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Milly was born ca. 1834, the daughter of Ezekiel and Charity Thomas. Ezekiel died in 1839 and left a last will and testament mentioning his daughter Milly. Following the death of Ezekiel, Milly's mother married second to Peebles Hasty. Listed in the 1850 Census, Milly is living with her mother and stepfather. Her brother Lewis and stepsister Nicey Adeline Hasty also lived at the household.

Dated 10 Feb 1853, Milia Thomas married Nathaniel Lee Helms, Jr. As per Union County Loose Estate Records, Nathaniel Helms Junior died in December 1855. Dated 29 Jan 1856, the widow Milia (Milly) Helms was listed in the accounting of the final inventory of the estate. A Commission of Freeholders, namely Andrew L. Secrest, E. W. Secrest, and John Stegall, were appointed and allotted Milia's share of the estate in produce and supplies on hand.

Dated 25 Apr 1859, Milly Helms married the widower Milas B. Robinson in Union County NC. Milly's brother Osborne was bondsman. Who was Milas Robinson?

The 1850 Mecklenburg County NC census lists M. B. Robinson as living in the Sardis District. He is 29 years old with Mary 31, Eliza 4, Jane 2, and John 1. Living beside the Robinson family is W. P. Houston. Beside this family is John M. Thomas age 31 with wife Louisa 31 and Jane age 2. Alvin Reddin, age 23, is living beside John Thomas. Is John M. Thomas related?

Likely signaling a move to Union County, Milas B. Robison sold 195 acres (3-242, Mecklenburg NC) on 28 Oct 1850. Situated on Five Mile Creek, this land bounded Stuart's old corner, now the Peter Harkey? and Y. M. Houston corner. The witnesses were John Black and J. S. Reid. There are no other land transactions indexed for Mecklenburg County.

Milas is listed in 1860 near the Stearnes Family of Union County. They lived a little closer to Mecklenburg than did the Thomas's. Milas is listed as 41 years old and a wagon maker. He is listed with wife Melia 26, Elizabeth 14, Lour 12, John 10, Mary 6, and Nancy 5. Carrying the name of Robinson, the ages for these children predate the marriage of Milia and Milas and indicate their mother was likely Milas's first wife Mary. It appears she died after 1855. Also listed as living at the house of Milas and Milia Robinson are Sarah A. Helms 6, Frances Helms 5, and Thomas Helms 4/12. Sarah and Frances are likely the daughters of Nathaniel Lee Helms, Junior. The father of Thomas Helms is unknown.

Enlisting in CSA Co. B, 43rd Reg. NC, Milas was wounded in the thigh at Bethesda Church, VA on 30 May 1864. He returned to duty after being hospitalized at Richmond. Captured at Petersburg, VA, Milas was confined at Point Lookout, MD where he died on 12 May 1865 of "chronic diarrhoea".

Following the civil war, Milly Thomas and family moved to California Township in Pitt County NC with her brother Lewis Thomas. The 1870 census lists: Millie Robinson 36, Sallie 16, Frances 14, Johnny 10, Emma 7, Amanda 4, and _______ age 2. The 1880 census lists Mildred Roberson 46, James 20 and Emerline 17. By 1880, Lewis Thomas had moved to Greene County. He likely lived near Lizzie's Crossroads.

Millie Roberson applied for a Civil War Widow's Pension on 1 Jul 1901. Now living at Blk. Creek in Wilson County, she stated that M. B. Roberson enlisted Feb 1862 and died at an unspecified date at Point Lookout while serving in Co. B, 43rd Reg. NC.

At present, not much more is known of the descendants of Milia Thomas. Over the next few months, this family line will be further searched. The following information relates to the children and step-children of Milly Thomas.

The children of Milas B. Robinson and first wife Mary are:
A. Elizabeth Robinson b. 1846
B. Jane (Lour?) Robinson b. 1848
C. John Robinson b. 1849
D. Mary Robinson b. 1854
E. Nancy Robinson b. 1855

Milas's first wife Mary died ca. 1855

The children of Milly Thomas and Nathaniel Lee Helms are listed below. After leaving Union County, the children used the name of Robinson/Robison. They are:
A. Sarah A. Robinson b. 1854, married Mr. Burtin.
B. Frances Robinson b. Oct 1857 d. 1 Jul 1939 Rocky Mount, Nash County NC. Francis Robinson married John T. Blandford b. Jun 1850. They lived in Rocky Mount, Nash County NC. On her death certificate, Francis's father is listed as Nathaniel Helms. The maiden name of her mother was unknown. The informant was Mrs. J. B. Hudson or Henderson. The children of John and Frances Blandford are (A) James Blandford b. Oct 1880; (B) Charlie Blandford b. May 1886; (C) Minnie Blandford b. May 1888; and (D) Lizzie Blandford b. Aug 1889

The 1860 Union County census lists a child born after the death of Nathaniel Lee Helms and likely just after the marriage of Milly to Milas Robinson. The 1860 census lists the child as a "Helms". He later uses the Robinson Surname. He is:
A. John "James" Thomas Robinson b. May 1860 d. 1920. J. T. Robinson married in Wilson County on 7 Dec 1887. He married Laura Hathaway b. Nov 1869. The children or John and Laura are (A) Rosa E. Robinson b. Nov 1888; (B) John A. Robinson b. (Feb?) 1890 d. 14 Feb 1923 bur. Rocky Mount Mills?, married "Suler?" Robinson; (C) Lillie W. Robinson b. Aug 1893; (D) Bertha Robinson b. Feb 1895; (E) (T?)ray M. Robinson b. Apr 1897; and (F) James B. Robinson b. Aug 1899.

Milly married Milas on 25 Apr 1859. Milas died 12 May 1865 while serving in the war. The known child of Milly Thomas and Milas Robinson is:
A. Emaline Robinson b. 1863. Emaline married 21 May 1882 W. L. Parris at her mother's home in Black Creek township, Wilson County NC.


A. Amanda Robison b. 30 Jul 1866 d. 27 Aug 1941. Born after the death of Milas Robinson, the father of Amanda is not certain. Amanda married 3 Sep 1885 Glenn Junius Evans b. 18 Dec 1862 d. 22 nov 1934. Junius was a farmer, carpenter, justice of the peace and operated sawmills. The children of Amanda and Glenn Junius Evans are (A) Arthur Glenn Evans b. 13 Jul 1886 d. 8 Jan 1965; (B) Lee Ernest Evans b. 2 Jun 1888 d. 20 Apr 1978; (C) Hugh Anthony Evans b. 19 Aug 1889; (D) Henry Preston Evans b. 24 Jan 1891 d. 4 Jul 1958; (E) Alice Inez Evans b. 27 Mar 1896 d. 3 Nov 1972; (F) Norman Jay Evans b. 2 Jul 1897 d. 21 Feb 1977; (G) Urey Gordon Evans b. 29 Mar 1899 d. 2 Jul 1945; (H) Cecil Rhodes Evans b. 5 Jul 1901 d. 29 May 1902; (I) MArvin Ennis Evans b. 8 Feb 1903 d. 6 May 1983; (J) Eugene Clifton Evans b. 25 Dec 1904 d. 12 Jul 1974; (K) Cameron Blue Evans b. 5 Jan 1907 d. ca. 1990.
B. ______________ b. 1868


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