As passed on through the descendants of this family, a Tristram B. Thomas Bible records his birth date as 5 Mar 1787. Submitted by Lucy Getty, who is a grand daughter of Tristram B. Thomas, the record was translated by Vera Meek Wimberly as found in the Wimberly Family History. The same source indicates Tristram was born in Tennessee. Since the state was not formed until 1796, the use of place name "Tennessee" in the birth record is not correct as is now known. Was Trisram B. Thomas born in what is now Tennessee? Again, early records make it difficult to deny this claim. However, a different likelyhood is found in tracing the records of who we firmly believe to be the father of Tristram B. Thomas. Benjamin Thomas moved from Richmond County, North Carolina to Marlborough County, South Carolina in the early 1780's. As has already been shown, Benjamin Thomas is recorded through 1796 in census and court records of Marlborugh County, South Carolina. An obituary for Dr. Morgan Brown, states that he, Morgan Brown, moved to Tennessee in 1796. Based on known Thomas family interactions with Morgan Brown and implications of period court records, we believe Benjamin Thomas moved at the same time to Montgomery County Tennessee. In 1797, Benjamin Thomas appears as Commisioner of Palmyra and the first Capt. of the Montgomery County militia in the newly formed state of Tennessee. With this in mind, Tristram B. Thomas was likely born in Marlborough County, South Carolina prior to his families move to Tennessee.

Who was Tristram's mother? Land records in North Carolina and South Carolina indicate a close tie between Benjamin and the Bethea family. Though at this time there is no proof, these loosely linked records and the children's names hint at the possibility thatTristram's mother may have been a member of the Bethea family. More will be provided on this possibility as comes available.

Tristram B. Thomas first appears on record as signer of an 1806 petition in Montgomery County Tennessee. Authored by Dr. Morgan Brown, Tristram Thomas was signer # 23. He was followed by John Thomas #24, James #25 and Benjamin Thomas #29. Also on the petition is the name Simeon Bethea #35.

As lands opened up in the deep south, migrating settlers passed along old indian trails making way from Kentucky through Montgomery County, Tennesse, and beyond. Dickson County was created from the southern portion of Montgomery County, Tennessee. In 1807, Hickman County Tennessee was formed from the southern half of Dickson. While Benjamin's nephew Stephen settled in Dickson County, Benjamin, himself, settled on the banks of Duck River in Hickman County. On 29 Aug 1810, Tristram [B.] Thomas received a commission in Hickman County for service as Lieutenant in the cavalry of the 6th Brigade. In 1812, he received a second commission as lieutenant, but now for cavalry service in the 36th Regiment. There are no records of Trisrtam B. Thomas owning land in Hickamn County, Tennessee. However, in 1811, Tristram B. Thomas witnessed a 640-acre purchase made by his father. Notice the names of the other witnesses? These names will later appear in Louisiana, still interacting with the Thomas family.

Deed (A-19) Hickman TN. Dated 18 Jan 1811, Benjamin Thomas purchased a 640- acre tract that was originally granted to Joseph Motheral on 20 Dec 1791. The land included "both sides of Pine River a branch of the Duck River and including the mouth of Garners Creek". Witnesses were Tristram B. Thomas, Jacob Humble, and Joseph Wilson.

Tristram B. Thomas next appears in the 1820 Census of Covington County, Mississippi. He was listed as head of household with five males 26-44 years old. Also listed nearby in Covington County are second cousins John C. and William Thomas. Covington County would eventually be divided into Jones and then Jasper Counties. John C. Thomas was listed as Justice of Peace in all the divisions. In the 1820 census, Tristram's father and brothers Benjamin, Jesse, and James were listed in Pike County MS.

