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I have discovered how to make games/programs on the Ti-83+ graphing Calculator! I currently have made the following ones:
Phoenix War (sequel to the real phoenix series)
Phoenix War 2 (sequel to... well... you try guessing this one)
Cards (sequel to Lemon)

I am sorry, I currently can't upload them here for you to download... my graphlink cable isn't being too nice to me... but I will keep trying.

To get out of any game, press on.
For Phoenix War, at mission 2 boss fight, type in 9999999999999

Dragoon Walkthrough:
Well you have to load the war maps first... hehehe!

Once you are done loading, It doesn't mater which direction you steer your dragon. Or aim.

At the computer, select Ram 3. Or try the others for a surprise.

Next this is the battle order:
Breathe Fire, Fly up, Breathe Fire.

For the next fight,
Fly up, Breathe Fire.