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Wormy Links 

The section is divided into several subsections to improve your chances of finding the site you are looking for.

If you want to see your site added, send me an e-mail or post on my forum.

Please Please Please tell me if a link is not working or a site has deceased, it would save me a lot of work!!


  Official sites: Gateway to the official Team17 sites for each game in the worms series.
  General sites: Forums, tourneys, downloads, articles and a variety of funny features. Plenty of maps and other files to download, community forum as well. Webring, downloads and wormnet servers status. A new community site. Site designed for people who need help connecting to wormnet on WWP. Old no longer updated worms community site. Game info, forum and hosted sites. Goodies and forums and league for WWP clans. Goodies, forums and game info covering W2, WA and WWP. Several editors to add a little spice to your game. Site covering all the games in the series. All about WWP, unfortunately no longer updated. German worms site with a lot of features and up-to-date information. Forums and downloads for german wormers. Also home of the EWF clan. Worms City. A polish site with a lot of information on all the games of the worms series. Strefa Worms, good looking worms site. Takes a while to load. Polish site with a lot of information on Worms World Party.
  League sites: Leagues for W2, WA and WWP. Singles and Clans. Huge german worms league with LAN finals at the end of the season. ESL is a multi gaming league with WA, WWP and W3D ladders. Hosted in both the German and International sections. Annual WWP tournament. A league with advanced points system.
  Clan sites: Well known WA and WWP clan. Many maps, schemes and utilities to download, as well as articles and tutorials. A clan full of idiots, like me. Professional german multi gaming clan. Worms With Attitude! The Elite Army, one of the most respected clans. A clan by and for rope racers. German clan BKM.
  Personal sites: Only maps in colour here, new ones are added every day. Tony's RR community site, everything for the roperacer. Bloopy's site offers a lot of maps. A new site to download a great number of maps. Jon Skeet's page, with a lot of original and useful content. Annelid's page, with unique and high quality worms utilities. Creators of the most famous RR maps ever. Joe's site, looks good, but annoying music. Downloads, tutorials, schemes and a few more features. Roping and BnG tutorial. Tjerp has several goodies to download as well as a mission tutorial and other features. Skel's website. RR maps by DarkOne and friends. Downloads, map making tutorial and a handy game type rules page. Worms Architects Guild, a whole bunch of maps. Original and funny files and booting tutorial to top it off. More than 150 maps by Dextah090 and Krutgumman. Maps and links to several worms sites. A collection of maps. Several original features. A well done site for wormers of the darkside. 


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