On 21 Jun 1821, Tristram B. Thomas married Mary Hill Brown. As will later be shown, the marriage was witnessed by Tristram's younger brother, Simeon B. Thomas. Tristram and Mary began making a family in Covington County as witnessed by the 1830 census: 2M5-, 1M5/10, 2M10/15, 1M20/30, 1M30/40 and 1F30/40. His brother Simeon and family are enumerated beside Tristram in the 1830 Covington County Census. Tristram B. Thomas was likely the census taker as his name is prominently written on the front cover of the census. To bolster this thought, the word Williamburg is written beside Tristram's name on the census. Williamsburg is the town where Tristram lived. The 1840 Mississippi census lists T. B. Thomas in next door Lawrence County. This is in conflict with family record as it is believed Tristram B. and brother Simeon moved to Caldwell Parish, Louisiana where they appear to be listed together in the household of Tristram B. Thomas in that 1840 census. Joseph Norwood Thomas, one of Simeon's sons stated in his Civil War Pension Application that his father moved to Caldwell Parish Lousina in 1838.

Tristram B. Thomas died on 10 Jul 1845 while living at the "Pine Hills" in Caldwell Parish, Louisiana. Unlike every other state in our union, Louisiana holds to laws that are founded in its rich french heritage. In Louisiana, the probation of personal estates are known as "succession". The 1845 petition of succession for Tristram B. Thomas provides wonderful information. The widow Mary H. Brown Thomas resigns her right to administration to Simeon Thomas. As petitioner for administration, Simeon Thomas states he is the brother of the deceased Tristram B. Thomas, Esqr. The petition further names and provides the birth dates for the children of Tristram B. and Mary H. B. Thomas. Tristram had considerable wealth and the petition provided for proper appraisal of the estate.

Like his brother Benjamin Thomas, Junior, Tristram B. Thomas served in the War of 1812. Though living in Rankin County, Mississippi, Benjamin testified on behalf of the claim for Bounty Land filed by his deceased brother's widow. As follows, Benjamin wonderfully chronicles Tristram's life and war record:

The State of Mississippi
Rankin County

On this 23rd day of April AD 1855 Benjamin Thomas aged 59 years a resident of said county & state personally appeared before me Drew Fitzhugh Clerk of the Probate Court in and for Rankin County & State of Mississippi who being by me duly sworn according to Law on his Oath declares that he is the Brother of the identical Tristram B. Thomas who was Lieutenant in Captain James Craig's Company of Tennessee Militia in the Regiment Commanded by Col. Hammond in the War with Great Britain declared by the United States the 18th of June 1812. That said Tristram B. Thomas was drafted in the county of Hickman in the State of Tennessee and entered the service of the United States at Fayetteville in the State of Tennessee in the month of September AD 1814 for the Term of six months and continued in actual service in said war the full term of six months and was honorably discharged from said service on the 20th day of April AD 1815. That said Tristram B. Thomas is now dead. He makes this declaration for the benefit of Mary Thomas who survives said Tristram as his widow. This order that said Mary Thomas may may procure the Bounty Land to which her deceased husband would be entitled if now Living under the act of September 28th 1850. He also states that the said Benjamin Thjomas was himself in the same company & regiment, that he has therefore applied for & obtained a Land Warrant No. 852 for his services for Eighty acres.
Benjamin Thomas
Tristram B. Thomas's 55 year old widow provided the following testimony in Caldwell Parish on the 8th day of August A. D. 1855:
.....She [Mary] further states that she was married to the said Tristram B. Thomas in the County of Covington in the State of Mississippi on the 27th day of June A. D. 1821 by one Joseph McLea, a Justice of the Peace. That her name before her said marriage was Mary H. Brown; that her said husband died at the Parish of Caldwell in the State of Louisiana on the 16th day of July A. D. 1845 and that she is now a widow.
She makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the bounty land to which she may be entitled under the "act approved Marh 3rd 1855"
Mary (X) H. Thomas

Tristram B. Thomas was likely born 5 Mar 1787 in Marlborough County, South Carolina and died 16 Jul 1845 at Pine Hills, Caldwell Parish, Louisiana. He married Mary Hill Brown on 21 Jun 1821 in Covington County, Mississippi. The couple is likely buried at their home at Pine Hill. The children of Tristram B. Thomas and Mary Hill Brown Thomas are as follows:


Born 9 Oct 1824 likely in Covington County MS, James B. Thomas married a wife whose name is not known. She was born ca. 1828.


