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Squirrel Theory and Cow Arguement

Well, I will talk about my Squirrel Theory first. The main idea is that I think it would be better if all humans were squirrels, sharing with eachother, having to work for their food, not having nuclear wars, etc. We wouldn't pollute as much, we would be happy, because our brains would be the size of squirrels, we wouldn't have all of the problems like energy sources, power outages, terrorist attack, etc. We would be happy living simply.

For my Cow arguement, I say that cows are smart and peaceful, and shouldn't be killed. How would you feel if cows ate us in hamburgers every day? Plus, cows are better than humans in some ways. Do they ever have world wars? No. Do they go killing other living creatures for fun? No. Would they have campaign ads running 24/7 about the cow who should be elected head cow? No. Cows are good, and don't deserve to be in our burgers. Don't Eat Beef!!!!!!!