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Menu Explination

On the top menu:
Updates This is the page that talks about updates for the website.
Explain Menus This is the page you are now looking at. It explains the menus on the page.
See HTML Code This is the page that shows you the HTML for the main page.

On the Left Menu:
Cafe This is a neat little piece of Javascript. You order a food item and then eat it! :)
Quotes These are some funny quotes that my friends, teachers, etc. and I have said. Go read them!
Javascript A page showing off my amazing javascript skills.
Calc Games A page talking about games I have made for the Ti-83+ graphing claculator.
Theories Some of my theories and wacky rants about Humanity and Cows.
Pic Gallery These are some neat pics that I have made for the website.
Links This page contains some links to neat sites, game sites, etc.

On the Right Menu:
My Forum A Nintendo-related message board that I control.
Nintendo The Official Nintendo website
Runescape A Multiplayer Online RPG.
Horoscopes A place to check your Horoscope.