Born 24 Aug 1826, Phillip married 21 Dec 1848 Mary V. (maiden name unknown).


Born 13 Oct 1828.


Born 24 May 1832 likely in Covington County MS, Benjamin F. Thomas served as Captain in the Civil War. He married first on 11 Nov 1855 Frances Louisa Wimberly, born 30 Sep 1833 Troup Co. GA and died 19 Oct 1903, Couchatta, Red River Parish, LA. Louisa is the daughter of William Wimberly and Lucy Lawson. Benjamin F. Thomas married second Nancy Jane Wimberly, born 19 Sep 1847in Bienville Parish LA and died 5 Nov 1927 Bienville Parish LA. Nancy Jane is the daughter of William and Mary Pittman Wimberly. Benjamin Franklin Thomas died 16 Apr 1912 and is buried at the Wimberly Cemetery in Bienville Parish LA. The children of Benjamnin F. and Frances Jane Wiberly Thomas are:
1. John T. Simmons Thomas b. ca. 1856.
2. Elizabeth Thomas b. ca. 1858
3. B. Frankie Thomas b. 12 Nov 1863


Born 30 Oct 1834 died 17 Feb 1863.


Born 24 May 1837 in Twigg County GA, Adeline married first Hugh Andrew Wimberly on 29 Dec 1855 in Bienville Parish, LA. Hugh A. is the son of William and Lucy Lawson Wimberly. Hugh was shot while returning home on furlough from the Civil War. Born 1 Dec 1836 in Troup County GA, he died on 9 Apr 1865 in Aroyls Parish LA and is buried at Alexandria, Rapides Parish, LA. Elizabeth Adeline Betty Thomas married second ca. 1867 E. Wesley Davis. He was born 1 May 1831 and died 7 Jul 1899 in Bienville PArish, LA. The children of Elizabeth Thomas and Hugh A. Wimberly are:
1. Mary Frances Lucy Wimberly b. 15 Oct 1856 d. ca. 1868 in Bienville Parish, LA.
2. William T. Wimberly b. January 1864 d. 1902, Red River Parish, LA.
3. Sarah Martha Wimberly b. Jan 1864 d. 1902, Red River Parish, LA.
The children of Elizabeth Thomas and E. Davis are:
1. Robert Davis b. ca. 1868.
2. Eli Davis b. ca. 1870.


Born 27 Sep 1839 in Williamsburg, Smith Co. MS, Lucy A. Thomas married Charles Perry Wimberly on 7 Jul 1856. Born 10 Jan 1832 and died 20 Jan 1911 in Red River Parish, LA, Charles is the son of William and Lucy Lawson Wimberly. Lucy Adeline Thomas died 23 Aug 1926 in Shreveport, Caddo Parishm LA. The children of Charles and Lucy Thomas Wimberly are:
1. Alice Martha Smith Wimberly b. 17 Sep 1857, d. 20 Jan 1921.
2. Charles Perry William Wimberly b. 25 Feb 1860 d . 17 Feb 1933, South Lyons, MI.
3. Thomas Roger Wimberly b. 3 Apr 1862 d. 22 Dec 1920.
4. Hughey Andrew Wimberly b. 10 Mar 1864 d. 10 Jan 1866.
5. Gerrod Benjamin Wimberly b. 15 Mar 1866 d. 27 Feb 1941.
6. Sarah Frances Wimberly b. 28 Jan 1868 d. Oct 1935.
7. Mary Hill Wimberly b. 13 Mar 187) d. 19 Nov 1923.
8. John Lawson Wimberly b. 21 Jun 1873 d. 18 Aug 1876.
9. Frances Flemming Wimberly b. 8 Sep 1875 d. 12 Oct 1948.
10. Dr. Guy Wimberly b. 7 Jan 1881 d. 17 Jan 1940.
11. Lucy Adeline Wimberly b. 25 Dec 1882 d. 15 Sep 1978, Denver CO.


Born 18 Mar 1842, Mary Ann died 9 Nov 1847.


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