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This is the Update page. It contains descriptions of all of the updates I have done, sorted by category. *Note that the newest updates are at the botom of each category, so you can read through the whole category and it will make sense.*

The World
Well, I have decided to give some info about the next update that I am currently working on. It will be called Rabid Centipede World. What you will be able to do is explore around, earn points, help out the citizens, and many other fun things. You will even get a sneak peek at where the food in the cafe comes from! Keep checking back for new updates. I will be posting more updates to tell more as I get more and more of it designed and programmed.

World Update
I have gotten alot done so far! I have worked out most of the main menu-system in the World, but I am still working on programming the seperate areas. Also, I have just recently added the hit counter at the bottom, so the numbers might be a little low for a while.

Well, I finally got the Cafe up and running! Go check it out! Yummy! *Even though the cafe is part of the World, it is accessible from the main page*

Info about the World
I have gotten a LOT more done here, and i will now give some hints about it. Some main attractions are the Mall, Pet Shop, and the Food Factory. There will also be a police office, in which you can report any errors or glitches you see in the website!

Almost Ready!
The World is almost ready and is going through its final changes and updates now! After it gets tested, I will release it! Don't worry, it will be very soon! Keep checking back! I promise it will be up in a week!
*It is here!!!*


New Sections
I have added a little more. Check out the Javascript and Calc Games sections! I have also fixed a few errors.

Top Menu
This website just got a huge update! Sorry if it was a little messy if you came to it earlier. Well, I finished the new menu, the TOP MENU and it has links to THIS page, a page explaining all of the menus, and a page showing the source code of the main page!

Update Page
I have now added this page, the updates page, so the main page isn't cloged with updates.

New main page?
Yes, that is right. I am about to make a completely new main page with links to the World and many more surprises! Have fun waiting! Fine... I'll give you some hints... Games, Messageboards, and more!
*It is here!!!!*


A Games Page?
Yes! One of the special things that came with the new main page! At the games area, you can download simple games that I or others have made! So far there are three that I have made. Once you need help or want to discuss the games... go to the Message Boards!

Message Boards

Message boards?!?
Yes, Message Boards are also now available! Sign up Now!! At the Message Boards, you can talk about the site, ask questions, make up game ideas, and more!