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For any firefighter who has served in the United States Armed Forces, I think you may find the following an interesting comparison.

His heart pounding in his chest, his mind racing, the warrior pushes on into the thick of battle. He advances through the chaos, looking, listening, feeling, signs of the enemy at every turn. He knows what his enemy is capable of, but his fears are overcome by knowing his own capabilities. He is compelled to meet the enemy on his own ground, and destroy him.

He makes his way through the battle field, each step carefully placed, every decision calculated, every nerve in his body standing on end. Searching for his foe in the darkness, he can feel his presence. The fight is close at hand.

The warrior has trained long and hard for this moment. He knows his enemy's strengths and weaknesses. He can anticipate the enemy's next move, and knows what must be done to annihilate him. The enemy gives away his position, and the final confrontation takes place.

The warrior kneels and raises his weapon. he steadies himself, takes careful aim, and opens his nozzle......

Michael W. Newberry

See and hear a Warrior inside a burning building.
Click to see and hear a firefighter inside a burning building.

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