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Crash Fire Rescue members during training fires.
"Flammae Eos Non Habento"
(The flames shall not have them.)

To my fellow Marines of Crash Fire Rescue, who are manning the Air Stations and Expeditionary Airfields around the globe, "Semper Fi". It has been an honor and privilege to serve with you.

The Guardians

We have a job aboard this base,
as thankless as can be,
but the purpose of our being here
we hope to never see.

We sit abreast the runway
watching aircraft come and go,
and recognize the faces
of the men we'll never know.

We know we seem foreboding
as we perch atop our trucks,
and lift our gaze upon the skies
for pilots down on luck.

We know that some despise the thought
of what we represent,
but those who sometimes call on us
will swear we're heaven sent.

Because there's nothing we won't do,
or nothing we won't try,
to assure the safe return of all
our brothers in the sky.

We're Crash-Fire-Rescue, the Guardians,
who dedicate their lives
to bringing a little peace of mind
to Marine Corps pilots' wives.

Michael W. Newberry

Photo Courtesy of Warren Imaging

Several members of Cherry Point Crash Fire Rescue, accompanied by former President George Bush.
I am on the far right.

I am a retired U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant, and functioned as a Section Leader with Crash Fire Rescue Division. At each of my duty stations, I served my community as a volunteer firefighter. My wife Ronda, and daughter Tanya, have been active within the fire service, and have played a major supporting role in my life. I hope to continue to function within the civilian sector as a contributing member of a team of fire service professionals.

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Pictures of my last reenlistment, 100 feet underwater.

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