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Beyond Hickman County, Tennessee

The last known record of Benjamin Thomas occured when he sold land holdings in 1810's Hickman County, Tennessee. I am very thankful for a tip by Cathy Canto, a fellow Thomas Family searcher. She alerted me to queries by present day Thomas descendants who have traced their roots through Louisiana, Mississippi, and back to Hickman County, Tennessee. It appears the Thomas family migrated across Mississippi and Louisiana, spreading in different directions as they moved. Due to my physical distance from these states and the lack of records surviving therein, information and solidity in proof of family lines will be slowly developed and somewhat awkwardly presented. I am most thankful for the efforts and support of Robbie Landry and Dolores Davis in awakening me to key information in support this family history. If you would like to contact them, please note their e-mail addresses are at the bottom of this page. Also, if you see this and have ANY information to add, please feel free to contact me.

The last known record for Benjamin Thomas in Tennesse is found in the following deed:

Deed (C-520) Hickman TN. Dated 4 Aug 1817, for $500.00, Benjamin Thomas sold to Jesse White his remaining 380 acres. Situated on the west side of Piney River and the fork of Garners Creek, the conveyance "includes the whole of the improvements where Jesse Thomas and Benjamin Thomas now lives". This land adjoined that of Adam Wilson, Ann Greer, Daniel Easley, and the westerly line of the 100 acres deeded to John Easley.

Found in the 1820 Mississippi State census, the following are entries for Thomas's we believe once lived in Hickman and Dickson Counties TN.

                           Males                             Females
                 -10 10/15 16/17 16/25 26/44 44+ / -10 10/15 16/25 26/45 45+
Benjamin Sr. p.3       1    1      2     0    1  /   0    0    0    0    2
Benjamin Jr. p.3       0    0      1     0    0  /   0    0    1    0    0
Jesse p.3         2    0    0      1     0    0  /   1    0    0    1    0
James p.3         1    0    0      0     1    0  /   3    0    1    0    0  
*Malachi p.3      1    0    0      1     0    0  /   0    0    1    0    0
*Daniel p.9       1    0    0      0     1    0  /   0    0    1    0    0
*Daniel p.10      0    1    0      0     2    0  /   0    0    0    1    0 

John C. p.16      1    0    0      0     1    0  /   1    0    1    0    0
William p.16      2    0    0      0     1    0  /   4    0    0    1    0
William H. p.18   0    0    0      1     0    1  /   1    4    0    0    1
Tristram B. p.17       0    0      0     5    0  /   0    0    0    0    0
*Jeremiah p.19    1    3    1      0     0    1  /   0    0    0    0    1

         *represents those not immediately believed to be related
The above data is the first indication that Benjamin Thomas of Hickman County TN moved to Pike County Mississippi. From family bible records, it is accepted that he was born in 1756. Remember that in the 1790 Census, Benjamin Thomas of Cheraw District was listed as 3 males 16+, 3 males 16-, 3 females, and 1 slave. This record and implications of child bearing years as extracted from the 1820 Pike County Census, indicate the possibility that Benajmin Thomas was married twice. There also exists the possibility that some of the younger people listed in the above census are Benjamin's grandchildren rather than his children.

Benjamin moved to and then from Tennesse where he sold land there prior to the 1820 census. Above, he is in Pike County Mississippi prior to 1820 with what appears to be the same Jesse Thomas listed in final deed for land in Tennesssee. Being 26-44 years old, Jesse could have possibly been born in and living in Marlborough County SC and listed in the census of 1790. Also living nearby in Pike County Mississippi is BenjaminThomas Junior. Being 16-25, he was either born in South Carolina or in Tennessee after the move. He could not have been listed in the 1790 census. Benjamin Thomas Sr. had a brother named James. In early land transactions in Anson and Richmond Counties NC, James and Benjamin Thomas interacted as chain bearers for each other. James was a Quaker and moved to Guilford County NC with brothers Lewis and John. There, James Thomas (brother of Benjamin) wrote a last willand testament naming a son Benjamin Thomas. If James had a son named for his brother Benjamin, then there is a likelyhood Benjamin returned the honor in naming a son James. Note that in the 1806 petition of Montgomery County TN, there is a signature for James Thomas near that of Benjamin, John and Tristram Thomas. Also, this James in the 1820 Pike County Mississippi census was 26-44 years old and possibly listed in the South Carolina Census.

At this time, there is no evidence that relates Daniel Thomas to Benjamin Sr. However, Benjamin Thomas did have an uncle named Simon. The name Daniel runs heavily in that family. This possible implication has not yet been tested. As for Malachi, this name does not run in the families of Benjamin Thomas's siblings. Maybe this given name is used earlier by a respected neighbor or his wife's family. I believe it to be a potential clue. No further info at this time.

Mississippi has a complicated early history in the formation of its counties. Some counties were created and only lasted for a year or two. The Thomas's settled in the area where this was a problem. --------- Covington County was situated next door to Pike. The 1820 census for Covington County shows a Tristram B. Thomas age 26-44. Note there is no indication of a wife or younger children living in the household. There are only five men, all 24-44 years old. Remember back in Hickman County TN that Tristram B. Thomas was listed as second lieutenant in the militia of 1810-12. Also, as follows, Tristram B. Thomas witnessed Benjamin Thomas's first land transaction in Hickman County, Tennessee:

Deed (A-19) Hickman TN. Dated 18 Jan 1811, Benjamin Thomas purchased a 640-acre tract that was originally granted to Joseph Motheral on 20 Dec 1791. The land included "both sides of Pine River a branch of the Duck River and including the mouth of Garners Creek". Witnesses were Tristram B. Thomas, Jacob Humble, and Joseph Wilson.
Benjamin Thomas had a rather famous brother named Tristram who was both General of the South Carolina Militia and held court in Marlborough County. He donated the land for the first courthouse of the county. Early court records indicate Benjamin Thomas was involved as possible jailor and in other capacities. It is likely that Benjamin named a son for his brother Tristram.

Also listed in the 1820 Covington County Mississippi Census is John C. Thomas and William Thomas. Benjamin Thomas Sr. likely was joined in Montgomery County Tennessee by most of the children of his older brother William "Ram-Billy" Thomas. Willam was prominent as a writer and astronomer in North Carolina and there wrote the first Almanac published in the state. This William had a son named Stephen who was named for his father Stephen. Stephen Thomas moved to Montgomery County TN and then to Dickson County TN where he wrote his last will and testamnent. In the will, Stephen Thomas mentions sons John C. Thomas and William Thomas. I believe John C. Thomas and the younger William above are children of Stephen and therefore grand nephews of Benjamin Thomas Senior. With this in mind, who is the older William H. Thomas and Jeremiah Thomas of 1820 Covington County Mississippi?

Likely Children of Benjamin Thomas


Contributors to this Benjamin Thomas Family History
The following people are either searchers or contributors of family history as found on this page. I thank them for their help and hope this link will serve in creating new family connections.

Robbie Landry: Descends through Simeon B. Thomas. Thank you for all the help in making this possible.

Dolores Davis: Descends through Tristram B. Thomas. Thank you for all the help in making this possible.


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