After the death of Ezekiel Thomas, his wife Charity married Peoples Hasty. In the 1850 Union County Census, Charity's children Lewis and Milly were living with her and Peoples Hasty. The following were listed nearby in Anson County NC:

65m Kindred O'Neal
60f Patience O'Neal
22f Ellen O'Neal
19m Martin Oneal
24f Elizabeth O'Neal
14m Osburn Thomas
25f Zina Thomas
1f Melina Thomas

The above Osburn Thomas is the son of Ezekiel. He could be the son of either Charity or Ezekiel's first wife. But who is Zina Thomas? She was not listed in Ezekiel's 1839 will. She is also too old to be the wife of Osborne Thomas. Furthermore, it is known that Osborne married Juliana Whitley.

Enumerated 8 entries before the household of Kindred Oneal is that of George W. Hartwell. His family is listed as follows:

30m George W. Hartwell (Farmer)
25f Zina Hartwell
2f Mary E. Hartwell
45m Ludly McClenny (Cropper)

Kindred Oneal died ca. 1855. On 6 Aug 1855, the estate sale for the deceased Kindred O'Neal listed Zina Hartsill 29 times as making purchases. Seeking information on Hartsell Family History, I found the following in A Hartsell-Hirzel History and Genealogy -Four Hundred Twelve Years by Eunice Hartsell Sechler:

Washington Nathaniel Hartsell b. ca. 1823 Montgomery County NC, d. ca. 1855 as per estate settlement in Stanly County NC. He is the son of Solomon and Sarah Smith Hartsell. The estate settlement of Solomon Hartsell shows that Washington Nathaniel Hartseel had heirs. Washington appeared in the 1846 tax list, but does not appear in the 1850 Stanly County Census. As quoted from Eunice Lee Hartsell Sechler's book, the following research provides more information.

Pearson Gamaliel Hartsell's sketch of the early Hartsell family stated that Washington was married to Zina O'Neal and had two daughters. There is a Zina Hartsell buried in the Hartsell graveyard, ca. 20 years of age. There is a marker with WxH in the Hartsell craveyard, and the "x" may have been misinterpreted, with dates eroded away. Further mention of him and any heirs may be found on an estate settlement, ca. 1855. nfd

Zina must have died prior to 1855. Dated 12 Feb 1855, Solomon Harsell was appointed guardian of Mary Elvina and Sarah Ann Harsell, daughters of "Washington Hartsell". Solomaon was Washington's father. Dated 25 Oct 1872, a list of distributees for the estate of Solomon Hartsell, deceased, reads as follows:

Johnathan Hatsells heirs, Emeline Smith, Washington Hartsells heirs, Elvina Harsell, Sarah Furr, Mary Taylor, Elizabeth Garman, Beedy Whitley, Sophey Hartsell, J. E. Hartsell, J. M. Harsell, & M. J. Hartsell.

A petition dated 6 Sept 1873 provides the following: James E. Harsell, Jacob M. HArsell, Sophia Hartsell, J. H. Powers and wife Elvinia, Nelson Smith and wife Emaline, Moses H. Furr and wife Sarah C., W. H. Taylor and wife Mary, Henry Garman and wife Elizabeth, Davidson Whitley and wife Beedy, Martin Furr and wife Martha J.

It appears that Washington and Zina Hartsell's children were not named in the estate of Solomon Harsell. But it looks as though maybe their daughter Elvinia was named for Washington's sister.

There are several contradictions in this story line that need to be worked out. They are: 1. Hartsell History indicates Zina married Nathaniel Hartsell. The Census and other records indicate G. Hartsell or George Hartsell. Could his name have been George Washington Nathaniel Hartsell? Or could this be evidence of a knick name?
2. Why was Zina listed in the 1850 Census at the home of Kindred Oneal at the same time she was listed nearby with husband George W. Hartwell? Could Zina have been ill or for some other reason disabled? It is apparent that she died soon after the 1850 census.
3. The grave marker for Zina indicates she died ca. 20 years of age. But the 1850 census indicatres she was 25 years old in 1850. Is this difference acceptable?
4. And most important, who was the parents of Zina Thomas/Zina Hartsell. Was she a daughter of Kindred Oneal who lost her first husband who was a Thomas. Could she be an older daughter of Ezekiel Thomas not listed in his will for some reason. The 1830 census bears out this possibility. Are Zina and Osborne Thomas related?


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