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My Maps 

Click on the preview to see the full map, then simply right-click the image and 'save as' in your savedlevels folder.

Comments and stuff can be posted on my forum or by e-mail. Hope you like them.

Hlidskjalf RR.
Being one of the people I admire most, i just had to dedicate one to Burzum ( This one uses graphics from his latest album: Hlidskjalf. It's 85 pixels wide everywhere and good to rope on. I'm planning to add some more maps in this series in the near future, we'll see how that works out... 
Intimacy RR.
The Start is pretty narrow, so i'm afraid piling is a necessity. Otherwise the map ropes fine, 66 pixels wide everywhere. The top of the map is mirrored, while the bottom part differs.
Trapped RR.
The jump in the middle is pretty hard and requires a few turns practice to get right. It's also quite narrow (mostly 56 pixs wide), which kinda adds to the theme of the thing.
Wasserfall RR.
This level isn't too hard, nor too long. It's quite fun to play on, especially the part on top, the 'wasserfall', where you must gradually lose height while roping, which can be pretty challenging. However, the map needs some minor editing (getting rid of the white dots and such), but don't worry it doesn't really interfere with the roping.
Beast of Chaos RR
The white dots in the images kinda ruin this map, which otherwise plays quite well. The red texture works better than I thought. Same goes for the above, editing may be needed. The beasts of chaos are one of the races in the game Warhammer, images from RR is the website of one of my favourite bands, at first I didn't intend to share it, thus my name is not on there and it doesn't tell which way to go. The idea is to complete 3 laps in either way, but i guess you can also use it as a single-turn map. The long straight on top is a real challenge and big fun.


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