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Born ca. 1837, Lewis is the son of Ezekiel and Charity Thomas. Ezekiel Thomas died in 1839 and left a Last Will and Testament mentioning son Lewis Thomas. Following the death of Ezekiel, Charity Thomas married second Peoples Hasty. Listed in the 1850 Union County Census, Lewis Thomas is listed with his mother and stepfather. His sister Milly and step sister Nicey Adeline Hasty also live at the household.

Lewis married Martha Fowler in Union County NC on 30 Jul 1857. Martha is the daughter of John and Elizabeth Fowler.

Dated 20 Dec 1858, Lewis sold all interest in his deceased father's estate to brother Osborne. As follows, the total of 133 1/3 acres included three tracts(__-156, Union NC) situated on on Richardson's Creek, adjoining Reddin Staton Land and were known as the "Ezekiel Thomas Lands":

tract 1: Being 75 acres on Richardson's Creek and the west side of Walnut Tree Branch.
tract 2: Being 81 1/2 acres adjoining his own,Sharp and Ben. Gurley Lands.
tract 3: Being the remainder and adjoining the other land,Ben Thomas land and that belonging to others. This tract was situated against Richardson's Creek and on the east side of Walnut Branch.
In the 1860 Union County census, Lewis and family were listed twice. Once as living beside his mother, and also as living beside Henderson Helms. Moses Fowler is listed as living with Martha and Lewis Thomas. Moses is Martha's younger brother.

Lewis Thomas enlisted 9 Feb 1862 in CSA Co. B, 43rd Reg. NC. The records state he was 44 years old at enlistment. This must be a mistake. On 22 Aug 1862, Lewis was admitted to Chimborazo Hospital No. 5 in Richmond VA for a Disease called "Icterus". Looking through medical dictionarys, it seems this may have been a condition where Lewis was secreting blood. He returned to duty on 7 Sep 1862. Lewis Thomas deserted at Orange County Courthouse 13 Aug 1863. It appears that Lewis fled on the same day as his brother-in-law Moses. Moses eventually returned to duty before being killed at Cold Harbor on 2 Jun 1864. Lewis Thomas was taken in to custody and confined at Charlotte NC where he was paroled on 20 May 1865.

In the 1870 census, "Louis" Thomas and family are listed in the California Township of Pitt County NC. Living beside him is the family of his widowed sister Millie Robinson. Prior to the 1880 census, Lewis moved to nearby Greene County NC where he is listed in the Olds Township.

Lewis Thomas lived out the remainder of his life in Greene County NC. As written on his grave marker, Lewis died 1 Jul 1901 at 66 years of age. Dated 1 Jul 1901, "Pattie" Thomas applied for a Civil War Widow's Pension in Greene County NC. Living at "Lizzie", Pattie stated her deceased husband Lewis Thomas enlisted on 7 Feb 1862 in Co. B, 43rd Reg. NC. The Physician's certificate stated that Pattie Thomas was not physically able to attend the Review Board at Snow Hill. Martha Thomas died at 72 years of age in March of 1910. She is buried beside her husband. They and others in the family are buried at Edwards-Thomas Cemetery just northeast of Lizzie Crossroads.

The children of Lewis and Martha Thomas are:

A. John Edmond Thomas b. 12 Oct 1858 d. 29 Oct 1930 bur Thomas-Edwards Cemetery. He married on 23 Nov 1879 Cornelia Adeline Hooker b. 17 Aug 1858 d. 25 Oct 1932. Cornelia is the daughter of Elizabeth A. Edwards and Preston Blanchard Hooker. From the Faarmville Enterprise dated 31 Oct 1930, the obituary for Mr. John Thomas reads as follows:

Mr. and Mrs. George Ballew and other relatives and friends here attended the funeral of John Thomas on Thursday afternoon. Mr. Thomas, 72 years of age, died at his home in Greene County, near Lizzie, Wednesday morning after illness of several months. He was one of the most prominent planters in Greene County and was admired by all who knew him. Interment was made in the family burial ground near the Thomas home.
Their children are: (A) Lulu Lee Thomas b. 19 Oct 1880 d. 11 Feb 1964 bur. Hollywood Cem. Farmville, married 6 Aug 1903 in Greene County to Everette Leon Eason; (B) Lizzie Thomas b. 25 Dec 1882 d. 20 Aug 1886 bur Edw.-Thos. Cem.; (C) Peyton Randolph Thomas b. 8 Jul 1885 d. 31 Aug 1946 bur Edw.-Thos Cem but later moved to Hollywood Cem., married 7 Jun 1913 Canary Dail; (D) Willie Fowler Thomas b. 3 Jun 1888 d. 20 Jun 1903 bur Edw.-Thos. Cem.; (E) John Edmond Thomas Junr. b. Feb 1891 d. 29 Mar 1952 bur Snow Hill Cem., married 20 Dec 1911 Nannie Parker; (F) Fred Lehman Thomas b. 23 Aug 1893 d. 28 Aug 1966 bur. Hollywood Cem., married 29 Jan 1920 Nancy M. Albritton; (G) Roy Hooker Thomas b. 29 Mar 1896 d. 5 Apr 1972 bur Edw.-Thos. Cem., married 5 Feb 1916 Martha Belle Smith b. 21 Oct 1897 d. 15 Apr 1967; (H) Benjamin Edwards Thomas b. 13 Jan 1901 d. 4 Apr 1988 bur Mt. Pleasant Ch. Cem in Pitt Co., married 23 Apr 1923 Henrietta Murphy; (I) Raymond Thomas b. 23 Jun 1903 d. 20 May 1975 bur Edw.-Thos. Cem. (single).
B. Joseph H. Thomas b. 1859, likely died prior to the 1870 Pitt County Census.
C. Eli "Elie" "Alex" Milus Thomas b. 1862 d. 11 Nov 1921, married ca. 1897 Lillie "Ellen" Roland. Ellie Thomas lived in Pitt County near Farmville. The children of Elie and Ellen Thomas are (A) Alonza Thomas b. 1895; (B) Amos Thomas b. 1897.
D. Mary E. Thomas b. 6 Jun 1867 d. 16 Oct 1924, bur Edw.-Thos. Cem., married 24 Oct 1883 George W. Shackleford. They lived in Contentnea Township of Pitt County and later lived in Greenville. The children of Mary E. and George W. Shackleford are (A) Andrew Shackleford b. Oct 1884; (B) Jesse Shackleford b. May 1888; and (C) John P. Shackleford b. 1898.
E. "Nancy" Cornelia Thomas b. Oct 1869, married John Murphy b. Aug 1859. The children of John and Cordelia Thomas Murphy are (A) Pearl Murphy b. Mar 1885; (B) John A. Murphy b. Jul 1886; (C) Elbertta Murphy b. Jul 1889; (D) Emma E. Murphy b. May 1893; (E) Earnest Murphy b. Dec 1892; (F) Herbert Murphy b. May 1895; (G) Raymond Murphy b. Sep 1897 and (H) Reby Murphy b. Oct 1899.
F. Martha Thomas b. 1877, married Wheeler.


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