-section have remained the same, the links database has been updated: I have chosen to get rid of most of the sites and to stick just to my personal favourites. New to the site are two seperate maps-sections, one for T17's custom maps (the maps on the WA & WWP-discs converted to .PNG) and one for the maps i made myself. Unfortunately a lot have been lost as time went by, but recently I have made a few new ones that I'd like to share. Here's the new index:


My Maps (Some nice maps that I've recently made)

RR Map Making Tool (Make a roperace map within 10 minutes)

Official Maps (Official T17 maps as .PNG, as well as a few others)

Flags (Some 150 national and historical flags to use with your team)

Tutorials (Currently just a T17 and Basic Training guide, links to external ones)

Messageboard (My forum at BTP, feel free to fill the void)

Links Database (My favourite worms sites on the web)


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