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RR Map Making.

Download the following zipfile:

>>> Empty grids <<<


Package contains: 3 .BMP map files for rr maps sizes of 83, 95 or 105 pixels wide.


How to?

1. Decide how wide you want your rr map to be, 83 pixels (narrow), 95 pixels (average) or 105 pixels (wide).

2. Open the appropriate .BMP map file in PSP or Paint.

3. Select flood fill and select white and black as colours.

4. Decide where the start is gonna be.

5. Now simply use the flood fill to colour the grey lines on the map to determine the path of the race, up to the finish.

6. Add any pictures (resize them to 83x83 or 95x95 to make them fit into one of the boxes).

7. Add 'Start', 'Finish' and your name to the map.

8. Add colour to the map if you want and you're done.


With the above method you can make a simple linear RR within 10 minutes. Have fun!


Example: A perfect linear map I made in about 8 mins!

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