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Firefighters are in a profession that, by nature, strives to create an environment of safety that would essentially end the need for their existence. But reality being as it is, they remain. When you are in an occupation that brings you close to the reality of death, life becomes even more precious. You realize how extremely fragile life is, and how quickly it may be taken away. This realization is the driving force behind firefighters.

Firefighters stand forever ready to go, when ever and where ever needed. They respond without hesitation, to ensure the safety of the community in which they serve.

They are not heroes, just ordinary people doing a job in extraordinary situations. With confidence earned through training, education, and practice, they overcome their fears while maintaining a respect for the inherent hazards of their chosen profession. This confidence, combined with the desire to preserve life and property, enables them to venture to the very edge of destruction to help those in need.

To firefighters, a job well done is their greatest reward. They are truly, in every definition of the word, professionals.

Michael Wade Newberry

And let's not forget those souls that are the central nervous system for
All Emergency Services!


"Nine-one-one dispatch, are you reporting an emergency?"
"My child did not come home on time, could you help me find him please?"

Perhaps the caller phoning in will report a working fire,
or a person who's sick or injured, and an ambulance they require.

"A report of boaters overdue, respond the crew from SAR."
For aircraft that are in distress, we dispatch CFR.

There are times we receive a call for problems with a spouse,
and we promptly send an Officer to keep peace within the house.

With all those in the streets we share the pride in jobs well done,
a part of us responds with you to each and every one.

So please don't take us lightly, or think our part is small,
for when a plea for help goes out, it's we who take the call!

Michael W. Newberry

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