Stephen Thomas of Maryland had a son named Benjamin. After the death of Stephen, Benjamin purchased land on Potlick's Fork of Brown's Creek in Anson County from older brother Robert. Benjamin followed his brothers in the late 1770's in a move to the Gum Swamp region of now southeastern Richmond County.

Written 28 Apr 1780, Benjamin Thomas witnessed the last will and testament of William Haley. At the December 1782 Court Session of Richmond County, this will was proved in Richmond County by the oath of Benjamin Thomas. Note that Benjamin's brother Stephen was later buried on his own property just a short distance from William Haley's Ferry and near Jones Creek in Anson County.

Benjamin Thomas received three land grants in what is now Richmond County. He is also listed numerous times as chain bearer in land transactions between his family. Around 1782, part of the family followed their Quaker beliefs and removed to Guilford County NC. Some of the others moved into nearby Marlboro County SC. Dated 21 Dec 1785, Benjamin Thomas sold one of his Gum Swamp land grants (B-388, Richmond NC) to James Bennett. The deed lists Benjamin as Carpenter and living in Marlborough County SC. In Marlborough County SC, Benjamin is listed numerous times in the first courthouse records of the county. In the 1790 South Carolina census, he is listed as living in Cheraw Legal District.

Dated 22 Jul 1797, Benjamin Thomas sold his last NC land holdings (C-866, Richmond NC) to Samuel Leigh. In this transaction, Benjamin states that he now lives in Montgomery County TN. He was listed as Captain in the first militia of Montgomery County TN. Living on Budd's Creek, Benjamin interacted frequently with known descendants of Stephen Thomas. He later moved a little south to Hickman County where he operated a Mill on Garners Creek. In the last known record for Benjamin Thomas, he sold his land in Hickman County TN prior to 1820. Others of this family who lived in Montgomery County TN are later found in Mississippi. This Benjamin is the son of Stephen Thomas of Maryland. He likely died somewhere between Tennessee and Mississippi.

This Benjamin Thomas is not the same one that received a land grant in TN for military service in NC. The military land grant issued to a Benjamin Thomas for service in the NC Continental Line was first entered in Montgomery County on 26 Jul 1798 (B-194, Montgomery TN). Dated 15 Aug 1797, the very next transaction on the same page as the entry of this land was for an Esther Thomas of Randolph County NC. She sold Benjamin Thomas's military land grant to Thomas McQuistion of Guilford County NC. This land soon after fell into Dickson County TN. Note that in the 1790 Census, an Esther Thomas is listed as single and living in Randolph County NC. The Benjamin Thomas who fought in the Revolutionary War must have died prior to 1790. Benjamin, the son of Stephen Thomas was living in Cheraw District SC in 1790. He moved to Montgomery County TN ca. 1797. And while all this was going on, our Benjamin was raising his family on the banks of Richardson's Creek in Anson County NC.

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