Simeon B. Thomas was born ca. 1800 in Montgomery County, Tennessee, the son of Benjamin Thomas. We believe his mother was a member of the Bethea family. With this in mind, who is the name sake for Simeon B. Thomas? Notice in the 1806 Montgomery County pension that "Simeon Bethea" is signer # 35. His signature is not far below that of Benjamin Thomas. Simeon B. Thomas's family moved to Hickman County, Tennessee shortly after its 1807 formation. His older brother Tristram B. Thomas served in the 1810 and 1812 Hickman County Militia. During this time, Simeon and Tristram likely developed an enduring bond that would last their lifetimes. In 1814, brothers Benjamin and Tristram B. enlisted for service in the War of 1812. Returning home after war in 1815, the brothers probably told of lands and new opportunities lying to the south. By 1820 most of this Thomas family had removed from Tennessee to the state of Mississippi.

Benjamin Thomas, Senior appears in the 1820 census of Pike County, Mississippi. About 20 years old, Simeon is probably living at the home of his father. The 1820 Pike County census record reads as follows: 1M10/15, 1M16/17, 2M16/25, 1M 45+ 2F45+. Brother Benjamin is enumerated beside Simeon's father while Tristram B. Thomas is enumerated in nearby Covington County, Mississippi.

Simeon B. Thomas first appears on record in Bainbridge County, Mississippi. By legislative act, this county was created from Covington County on 17 Jan 1823 and was returned to Covington on 21 Jan 1824. Having no taxable property, Simeon is listed as one white poll in the 1823 tax list of Bainbridge County. He appears the next year in Covington near brother Tristram Thomas. The 1827 Covington County list indicates Simeon had recently acquired 80 acres of land. A later list indicates the land was located in a place known as "Terrible."

In 1830, Simeon B. Thomas is listed in the 1830 Covington County census as: 1M30/40, 1F0/5, 1F5/10, 1F20/30. It appears Simeon married in the early 1820's. Since it is known that Simeon married again in 1849, we assume his first wife died prior to the second marriage. The name of Simeon's first wife is not known. Robbie Landry provides the following plausible possiblity of who she might be. The oldest son born to Simeon and his first wife was Joseph Norwood Thomas. This child was likely born in Covington County, Mississippi. Also living in Covington County was Joseph Norwood. Contemporaries of Simeon and his first wife, this Joseph had a father named Joseph and also a daughter named Lucy. Simeon's first born child by his first wife was named Joseph Norwood Thomas. The first child born by his second wife was named Lucy Thomas. Robbie points out that Simeon may have married a person named Lucy Norwood. Lucy would have been the daughter of Joseph and also would have had a brother named Joseph. Lucy's brother even named a daughter her. After the death of Lucy Thomas, Simeon honored her in the naming of the first born by his second wife. Though none of this is proven as fact, it does stand to reason. On the other hand, Dolores Davis points out Robert Cole, age 61 and born in Maryland was listed in the 1850census of Caldwell Parish, Mississippi. Robert Cole is listed as living with Simeon Thomas. Dolores has seen research where Simeon's first wife was possibly related to Robert Cole. As usual, female lineage eludes public record and remains the most satisfying to prove.

As stated by Joseph Norwood Thomas in his civil war pension application, in 1838, Simeon B. followed brother Tristram B. Thomas in a move from Covington County, Mississippi to Caldwell Parish, Louisiana. However, T. B. Thomas is listed in the 1840 census of Lawrence County, Mississippi. Simeon B. Thomas is not listed in 1840. Note that Lawrence is between Covington County, Mississippi and Caldwell Parish, Louisiana.

Dated 3 Apr 1843, Simeon B. Thomas purchased land in Caldwell Parish, Louisiana that was sold as a result of a court case between Flemming Noble and Jesse Nettles. Being the highest bidder, Simeon puchased the 160 acres of land of which 35 were cleared. Brother Tristram B. Thomas and Moses H. Butler provided security for the transaction. Tristram B. Thomas and and Wm. Turnly were witnesses. The land was sold by High Sheriff Jacob Humble. Is this a member of the Jacob Humble family that lived on the banks of Garner Creek beside Benjamin Thomas, Senior in Hickman County, Tennessee?

On 3 Apr 1843, Simeon Thomas married Mary Ann Bray Gellespie Elam, the widow of Lucius W. Elam. They were married by William H. Turnly, Elder of the Methodist Church South in the Parish of Cathoula, Louisiana.

Simeon's brother Tristram B. Thomas died on 8 Aug 1855, living at Pine Hill in Caldwell Parish, Louisiana.

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