Ezekiel Thomas was born ca. 1777, the son of Benjamin and possibly Rebecca Gurley Thomas. Circa 1795-98, he married first to a person whose name is unknown. Ezekiel raised a family on the north side of Richardson's Creek. Ezekiel's land adjoined his father's land and Walnut Tree Creek. For Ezekiel, the 1800 Anson County Census lists a man and woman 16-26 years old, a boy under 10 years old, and a girl under 10 years old. Not knowing the girl's name, the boy is a son named Jonathan.

Entered 27 Oct 1800, Land Grant # 5782 was issued to Ezekiel Thomas on 27 Nov 1805. Situated on the northwest side of Richardson's Creek, the 243-acre grant adjoined lands of Harrington, Thomas, and Stegall. Chain bearers were Edward Vann and Ezekiel Thomas. On 7 Jan 1809, he sold this land to Lazarus Vann. Dated 4 Apr 1812, Ezekiel purchased 75 acres along Richardson's Creek from his father. On the same day, his brother Ananias also purchased land from their father. Ananias's land was on the south side of the Creek. In 1815 Ezekiel Thomas received a land grant in which his son Jonathan was listed as chainer. In the 1820 Anson County Census, Jonathan Thomas is enumerated beside his father. The census indicates Jonathan was probably married and had a daughter.

Ezekiel's brother David moved to Chester County South Carolina ca. 1809. Living near David is Michael Austin and likely his son Gideon Austin. In 1797, Michael Austin sold his Anson County land to Benjamin Thomas. Benjamin later sold this land to son Ananias. Dated 11 Apr 1811, Gideon Austin and William Brown sold eight acres ( P-75, Chester SC) to Silas Kolb. The land was situated on Sussey Boles Creek. Witnesses were John Smith and Ezekiel Thomas. Was this the Anson County Ezekiel, or might this be the son of David's neighbor named Jeremiah Thomas. This deed raises many possibilities.

Ezekiel's first wife probably died prior to 1833. His second wife was named Charity.

Written on 3 May 1839 and probated in Anson County Oct 1839, Ezekiel Thomas wrote his Last Will and Testament. He bequeathed the "land and the house to his beloved wife Charity". It has been written that Charity is the daughter of John Haymes. Mentioning a daughter named Charity Thomas, John Haymes wrote his Last Will and Testament probated Oct 1781 in Richmond County NC. Besides the fact that this Charity was too old to be the wife of Ezekial Thomas, another record reveals to whom this Charity possibly married. Dated 14 Oct 1782, Samuel Thomas received Land Grant #4493 for 100 acres situated on "the head of Boggan's Creek of the H----Logg Cut by Gidion Brown". The land adjoined that of William Thomas. On 3 Jun 1778, the entry officer's order to survey reads as follows: "you are hearby required as soon as may be to lay off and survey John Haymes, ___?___ Brown, Samuel Thomas a tract or parcel of landů". Note that John Haymes entered the land first. Following his death, I believe the grant was assigned to a Brown and then Samuel Thomas. Samuel sold the land (D&E-52, Anson NC) in 1792 and removed to Georgia. I have yet to find any connections between this Samuel and the Thomas's of Richardson's Creek.

Long since known as Charity Ford, a road crossed Richardson Creek and ran through the lands of Ezekiel Thomas and his father. It is believed that Ezekiel and his father Benjamin were buried at the old Thomas Family Cemetery that was once located on the northwest side of Charity Ford. Out of the need for more usable farmland, this cemetery was bulldozed leaving no evidence of its existence. After Ezekiel's death in 1839, Charity Thomas and children appeared in the 1840 Anson County Census. At the April 1844 term of Union County Pleas and Quarters Session, the children of "Widow Thomas" and (viz.) Ezekiel were bound out.

In his Last Will and Testament, Ezekiel Thomas first mentioned four children "Milly Ozbourn Lewis Edmond". He then bequeathed one dollar to his son Jonathan Thomas. At the time of his father's death, Jonathan Thomas was likely on his way to Alabama. In the 1850 Union County Census, newly married Charity Hasty is listed as 48 years old and having a baby daughter. She could not be old enough to be the mother of Jonathan Thomas. Children Milly b. 1834 and Lewis b. 1837, are listed in 1850 as living at the house of Charity and Peeples Hasty. Listed as being born in 1833, Osborn Thomas is living at the house of Kindred O'neal. Milly and Lewis are probably children of Charity. Though probably the son of Charity, Osborne could be the son of either Charity or Ezekiel's first wife. Son Edmond likely died young.

Though not listed in the will of Ezekiel Thomas, there is another person that may be related. Listed in the 1850 Anson County Census, Zina Thomas is living at the home of Kindred Oneal. Ezekiel's son Osborne Thomas is also living with Kindred Oneal. Who is Zina Thomas?

The Children of Ezekiel Thomas

Jonathan Thomas
Osborne Thomas
Milly Thomas
Lewis Thomas
Edmond Thomas

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The Last Will and Testament of Ezekiel Thomas


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