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Official Maps 

These are the official Team17 maps as .PNG files, as well as a couple maps from the asian worms games.

Simply click on the pack you wish to download; extract them into savedlevels (create subfolders!!). 

Warning: some of the packs are really big, so it takes a while to download them.


Worms Armageddon Maps pack.

You can select these maps in the game, but in my pack they are .PNG files, so you can edit them.


Worms World Party Maps pack.

All the official colour maps in WWP as .PNG files.

Note: You may think some maps are missing, but these are only the duplicate maps (e.g.: maps used

for a mission as well as a time attack) or maps that are already available in WA.


Worms World Party Forts pack.

The fort maps from wwp as .PNG files. Nice if you're into fort games.


Asian maps pack.

This pack only includes 5 maps, found on some official site for one of the asian worms games.

They are all .PNG files, but you should beware that borders are added to the map when needed.


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